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Which Game You Are Playing Right Now?


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I have a huge backlog in Steam, I had purchased and played about 100 hrs of BG 3 but then had a tough fight and needed a break. 2 games in my backlog were Empyrion Galactic Survival and Space Engineers. I installed Empyrion and got sucked in for 200 hours and there are major mods that extend its replayibilty (Reforged Eden is one) I then decided to try Space Engineers as a comparison and did 40 hours in that.


I really liked exploring, building and salvaging in Empyrion, the ground combat ai is a bit wonky but if you get past it the rest of it is a lot of fun, in some ways it has more depth than Starfield. I am waiting for more mods for Starfield and full DLSS support, as with Skyrim I kept restarting game due to must have mods (The winter survival and needs and camping really made Skyrim better for me)


Space Engineers is similar but I think Empyrion is the better one for exploration, building and possibly ship to ship combat. I still need to try out modded Space Engineers which can add a lot to exploring, this is all from a single player perspective.


I still need to play RDR2 I am so far behind, need to stop buying games on sale. I play a bit of all genres, just trying to catch up.

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Skyrim SE - while I finish getting the mods sorted - new PC. I'm playing snatches of it between installing stuff. Actually, I'm using some of the alternative start mods (to live another life) and just playing until I die - no saving. It's hilarious sometimes and sometimes very very exciting. Last game was being attacked on a ship... survived that OK but the ship didn't. Spent ages staring out at where it ought to have been... sank presumably...  

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