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So how can i access a specific game forum? Is there a specific forum or everything is dumped in one place?


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Before the forums rework, i just had to got specific nexus mod page click forum and i got redirected.

Now, on every nexus mod i go i get redirected here.

Anyone knows how to get to specific game forums?

Thanks for the info,


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In any game's part of the main Nexus site, or on individual mod pages, Community > Forums should bring you to that game's forum section too -- if one exists.

If a game doesn't have its own section, you'll end up in the general forum instead.

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Accessing a specific game forum can vary depending on the game and its community. Many games have dedicated forums hosted on their official websites or on popular gaming platforms like Reddit.  Liteblue USPS You can usually find these forums by searching for the game's name followed by "forum" or by visiting the official website and looking for a community or forum section.

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