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How Vortex use NON-default browser?

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That's what I was afraid of.

How often does it need to call that web page. I mean, I managed to get the thing 'connected' by copy/pasting the address into the page it gave me to authenticate it in my browser of preference. I wouldn't mind doing that once each session. But would that be enough for it to continue whatever it does to download and handle mods?

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Showler is correct. Vortex simply says "Hey, Windows, here's a link I'd like you to handle" and it's up to the OS to decide how it opens the link. It should be noted that Vortex can download from any browser. In this case, the web browser says "Hey, Windows, here's a Nexus Mods download link I'd like you to handle" and Vortex will be the default "browser" for this content. 

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OK, my idea seems to work. So, anyone else with this problem, just copy the address from the default browser to the preferred browser and you only need to do that once at the start of a session. I tested it by downloading my first mod and its correctly showing in the game. Maybe I can just bookmark that address for the future.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback. :)

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