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[LIST] List of Mod Lists


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You forgot mine! :P Currently a dead list but I might resume work on it sometime, it is here!


Great list! I have tryed it myself.


Also there's a new version of my list available now.

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This makes me want to create a mod list myself! ^_^

Btw, this is very helpful, thank you for creating this list of mod lists! ^_^

Kudos for you! ^_^

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i think there shuld be list for Lord Of The Rings mods. if you want i can create a list with links for all lotr based mods i know about and then you can add more. :thumbsup:




ups my bad. i didnt see there is a list for lotr mods, but i think its not working so i can create a new list if you want :biggrin:

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