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Virus scan reports now visible on file pages, more security incoming


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According to Anonymous, they were the ones who hit you guys in Nexus. I've seen what that group can do, and they say they will do it again. I advise users and Nexus to watch out and be careful of what you download. Look in Steam and you might see some of the group members have been posting about Nexus, while using other people's accounts. Edited by altarmor
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Good to know about the downtime. I'd figured it was still lingering slowness from the recent Steam sale, but I see I was wrong. It's bad enough when my home 'net goes down; I can only imagine what it's like for a well-used site.


As for compromising accounts, I can't think of much beyond learning passwords, or just generally causing mayhem. After all, some people use the same passwords for everything, including valuable stuff like their bank and PayPal.

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sounds impressive, glad to have it around even tough unfortunately its here now due to people messing around, seriously still don't get why anybody would do that,

if you don't have something make it yourself, don't steal it, its not like its hard to make something,

and if they want to "prove" them-selfs they can do something, go and make a anti hack software, don't start hacking yourself.

not to mention the people out there that claim to hack to prove there are too many holes in systems to get hacked in to, we ALL know everything is full of holes, so stop hacking them to prove it and patch them instead.


seriously If I could do this stuff I would spend my days trying to write more complicated and detailed anti virus programs and prevention software rather then making viruses myself. Not putting more of that destructive junk out there myself, whats the point in destroying and stealing stuff from this site in the first place?


Glad you guys are putting so much effort in protecting the site, still by far my favorite site out here due to the large devotion and hard work of the moderators.

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In response to post #16467319. #16468479, #16472064 are all replies on the same post.

Agreed, a source reference would be of great interest. Anything is possible, particularly when talking about crowdsourced hacktivism, but hitting the Nexus is a bit of a departure from their commonly publicized pattern ("sticking it to the man", aka attacking government agencies, megacorporations and other alleged evildoers). If true, I think a lot of people would like to know more. In any event, "...watch out and be careful..." is always solid advice. Edited by Belthan
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