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Switch To Af?


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Should we?

Don't know!? should we? is a good question. wasn't planning on getting AF but is the server goed that way i'd probably have to go that way ;) (If the A10 is good i'm in)

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Ok, I've switched the server over to AF and will wait on MadAnt's word on whether it is ok. Want to see if we can get people playing! Note that the server crashing bug still hasnt been fixed by EA, this is just new maps and new tanks, not a patch as well.


Server is named "GAMINGSOURCE.NET Armored Fury Ranked 64 Player".


I probably won't be able to play tonight because I need to spend time with my girlfriend before she goes away to the middle-east for a year soon!

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Better get introduced to Mrs Hand and her 5 lovely daughters!


Pamela Handerson and I are already well aquanted! ;)


AF?! aaaw poo what's the freakin cost of that game? i''ll probably have to get it now... otherwise there is no playtime for me


$9.99 or £5.99, not sure what the euro price is.

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