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It Seemed To Be A Good Idea At The Time (Redux)


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One 8.2[10]{10}


Fox Mulder, Scully's husband, was busy in the close distance searching for possible clues. He was with others including two sniffer dogs and some runner-bugs darting around the place in obvious curiosity about what was going on. They adored Mulder but not all of the humans with him; they were fairly friendly with the dogs, who sniffed and even licked them at times.


Scully nodded. "They could have teleported non living things but authorities were concerned about even microscopic life being somehow infested. Also the economics of the technologies did not seem to add up, not with all the extra precautions that had to be taken. It would be different if items could be transported from the Earth to the Moon for there would be big demand for such a service even with the special precautions that had to be taken. If people got desperate, or greedy, enough they might experiment with sending people to the Lunar Labyrinth and there would always be those willing to volunteer or even be paid to be test subjects; I suspect such victims would be kept ignorant about the real dangers that they faced."


Armstrong nodded. "We fear that some faction, back on Terra (the Earth) is up to no good, is doing just as you have speculated. Question is, what killed the three infested humans, if one could define them as being 'human'?"


Flitter-bugs flittered through the air, exotic double-wings spread out from their rounded bodies that were so much like those of the runner-bugs.


The woman doctor sighed. "I need to have these remains taken to a secure, well equipped, medical bay. I will have to have at least a moderate number of devices to call upon if I am to study them properly."


Armstrong grinned. "I might be able to get some very special assistance for you."


Scully gave him a puzzled look.







One 8a


Marshal Paul Collins had been going over demographics genetic reports on those, entering the Known Lunar Labyrinth, who were part of the Great Exodus from the Earth. There were subtle, important, patterns to be found but only if one was looking for them; he was looking for them!


Even as he studied the 3Dflatscreen, of his desktop computer, he was surrounded by other UNMSIA people struggling to keep up with a wide range of new tasks given to the organisation. This was despite the agency having many older tasks to complete and being under resourced. There were whispers of positive change to come but too often such had come to mean nothing but disappointment.


Still, there were secretive non official supporters of such factions as the UNMSIA and Collins had obtained the very special DNA reports from one of those factions.


Around him was the UNMSIA Secondary Headquarters in LabyrinthCity, easily the biggest human built city in the KLL. The special departments, of the UNMSIA, were centrally based there being considered poorly by the majority of the more orthodox UNMSIA.


Collins steepled his fingers as he studied the computer screen. He knew there was something important in the patterns that he was studying but could not quite 'put his finger on' what it was. Then it struck him! Different categories, of DNA variations, were going to different parts of the Known Lunar Labyrinth. It was being done in a way that was effective and yet subtle so as to well conceal who, or what, was behind it. He doubted that such factions as the UN would be able to do such or even the monstrous Big13. No, it would have to be one of the more exotic factions, that most did not know of, or even one unknown by himself.


He pondered who could assist him further in his researches, into the mystery, that he could also trust. There was Captain James Armstrong, Doctor Dana Scully and a few others. Of the others there were some who he would approach only if he was forced to do so, such was their nature.

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One 9.1[11]{11}


The J-Triplets learned more about what was going on and were astonished by some of it.


An exotic rejuvenating influence was taking place for newcomer lifeforms, and things, as illnesses grew lesser, agedness seemed to slip slowly away, people gained energy, handicaps were being somehow repaired. As this was realised people were generally sceptical at first but then the evidence was becoming overwhelming and had to be accepted.


A whole lot of women were becoming pregnant except many were taking contraceptives, pills or shots, when it happened. Abortions were rare as women seemed always willing to have the children and society seemed far more willing to be supportive in many ways.


Society seemed to be mellowing, humans appeared to be coming more unified, friction was oddly low for such a large population and such things as crime were not happening very often.


Yet there were pockets of humanity that seemed to be going against the general trend, individuals doing crazy things and other odd, sometimes disturbing, contradictions.


Other oddities were taking place such as the spurt growth of exotic powers in children, especially teenagers going through puberty, 'hauntings', visions, bizarre realistic dreams sharing themes with different individuals often as strangers a great distance from each other, a pattern of bizarre violent incidents including strange, disturbing, deaths and much else.


Despite this the pattern of human life seemed to be much as it was on the Earth where billions of people still lived despite the millions leaving.


More 'oddities' were arising, were being discovered, with every passing Lunar Labyrinth light-dark cycle.







One 9a


Jane Scully, daughter of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, dropped to the floor as a fireproof plastic chair was hurled through the air. Items were swirling around the bedroom above the teenage boy as he slept in an obviously disturbed manner. She was not alone, there being other SIIA Agents there, but she was closest to the 'poltergeist' anchor that was the teenager.


Jane carefully reached out with her psychic abilities to sooth the boy and was partly thrust back but also partly accepted. The telekinetic storm lessened in power, items moving with less violence through the air and some even dropping to the bedroom floor. A model aeroplane zipped past Thompson's ear as he crouched close to a set of drawers that were draped with freshly washed clothes spilled over the wooden piece of furniture.


The family was longer term Known Lunar Labyrinth generational and had never known such problems before despite having high psychic potential.


Jane sighed as she crawled over an open soft porn magazine, glossy plastic and full of 3Dphotos of young women getting naked, feeling invisible fingers tugging at her clothes and lightly touches her clothed breasts. Clearly the male teenager knew she was an attractive young woman, at least subconsciously, and the non sexual poltergeist force was responding to that. She decided that it would be unfair to slap his face and also disastrous in results, most likely causing the telekinetic storm to increase in force.


Then she was calming the young man, was hugging him lightly. Thomas, and other comrades, would give her a mild teasing but this was normal. Even as he began to pull out of his odd state of consciousness, the teenager opened his eyes to see her and blushed sleepily. The telekinetic storm came to an abrupt end, all items falling to the floor. She kept lightly hugging him until he fell asleep and his mother took over tending to him.


The report indicated it was a fairly average poltergeist event, of the kind happening with fair frequency across the Known Lunar Labyrinth. No real new type data was obtained by the Special Investigations Intervention Team sent to deal with the incident.

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One 10.1[12]{12}


The diner had some old United Nations World Space Program posters, encased in special plastic sleeves, fixed carefully to a wall that also had a cheap 2Dflatscreen showing menus and other cafe service details. The waitresses wore miniskirts with small frilly aprons, mid-heel shoes, slip-stockings and Ttops, that were like skimpier versions of Tshirts, along with waitress caps.


It was not meant to be a family diner but to serve the mostly male workers that were constructing the settlement and working in areas close to that glowcavern. Still others came there because the food was good and the prices were fair while the service was excellent.


Jessie sat and quietly observed, taking everything in and noting such as threat factors, entrance-exits, obstacles, the number and pattern of people, the numbers of staff and customers and so on. The internal layout of the diner was like those often found in the splintering nation of the United States of America. Behind the counter were two women who were attractively youthful but were mature of age; Jessie 'sensed' they were older than all of the waitresses by a few decades; the two women had been influenced by the strange rejuvenating effects of the Lunar Labyrinth.


There was some tension showing in the people in the diner. Word was out that a group of young adults had vanished while out hunting 'small game'. Perhaps this meant the few local thornlizards, at least the younger smaller ones, or escaped rabbits that were breeding with amazing efficiency even by their standards. Apart from the runner-bugs, and flitter-bugs, there were meat-worms, walker-fish, cats, walker-plants and other lifeforms both feral and local. The biggest surprise was how easily the feral animals seemed to be fitting neatly into the local ecosystem.


Jessie was wary of being amongst so many civilians who she saw as being generally undisciplined and foolish. She was also wondering why the vanishing of a small group should be disturbing so many people. To her thinking a community was always capable of overcoming small losses. Then again there was the issue of loyalty to 'comrades'. Yet she was picking up odd patterns in what she was carefully listening to.

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One 10.2[13]{13}


Many folks did not seem to even like those who were missing, saw them as troublesome petty criminals who were linked with a large family of petty criminal quality. Yet they also had concerns for anybody reported as missing because of dark stories passing through the region of young people going missing. There was also a desire not to have trouble with the petty criminal family or with some kind of investigation by the local Sheriff's Office; the sheriff was not much liked or respected, being heavy handed and arrogant.


Jessie ordered food, and drink, from a bustling waitress and put a tip of a golden coin into her tip-pouch at her belt. It was a very generous tip, was more than Jessie paid for her meal of local grown stuff and packaged C-rations of pastes, powders and mash along with a few special items. Yet Jessie's attempt to get any local information out of the young woman came practically to nothing. The young woman was suspicious of Jessie though the J-Triplet wondered why this was so.


Jessie moved smoothly like an 'super elite killer' but it was so natural to her, as it was to her kind, that she failed to see it for herself.


When she saw the young woman, with two children, in poor clothes Jessie invited them to sit at her booth. Thinking nothing of it, she paid for the meals, and drinks, of the woman and her two kids; they were a male toddler and not much older female. This sort of thing was a local custom and the woman quickly thanked Jessie but then focused on tending to mainly to her children and, secondarily, to herself.


Jessie spoke to the other woman. "What is happening with the missing young adults?"


The other shrugged. "Young drunken fools, likely drugged also, racing out into the wilds with nothing but a couple of .22LR calibre bolt-action rifles despite all the warning. Rabbit guns are good for shooting rabbits, not for fending off what ever might be out there. Why aren't you out there? You are one of those program conditioned killers, aren't you? You move like one."


Jessie frowned. "Well, so much for my careful infiltration of the local community. There goes my membership to the Tarrytown Good Citizens' Association."

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One 10.3[14]{14}


The other woman laughed softly but then spoke again with a graver voice. "You did not answer my question."


Jessie shrugged. "My specialisation is not in killing people though I have done that. No, I work with advanced computer network-systems along with my triplet siblings, a brother and a sister. We are on long service leave because we are now 20 years old. Our contracts give us a year off when we reach the age of 20, if we manage to reach the age of 20 that is."


It was a lie but it was a lie based on truth, on true official practise.


The other frowned softly. "You must not have been at work very long if you are now 20 years old."


Jessie sighed. "We clones grow twice faster than normies until we reach 10 years of age. I am a veteran of 10 years graduated duties and four years of Academy pracs. Since you are so clever at detecting my kind I wonder why you didn't pick me as a clone. No, not all clones are dangerously unstable; relative percentage wise more normies are so than are we clones. Odd that I am telling you all of this. Perhaps its the strange influence, on my mind, that I 'sense' in this town."


The other nodded. "My name is Carmel and I 'sense' it as well, have done so since my children and I arrived here yesterday. Could you please buy some desserts for my children."


Jessie bought simple, but tasty, desserts for all four of them.







One 10a


Graham Maharg spoke to Marshal Collins using technologies of very advanced exotic nature that was well concealed. He sat in his LabyrinthCity Office, behind his large efficiently functional desk, and looked to be staring into mid air.


His personal secretary was a young appearing, slimly voluptuous, woman wearing a knee length dress that left her skin painted breasts bare; except that with the beautiful skin painted patterns she may as well have been wearing something. It was the latest fashions of Terra and Terra Luna (Lunar Surface, Lunar Orbit and the Known Lunar Labyrinth). The appearance of the personal secretary was a carefully crafted illusion for she was far more than she seemed to be while being a distraction to most men who visited the office.


Graham Maharg: "Unity is surprisingly strong amongst the population of humanity here in the KLL; that is both amongst those more established, long term, and those arriving. Yet, as you have discovered yourself, there are strong pockets of other kinds amongst humanity here."


Marshal Collins: "AntiUnity pockets along with NullUnity and even such as strong hints at extreme substreams. We need to watch out for the rise of Omnity or dangerous MiniUnities."


Both knew that the rise of a healthy functional state, especially from a unhealthy dysfunctional unity, was fraught with risk; Terran humanity was such an unhealthy dysfunctional unity.


Graham Maharg: "Then we are in agreement, Marshal Collins, alias the Eternal Leader."


Marshal Collins: "I am only a human avatar of such just as you are linked to the Omniverse as one of its avatars. We True Eternals may not have always been at one with the Omniverse but timespace shifts have made it necessary that we be far closer."


Graham Maharg: "Agreed! Various departments of the UNMSIA are going to be split away to form a new agency, the United Nations Paramilitary Security Intelligence Agency. You will be put in command of this new organisation and will gain the official rank of FieldMarshal. There will be other changes to UN organisations and networks; I will make sure you get details before the changes take place. Please come to dinner one night and try to make it soon; the food, drink and company will be very favourable."


Marshal Collins: "Thank you, I will do so! There is work to be done, as usual, and I will contact you soon."


Graham Maharg's invitation had been coded; it meant very special company was to be at the dinner and their identity was so 'sensitive' that the information could not even be trusted to such heavily secured, exotic, communications technologies.

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One 11.1[15]{15}


Jack was big for his age, being 21, and handsome in a rugged scarred fashion. He could move quickly, quietly, for his bulk and did so as he neared the dead, twisted bodies of the dead young adults. Not just twisted but horrifically desiccated as if all the blood and flesh had somehow between sucked out of the three men and one woman. Their clothes, other worn gear, had somehow not been touched.


Brown skinned, darker brown haired, brown eyed Jack 'sensed' no danger as he crouched close to the scattered bodies. Beyond the scene lay a great ancient alien artefact of an Airgate that was a great metallic stone archway filled with a flickering screen of energies. Such Airgates divided sectors, of the Lunar Labyrinth, from each other but also some smaller zones from the general Lunar Labyrinth.


Jack remembered the story of when Apollo 12 astronauts, of the then strong USA, had accidentally discovered an Airgate by apparently blundering into it in their LunarRover. Or so had gone the official story, back then, that had since been disputed by a few people.


The discovery of the Lunar Labyrinth, with its breathable atmosphere and other valuable resources, had meant that a Lunar Colony had become instantly viable. Yet the discovery of the ancient alien artefacts, the quasinatural labyrinth, had proven to be a major shock to human civilisation. Indeed it had been such a shock that there had arisen groups that had refused to believe the labyrinth was real, that it was part of some great conspiracy along with the supposed fakeness of the moon missions.


Jack liked to keep himself to himself and he had not liked the young adults before they had been so horrifically murdered. Yet he did 'sense' the residue of a truly terrible way to die and he did think it his civic duty to report in what he had found. Nor did he want to get into trouble for not reporting the bizarrely terrible thing that had happened.


Yet, when he heard the sounds of approaching vehicles, he vanished into hiding amongst some large bushes and smallish squat trees. He took his powerful rifle, and backpack, with him.


A rugged fuel-electric machine soon came grinding to a halt close to the dead bodies and then out leapt the Tarrytown Sheriff, a Deputy Sheriff and two Sheriff Constables. Jack had never liked the man or his cronies who were part of the Sheriff's Office. As he watched them sneak around the place, and start to conceal what had happened instead of acting like proper law enforcement officers, he liked them even less. He wondered why the Sheriff was doing what he was doing and began to suspect that the fool might be part of some kind of conspiracy.


Jack used his wristphone to quietly report what was happening to somebody, that he could trust, in Tarrytown.






One 11a


Jane Scully 3Dphoned her parents, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, to catch up with them. The line was unsecured so there was much that they could not speak of but they did pass some code words indicating that matters were going well with the projects that they were involved with.


When the call was done, she met Thompson at a nearby cafe where they drank strong coffee and had good food at expensive prices. At least the coffee was free as part of paying those prices. Both of them were linked to conscious unity, as were the owner managers of the cafe who had to charge high rates to cover the high rent of the establishment. The cafe had big view windows, of armoured glass, overlooking the LabyrinthCity Central Park which was over ten times bigger than the more famous New York Central Park.


Jane spoke. "The poltergeist boy is one of us, as you also 'sensed', and we are helping him adjust to being one of us and to his psychic-spiritual abilities."


Thompson smiled. "Good, his family is happier, and we have added to our number. We have picked up more reports of an AntiUnity pocket existing in the Shagagrass of this great sprawl of a city. Not surprisingly they have strong links with organised crime, with the Big13. I met briefly with Graham Maharg, with one of those odd personal secretaries of his, and he gave me a valuable briefing. I was able to give him only a small amount of data in return. That AntiUnity pocket concerns also Marshal Collins and himself; it has many highly skilled fanatics, experimental hitech of which most was stolen, and too much influence on corrupt local officials. A few of them are crazy Trigodders."


Trigodders openly expressed the idea that those like Unity were monstrous abominations that should be at least sterilised if not exterminated. Trigodders placed many on their 'bad list' and had gained many enemies because of it but unfortunately the also had many followers; they had less supporters than they had opposition.


The Exodus continued, from Terra to Luna, mostly in smaller one way shuttles. A large number of space vessels kept moving between Terran Low Orbit and Luna, often taking exotic resources to the home world.


They just managed to finish their food, and drink, before their 3Dsmartphones rang to call them both to the same scene of trouble; this was very often the case and hardly a surprise; they got the same, computer generated, audio visual message.

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One 12.1[16]{16}


Three fast moving hubcopters, small and agile, arrived at the scene to take the Sheriff, and his cronies, completely by surprise. The official looking, lightly armoured-armed machines, landed to send out troopers and specialists. Mulder, and Scully, were there in light body-armour and armed with large handguns. They were not the only specialists there.


Under the authority of the United Nations Military Security Intelligence Agency, the UNMSIA, the angry Sheriff was quickly disarmed and arrested along with his people. At once they began to be questioned by Captain Armstrong while a quiet young woman stood close and passively listened. Every so often she would nod or shake her head. When she shook her head the Captain got sharper with the Sheriff and insisted he tell the truth for she was a 'truth-reader'.


Jonnie was there, of the J-Triplets, and he examined the corpses along with the forensics team. Why he was there, what he was looking for, only the captain seemed to know. Then Jonnie got Scully to come over to the horribly distorted corpse he had been examining and he indicated some odd round bite marks, on the corpse's neck, to the trained experienced forensics doctor.


"Saw this before at a secret complex of the HydraPax." He meant the hitech organised criminal super-network of at least a dozen syndicates and networks. "They came here (to the Lunar Labyrinth) decades before the Exodus began."


Scully frowned. "The old XFiles Team dealt with them more than once. The only good thing about them is that they are enemies of the Cult Conspiracy and the True Illuminati. That is if they still exist."


"They serve the interests of the Big13 so they survive for sure." Jonnie frowned. "Irony was that my unit of metahuman clones worked with the HydraPax minions, including some of their exotics, against what was some kind of attack using biovamps, living-dead vampires. That is something alien living inside a transformed dead corpse and using it as a protective shield, transport, tool and weapon. We fought hundreds of them, all being at fairly advanced stages of transformation and being quite dangerous with some nasty tricky tricks. We slaughtered them along with any normies, in the complex, that had been infected-infested."

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One 12.2[17]{17}


"What you say fits the contents of certain XFiles though Mulder, and myself, never did directly get involved with such creatures." The doctor sighed, stood up and stretched. "I am grateful for that given what I know of these biovamps."


Jonnie also stood up. "Not all are evil, are addicted to the 'hunger' for fresh blood and liquefied flesh. That is all I am going to say on the matter and perhaps I should not have even said that."


Dana snorted softly. "Do you mean rational biovamps or the biovires that peacefully co-exist with living bodies? The XFiles Team has had contact with a biovire who used to be a normal living FBI Agent."


Jack came out into the open with his backpack, on his back, and his powerful bolt-action rifle. He had also picked up his compound hunting bow, from where he had hidden it, and it was in its scabbard-quiver that was also on his back. He stood quietly and examined the scene, though he had already been doing so in hiding. Jack did was not very social and was not sure with strangers but he found himself liking some of the UNMSIA people. As for the one called 'Jonnie' he 'sensed' something odd about him but not menacing to himself.


Jack joined Jonnie and Scully. Scully turned and looked into his eyes. She arched her eyes in surprise and spoke even as he 'sensed' her strong exotic psychic abilities. "How wonderful, you are a biovire! Captain Armstrong told me of you but did not mention that factor. You contacted the captain via wristphone. One of our people is also a biovire and has been of great assistance to our section of the UNMSIA."


Jack was obviously surprised by Scully's words. "None have said it is wonderful that I am a biovire, not until just now. I like you! You are some kind of supersoldier, Jonnie?"


Jonnie shrugged. "Yes but my sisters, and I, are more focused on working with advanced computer network-systems than in fighting though we have been involved in our fair share of combat."

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One 12.3[18]{18}

Jack snorted. "You move like a very experienced killer, like somebody who has done plenty of killing just as I have done. I heard you, and your triplet sisters, moved into a house in Tarrytown. Do your sisters have boyfriends?"

Jonnie was embarrassed and some of this showed. He did not appreciate that this seemed to amuse Jack and suppressed an urge to hit the biovire. "It may not be that simple. Let's focus on the biovamps and their victims. We need to track down the biovamps and deal with them."

Captain Armstrong arrived just then and gave Jack a hard look. "Jack, will you stop trying to get onto every woman you run into. Please show some restraint."

Jack frowned softly but then gave a mild grin. "Okay, dad! The captain is my adoptive father. I was dumped in the wilderness by my biological family when I changed. Sergeant Armstrong found me and there you go."

Armstrong nodded with obvious bemusement. "Yes and you have proven to be more than a handful since. Still I wouldn't have had it any other way. Where do you think the biovires came from?"

Jack did not hesitate but pointed to the Airgate. "From there, through that Airgate."

The Captain looked troubled, as did Dana Scully, for they knew that this could turn out to be a very troublesome situation. The Airgates were not the problem; the problem was what could like beyond any Airgate; this one had never been officially gone through let alone had any exploration work been done through it. In theory it would be semiactive only and sealed off to any who could not operate the ancient controls but the ancient alien artefacts were truly an unknown factor.







One 12a


Benjamin, the toddler boy and child of Carmel, chortled as Jessie picked him up and kissed him. She then tucked him under one arm even as she turned to the boy's mother and spoke. "He is bit of a wild body, isn't he?"


Carmel smiled. "Not quite but full of energy."


They were at the abode of Carmel, and her children, that was little more than a hut. The JTriplets were already deciding that Carmel, Benjamin and Tamatha, deserved better than that. Thin house walls did little to block the constant, loud, noises coming from outside. The cheap air-conditioning unit was barely keeping the single chamber cool which was the commonroom.


Carmel spoke with a tone of curiosity but also of concern. "You JTriplets are beautiful but troubled. There is something dark deep inside you that reflects a powerful past event. I have some psychic-spiritual abilities but more tuned to some than most. Benjamin, and Tamatha, share that but with their own unique personality influences on their abilities."


Tamatha was playing with her GI-Jane, Adventure Barbie and other action figure dolls. The JTriplets had bought her the GI-Jane doll along with stuff to go with it. Benjamin had gotten some colourful wooden building blocks with small simple pictures. Carmel had gained some jewellery and clothes.


Jessie rubbed the baby boy's back as he fell asleep in her arms. "We are supersoldiers of the superclone kind and are linked together through a secondary mentality. We doubt that the great majority of human normies even suspect our true nature. We are linked with healthy, functional, unity that is rising slowly here in the Known Lunar Labyrinth and not the unhealthy, dysfunctional, unity that most humans are part of. You, your children, are part of the former. Are you aware of it?"


Carmel paused, noticeably, before answering. "Yes, in a fashion, but my children and I are on the edge of this rising unity that you speak of. I dream strange, surreal, dreams but can never remember them clearly. I gain the impression that rising unity is somehow linked to the ancient artefacts, especially the great structures, but not why this should be so. Perhaps hypnotism would reveal more of the dreams."


Jessie showed her surprise. "And perhaps show if they are anything like the dreams of we JTriplets, that sound to be much the same in nature."

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One 12b


SWATTs were being formed across Terra, and in the space colonies, to deal with more exotic threats. SWATT stood for Special Weapons Armour Tactics Team. SWATTs were part of SWAT Taskforces or SWATTAFs, along with other SWATTAF elements. The first of such units arose in the United States of America.


Steffen was reminded that the SWATTs were still new, were still learning, as the armoured van he was in was smashed onto its side and he was left hanging in his special harness. Even with the hitech body-armour worn by all of the SWAT Troopers there, the harnesses had saved them from some damage at least. The same went for the two Alsatian dogs, in their own special harnesses, both hanging also from what had become a ceiling.


Steffen comforted the dogs as much as he could as from outside, muffled by the armoured hull of the machine, came the sounds of a brutal skirmish. There were the sounds of special enhanced and augmented weapons such as autorifles, autoshotguns, and grenadeshell launchers. There were experimental weapons being used such as an electric-crossbow, a bulky lasergun and special electric shock-lances.


Zombies were out there, spilling out of some kind of illegal research development site in the ruined, abandoned, desolation of an old industrial area of the city of Detroit. Old kinds of factories had been replaced, in production, by newer more efficient kinds. Such sites were good for hiding illegal activities, even those of a fairly large scale.


Slowly crumbling buildings, decaying roads, rusting fences, abandoned cars, the sad ugly urban landscape of what was supposed to be progress; it was almost a perfect setting for fighting such horrors as the undead and other things.


Steffen eased himself down, opening his seat harness in a special way one could do, then helped other down with the assistance of others. This included the well trained dogs that made quiet sharp sounds to indicate they detected zombies but also other threats, in the area. Could there be biovamps out there, that is human corpses infested with living parasites? Those were of the living-dead! Only good thing about having both threats, in the same area, was that they fought each other. The more that they killed each other, the less threat they were to locals and the less killing the SWATTs had to do.


It was dark outside, with no ultraviolet filled sunshine, or the undead would not have come out into the open as they were.


Steffen came out into the open in time to confront a wave of oncoming zombies, advanced and leathery, walking fast with gaping mouths full of bizarre translucent fangs and translucent retractable claws sticking out of their grotesque fingers. Zombie failures, fleshbies, quickly died off and were easily killed but these things were harder to kill while being easier to look upon in some ways.


He aimed his autorifle, fired, and dropped a zombie. Then he dropped another one. Every time he fired, a zombie fell. A laser beam spat out, sweeping across a row of zombies, burning through heads and wiping them out. Zombies could be killed fast by hitting head nodes, torso nodes or cutting the tentacle that linked them. There were trained martial artists who killed them using swords and other older type hand weapons.


Archers, and crossbowers, along with bladers exterminated the undead at shorter range as part of an experimental project. They were special body-armour, heavier than those of standard SWAT Troopers. Steffen admired their courage and knew the logic behind it of gaining knowledge, of finding ways to save vital resources in case the world faced up against great swarms of zombies. He preferred his rifle but had used other kinds of weapons, turning out to be most impressive with them.


He shot dead more zombies, one shot per each creature.

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