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A poem a Day


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Very thoughtful of you Maharg67, thanks!



Back down the road I see,

Many people after me.

Taking my footsteps to lead their way,

I hope in smooth roads to lay.


I look at my feet to see where I go,

There are so many ways I don't know.

But I try and hope in the best,

And work it out nonetheless.


In the distance I see the light,

The end of my long journeys fight.

I look and see the path will be over,

And hope my love leaves me never.

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Like a flower grows and blossoms.

But also sometime withers and rots away.



As seeing a person fall on their bottom.

Yet you feel it where you stay.



The feeling of getting disappointed,

Then the want to strike first.



Knowing what was wrong and that it's you.

The relationship now need to be nursed.



Seeing the light shadow the night.

The first rays through the storm clouds.



Gets a new meaning if done right.

You see it take two to fight,


Two eyes see more clearly,

Yet, two take time to make one.

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Thank you,both of you.

Ive never done poetry before >.>

Infact, my spellings and grammer are horrid >,.<

This thread is very inspiring.


Lets give this another try.




I stroke her face and wave goodbye.

I loved her oh, so many times.


Our paths have been forever as one.

So much like, The Moon and sun.


Until one dawn, I awoke to find.

A little paper note. Scrunched up aside.

It read aloud, and sang in my mind.


To my dear lover

this note for you.

pray your next love

forever be true.

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Wow! That is very impressive. The more you do the better you get, just remember that.



Amongst the time we know as life,

Many valleys and mountains we climb.

Yet, some quit while other tough it out.


Never in my journey have I complained,

Understand my travels have been very great.

Because I always have in mind,

Every joy of finishing.

Right to the end I laugh it by.


May this be a lesson to all who will,

A teacher with no code,

Keeping a light for all to use,

Even in the sun lit noon.

Some may take to heart and understand.


Maybe I should sit and learn,

Each day I seem to make even more mistakes.


Just need to know what is right,

Over the hill and around the bend.

Yearning to finish the race We run.

Full of life and young age,

Under each others tree we lay,

Lay watching each other till we never part!

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Aha I like that one.


I scream for a medic

and hear only more guns


I scream for my lover

And find she is gone.


I left my home two days before

and now I have fallen in the storm


My friends and allies fallen now

I lay near dead ,Body numb

On the ground.

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That is interesting, seems to me you know a little about war or battle, or maybe its just me having flashbacks again!:biggrin::thumbsup:


Anyways thanks to everyone that have written and read this thread I appreciate it a lot. I was thinking of starting a new thread about something but decided to combine it with this one instead as it is in the same line of thought. I call it the LESSON OF THE DAY!


So now instead of just writing something that comes to mind and writing it here, if you learn something, a lesson, share it with us so we may know also! We all could benefit from lessons others learn.



My Lesson of the Day:


Even when people seem to joke and play, you must take it seriously. There are tiny indications that you are to heed to and supposed to follow, tho you think it not. Overall, be mindful of what is said, don't pass it over with a smile, less hard ache down the road.

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Time I spend with you,

It always seems new.

Doing things I dreamed of,

Just being with you, I love.


Making me feel so alive,

With you I do thrive.

Time seems to go to fast,

But it will always last.


I cannot be away from yourself,

Because you make be feel like myself.

We are so similar,

I see us going far.


When I leave you alone,

My feeling for you have just grown.

My true colors I have shown,

I hope this you have known.

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My Lesson of the Day:


On those days where you just want to stay in bed and do nothing, it is the best time to get out into the world. Instead of laying or playing, do the opposite and get outside. You will find the life is worth living and being needed.

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Off into the distance I fly on your wing,

I see the stars, moon, and sun swing.

They greet us with open arms,

Even the sun without it's harms.

Light years I travel, with eyes fixed on you,

And I see your heart is mine too.

Away from the world where all complain,

Never to return from whence we came.

Beyond the earth and stars,

Out of existence and time's mars.


Yet I have not left the ground!

Just staring into eyes, I found

I can do anything, be anyone, go anywhere,

Because you will be with me there.

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All alone in the world, with no direction worth while. Miss guided shipwreck . Bird without a nest. No future past myself.



Future bright before you. Waiting for a home. Guiding ships to safety. No need for others, but someone to comfort.


We! How could one think differently. One is such a lonely number.

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