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A poem a Day


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My head nestles gently in the crook


Of the pillow as I quit my book.


The day's events rage through my mind


Invoking stresses of every kind.


But then a calm creeps o'er my soul


That defies the daily mental toll.


As I feel for the covers 'round my feet,


The candle produces a fragrance sweet.


My fingers pull up the soft linen


And it gently caresses my skin.


My hand reaches out and turns the switch


To blot out the light-maintaining witch.


Then my eyelids become as lead


And I, curled up in my comfy bed,


Slowly drift off to a peaceful land


Where I'll relax on the beach's sand.

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Very good piece, Chrysamere. True to life in perfect detail.


White as snow falling from the sky,

Cold as ice the wind passes by.

Not able to see but a couple feet,

All the white and ice beauty neat.


Sun covered by the clouds,

Sound of snow so loud.

Not going to town,

In the winter wonder I will drown.


But nothing will keep me from you.

No snow or ice or shilling wind.

In the mist of all of this I see you.

You looked at me and happily grinned.

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Have I ever gazed upon a face more glorious

eyes more telling, lips so impossible

Have I ever known a heart more pure

known such sweet laughter, such blissful promise


This puzzle haunts me, this angel taunts me.


Have I always been so far from you...



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excellent poem, grannywils













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Here's another one that I've written in my spare time.



The old stone tower in the glade over yonder


Now wrapped in vines and foliage thick,


Looks wistfully toward the west, ever fonder,


Against the sun as a candle's wick.




The blocks are cracked and scratched and gray.


The gate is brown with the rust of years.


The windows frown more each passing day


As the crumbling spire sheds stony tears.




As it looks to the west, it does heavily mourn


And remembers the centuries now long past.


It longs for the banners its crown did adorn


And the battles from which its life was cast.




It recalls the generals it used to hold


And the catapults and ballistas it once housed,


And the armies of men both young and old


That when off duty, merrily caroused.




It relives the charges it stared in the face


And hears the shrieks of terror and rage,


And sees the men as its doors they brace


And each knight barking orders to his page.




It looks on the trebuchets in yonder field


And the rows of soldiers that lie in front.


It calls each defender to raise his shield


And the enemy's power swiftly blunt.




As boulders rain on the mighty tower,


The soldiers run to try and scale its walls.


More claw their way up each passing hour,


But most are only met with lethal falls.




As the burning day faded, the foes took flight


And fled from the staunch defenders' blades


As from their proud bastion's battered heights,


They watched them disappear from the glades.




The tower hears the happy shouts of the boys


And seems them rejoicing and celebrating,


And feels the collective reliefs and joys


Of them, all of them fiercely resonating.




But then it all fades and falls away


And nothing is left but what was there


When the flashback first led back to those days...


When there were some who appeared to care.




As I continue gazing upon its frame,


Topped by a gently shining sun,


Wreathed in blue but still professing shame,


I can see its life will likely soon be done.




The old stone tower in the glade over there


Now overgrown with vegetation and moss,


Still finds some sympathy with me who shares


Its longing for the past that's now but a loss.




As I gather up my things, I say, "Farewell."


To the edifice that now looks at me


As if it longs to tell me of its seeing hell,


But depressed that it's unable to speak.

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Oh wow, that was excellent work everyone. Kudos to you all!!!


I am burnt out right now, nothing is working. Maybe later this week I will have something.

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Here we go,


Through the woods I am walking

With myself talking

Listening for the sign

Of my lovers knocking


Hearing the music

Direction I pick

To uncover the fine

Face, of which I'll never be sick


Sneaking up behind

I look and find

She that is mine

So beautiful and kind

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Its all coming back, fast!


Ode to Her

Oh the beauty I dream of every night

I can never have her out of my mind

Not that I try, no I embrace it

Like a virus that keeps popping up

But I leave it to control my heart


Hair that I wish I had (check my profile)

Make the face more irresistible

Those eyes burning into my soul

I feel it in my very core of cores and love it

Her pale skin whiter than snow

Begs me to touch it, yet I resist for her sake

The voice, I can't hear another

I know it and want it more and more

Attitude that make me alive

Challenges me to think aloud and oddly

Curves that I would die for, read again

And she knows I would in a heart beat


Oh how did I get myself here

How does she stay with me so

I have done nothing but one talk

And she won't leave, because I need her

Because she needs me

We need each other

We are perfect

She is perfect

Her perfection

Her for me

Her and me

All her


:wub: HER!

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I open the door to see

What lies beyond

Things that may be

Of things I am fond


Need to have faith and hope

That I will be able

With my troubles cope

To rid of our fable


Once these are done

And you do the same

You and I can have

The same last name

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