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A poem a Day


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One of my college professors said this and it really works. If you write a poem when you feel anger, excitement, nervous, etc. you really make yourself better. This is how I got into poetry. It doesn't have to be awesome and deep food for thought, not even have to rhythm, just go with it. Anyone and everyone is welcome, so let it out.


Upon this road I tread,

Tired and energetically dead.

Hoping to get through the day

And my head to lay.

But to excited to sleep

Because I got a peep,

Adrenaline in my veins,

Is causing me pain,

Maybe it will go away,

Later on this day! (or tomorrow morning)

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Why do the rocks of life tumble on me so?

How am I to live through this storm?

Till I'm rescued by one I know,

Now the light begins to form.


Off from my knees I am borne up high,

By her pale, gentle hand of love.

I know she will be ever nigh,

She was sent to me from above.


Forever my life is in her debt,

Till the end I will follow.

No matter what may beset,

I will be there, as she allows.

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Upon this bed of thorns I lay

That is the price I pay.

To be near to one yet far from all,

Her beauty is my call.


Sinking lower into the pit.

I cannot stop thinking of it,

How I do this for her,

How she is my spur.


Making me do better in all I do,

To her I always will be true.

Yet as I lay down and think,

No words I can put down in ink.

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I feel as tho in a black box,

With no fresh air to inhale.

On my door pain knocks,

Hoping on rough tides to sail.


But my how the light suddenly comes,

Just by her mere presence.

All is forgotten, all worry numbs,

Her love is like my fence.


Black is reappearing,

Storms are nearing,

Hear the thunder clash

And the lightning flash.

Never should I leave,

To her I will cleave,

Till the time is right,

And gone is the night.


For how can I repay her love to me?

Never have I felt like this.

She is open and I am free,

I have at last my peace.

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Time goes on and still I wonder,

How shall I live like this any longer.

Being away from those I love,

Seeing many go above.


Now I go home till morning,

But now I know the warning.

Life is short, so do the most,

Not sit back and coast.


In the new day I find relief,

Away from yesterdays grief.

For I know she will be there,

Waiting for me to reappear.

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Oh the joy that fills my soul,

When in your presence.

I wish and hope it never to null,

You fill me with your essence.


All the world fades on away,

Mine love is all I see,

To be with every day.

How can you be with the likes of me.


In my dreams or is it for real?

How you make my heart explode

In the way for you I feel.

Perhaps why I make this ode.

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I read one day.

People have been thinking.

All the pain away.



I heard one day.

People have been singing.

All the sorrow away.



I made one day,

I dont understand

Why the world.

Cannot be this way.

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Very thought provoking, AllanOcelot!



Dark is the dreams of late,

Remembering all the things I hate.

Horrible sights that none should see,

Being places that no man should be.

Sound of pain and agony,

But unable to help any.


But then morning comes and I think,

It all is behind, no present link.

Hoping for a bright day,

Were no battle lay.

Only the battle with my mind

For peace I go to find.

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Your day at work is mine at play,

Sitting and watching the hours go by.

Having plenty of time to slay

Waiting patiently as I try.


No time to sit and play,

To busy being lazy.

Making the most of what I may,

Just go away and let me be.

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Very good poetry.

Well worth taking the time to read. :thumbsup:


Kudos to both of you, LordWushin and AllanOcelot.

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