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Does anyone still play BF2?

chris 07

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I think I have about an inch of dust on my copy LOL I've been playing w/the construction set for oblivion too much =) However a couple of my freinds get together from time to time and play it .Too many cheats/hax killed it for me I guess. One of my monikers was meatpuppet21. On a side note one of my freinds told me a lil while back there's supposedly a new patch coming out for BF2 that's supposed to take care of some of the exploits, I don't know if that's true or not. Project Reality IS one of my favorite mods as well. With so many choices these days it's not hard to see less people there. :smile:
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i want to play it...


but its impossible, im just not good enough, last time i tried either everyone was hacking, or it was people that played from release and could head shot you with a snipe in a helicopter no problem.


its just to elite for me now. i loved this game on launch.

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