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Does anyone still play BF2?

chris 07

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It was cool until people started cheating/hacking. Then, the pubs sucked.

That, and getting kicked for stupid reasons.

Explore a custom map and get too close to a spawn? /kick

pwn the wrong person too much? /kick

hop in a vehicle and start blasting the crap outta the enemy? /kick

Snipe people too well? /kick

Fart? /kick


The /kick feature as well as cheats/exploits/hacks have made me come to hate online MP games.

Call me ancient, but gimme good ol' splitscreen any day. My friends are too broke or too busy for LAN. lol

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I agree with Gilgamesh, Online PC Multiplayer games are too much crap to deal with. I love the idea and thoroughly enjoyed the games on their release weekends. Though a month or two later people were already exploiting the games by lagging out, stat hacking, and general nonsense cheating. About the only way to cut down on the crap is to play on a console, and frankly that just sucks in comparison. Even then only half of the cheating gets cut out.
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You just have to play on the big servers where anything goes. When I used to play I always played on a group of Norwegian Servers... I think TV2 was the name.


According to my stats I had my last game on 2008-01-07 21:57:00


Maybe I should install it again to get my 100th Defibrillator kill... I'm on 99 at the moment. And oh wow... this brings back hilarious memories... I have 782 kills by Sniper Rifle, but 657 with Claymores.





Good times...

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I actually only got it recently. Just in time for the 1.50 patch and all that free stuff. I'm a big fan of Call of Duty for it's graphics and close-quarters combat. I also happen to be better at CoD than BF2. :D But for a large-scale, battlefield experience, I've yet to find a better game than BF2. Besides, I like vehicles. A good IO match is fine, but I like my helicopters after awhile...
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Me, the 1.50 patch doesn't work at my pc but im still playing bf2.

You can find me on "DDHC 2" as pcl.gamer!

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I do. I'll let you guess my really hard to guess username... Maybe it's towards the left...


I like to be spec-ops and sabotage the Commander's stuff (APC, Artillery, etc) with the help of my support friend to protect me and give me some more C4. Bwahahaha.

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Yup, play it every Monday night with the guys from work. Mostly sniper and support classes and support is my favorite. Spray and pray! Screen name is a little ill suited to a public forum, swap the **'s for the letter o and you'll get it. Questionable.P**n.
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