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Ultimate Fallout 4 Mod Compilation. 100+ Working Mods with Installation Instructions.


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Check Out my Latest Song! ===> Haos Widasee - "Not Enough"

(Yes that really is me Singing and Yes I created all of this from Scratch) Feedback Welcome!



HOLD UP! THIS LIST IS VERY OLD! It should be used as a tool for learning how to install mods, not a definite list or 100% functioning one!


So first and foremost, I would like to apologize to the modding community for not keeping up with this or at least not a recent update. I absolutely appreciate anyone that has checked out my music thus far, and anyone that has used this guide as a learning tool. This entire time I have been teaching myself music production and animation and am finally at a point where I can do it all professionally. I will still try to put some time aside in the future to put a fresh twist on this guide, but until then just use it to learn, I highly doubt it still functions entirely.


Also check out the Ultimate Fallout 4 Mod Compilation [Neon Wasteland Edition] (Under Heavy Construction)


Notice: The Change Log will only hold the Last Five Days that Updates were applied so check back often! It is Important too keep in mind that just because a mod has been Removed does not mean it should be considered a bad mod. It simply means that I found something that was more my Preference. If it made this list before I assure you the mod is a Great mod!


Change Log: Major Update Completed on [4-28-16]

(If you choose to Update your mods. Make sure you still follow the Installation Directions and place them back in the Load Order Correctly!)

(I am Not Adding any more Settlement mods until I do another Update which will not be anytime soon. If I add more mods they will be Textures or something Mind-Blowing.)


Updates [11-12-16]: Updated above information about the next update!

Updates [7-3-16]: Removed Scrapper Range Extension from the list.

Updates [6-8-16]: Added Delightful Dead Fish to the Structure/Item/Armor/Weapon/Other section.

Updates [5-24-16]: Added Black Hunter Armor to the Structure/Item/Armor/Weapon/Other section.

Updates [5-20-16]: Added Glowing Children of Atom Armor to the Structure/Item/Armor/Weapon/Other section.



Compilation Color Key:

<> Title or Menu (To help you Navigate and find what you are looking for!)

<> Notices (Pay Attention, these are always Important and you will Benefit from the Information!)

<> Mod Titles (They are all Linked to their corresponding URL!)

<> Mod Author Names and User-Names (Recognition for all their hard work!)

<> Important Words (Highlighted for Importance!)

<> Overwrite Directions (Yes to All is my Favorite!)

<> Installation Directions (These will help to Ease the Pain!)


A Word Too The Mod Authors: First and foremost, Thank You so much for all your hard work. I do my best to Notify each Mod Author when I put one of your mods into this Compilation and I have received nothing but Appreciation thus far. I did not expect for this list to keep growing without problems like it has and I have worked since the day I started this list to ensure that I do not miss any Unique and Compatible mods that come out.


I would greatly Appreciate it from here on out if you could throw a Link my way on your Mod Description Tab so that more people can find this list. In return I will Link your Profile to your Name next to your mod in the list! (Notify me when you put it up!) This Guide has helped many people to better understand Load Orders and Compatibility and that is my Main Motivation behind Continuation of this project.


My Hardware:

AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.76 GHz

12 GB Ram (I set VRam at 20000)

GeForce GTX 960

64 Bit Operating System

Solid State Drive


I run the game on Ultra settings. (Switch to High settings and you won't notice a difference, but your Load Times will get better!)


Advice: I would Highly Recommend that you go through this list and Download the mods you are going to use Before starting to Install anything. This could turn 4 hours of work into 1 or less. If you do not wish to use ENB or a Shader, just start from Step 2.

I would also Recommend that you use a Fresh Install of Fallout 4 (see How To Perform A Fresh Install below) to Prevent Fragments of any mods you have previously used from clashing with the mods on this list. When Uninstalling mods using the Nexus Mod Manager, remember to Disable them first, then right click the mod and Uninstall.


Don't forget to check out the Tips For This List section at the bottom of this forum. It will help you decide exactly how you want your Fallout 4 Experience to go!


How To Perform A Fresh Install:

1. Right Click the Tools Tab in the Nexus Mod Manager, and select Uninstall All Active Mods.

2. Delete Local Game Content on Steam.

3. Navigate to your Main Fallout 4 Folder which is usually located in Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/Local and Delete the Fallout 4 Folder.

4. Install Fallout 4 through Steam.

5. Always Start your game up once Before modding it!


Note: You do not need too use a Shader.


Step 1: Install Shader. This is very easy to do. Just follow the Tutorial found at the bottom of the Mod Description Tab. My Personal Preference is:
Cinematic Excellence ENB | By: Archalyus | Cinematic Version

(Installation Directions have been Updated until the next version is launched!)


Open enblocal.ini and under [MEMORY] make this change: VideoMemorySizeMb=20000


After Installation, there are Options in game:

Shift+F12 will toggle ENB

Scroll Lock will toggle your Shader

Page Up will toggle between Cinematic and Natural Version. (Only if you install Cinematic Version)


I personally run with ENB - Off/Natural Version(No Dark Film Affect)


I would Recommend that you start your game and test the Options listed above to make sure you have Installed everything correctly Before moving on. It should be Noted that ENB will make your game Very Dark, but Beautiful. You can play with ENB switched Off if you find it hard to see. You can still use your Shader with ENB switched Off.


Step 2: Install Environment, Sky, and Clean Up textures.

Important: Always select the Download (MANUAL) button and then select the Download (NMM) button of the specific file you want. Most of them will have one main file, some are slightly more specific. I have included easy to follow Directions for the more specific ones.

Feel free to skip any mods that are Manual Install only, but if you wish too Install them the Installation Instructions can usually be located somewhere on the Mod Description Tab.


The Load Order is the same as the Install Order, although some ESP's may move around on their own. Without testing anything during Installation I am easily able to follow this entire list and play the game exactly as Installed. I don't personally use LOOT for Fallout 4 but from my Understanding it is Recommended by many.


Environment/Sky/Clean Up Textures:
FAR - Faraway Area Reform (LOD) | By: SparrowPrince
WET - Water Enhancement Textures | By: SparrowPrince | Installer - Select Main Files/Clearer
Better Quarry Sites | By: LucidAPs
All Trees Have Leaves | By: cip3000 | Spring Version

Realistic Roads | By: Spiffyskytrooper | Overwrite - Yes too All

Vivid Fallout - Landscapes | By: Hein84 | 4K Version | Overwrite - Yes too All
Vivid Fallout - Rocks | By: Hein84 | 2K Version

Tookie's Textures - Grass and Plants | By: tookiejones | Overwrite - Yes too All
Grasslands - A Fallout 4 Grass Overhaul | By: Doodlezoid

Vivid Fallout - Trees | By: Hein84 | 4K Version | Overwrite - Yes too All

Commonwealth Trash Removal Overhaul | By: dirint | Overwrite - Yes too All
Clean Settlement - Mess Removal | By: Khormin | Installer - Select All | Overwrite - Yes too All
No More Halloween Decorations | By: steve40

Delightful Ivy - HD Vine Retexture | By: 83Willow | Mixed Colors Version | Overwrite - Yes too All

Remove Interior Fog | By: Abbalovesyou | Main File and DLC Versions
Fallout Texture Overhaul Stars | By: Gorgulla | 1K Version
4K Moons | By: mehrdadhot | 4K Version 2
FO4 SUN | By: ramccoid
True Storms - Wasteland Edition | By: fadingsignal | Installer - Select Standard for first 4 - Select No for last 2.
Darker Nights | By: unforbidable | Installer - Select Light 4 - Select Vanilla for the rest
Darker Nights/True Storms Patch By: unforbidable | In the optional files! | Installer - Select Light 4 | Select - Standard Audio
Nuclear Weather | By: densaleagion | True Storms Version

Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction | By: ChaosWWW | Original Version

Step 3: Install Structure, Item, Armor, Weapon, and Other textures.

Structure/Item/Armor/Weapon/Other Textures:
HD Retexture Pack - Miscellaneous Props | By: DrBrandt
Street Signs Retexture | By: Worriedwalrus | 4K Version
Electrical Tower 8K 4K | By: bubbliplop | 8K Version
Langleys Workshop | By: langley02 | Overwrite - Yes too All
Jesters Better Destroyed Vehicles | By: ThEjEsTeRoFeViL | Overwrite - Yes too All

Really Red Rocket | By: Elianora | 4K Version | Overwrite - Yes too All

Evil Institute | By: bLaCkShAdOw

Shack Floors Re-Done 4K | By: TheMatthewBe | Bright 4K Version | Overwrite - Yes too All
Improved Wood Textures | By: aogara | Installer - Select Floor/Wall Panels/Misc

Cleaner Concrete Structures - Wasteland Workshop | By: Testarlive | Your Preference Color Version

Better Doors | By: tainted07 | Overwrite - Yes too All
4K Workstations | By: DrBrandt | High End Version | Overwrite - Yes too All

Pre-War Textures 4K | By: TheMatthewBe

Flacon Oil 4X 2X FromScratch ReTexture | By: Flaconoil | Installer - Select Everything(Besides Description) | Overwrite - Yes too All
Better Nuka-Cola Machine | By: DeviousMeth0ds | 4K Version

4K Ice Machine | By: Wolf7808

4K Trash Bin | By: Wolf7808 | Overwrite - Yes too All

Ojo Bueno Milk Vending Machine | By: tapioks

Park Benches Rextured | By: Deanoman | Installer - Select Your Preference

Better Computer Terminals | By: Jomla97 | 4K Standard Version
Alternate Desk Fan | By: bunneh13 | Installer - Select Default/Hammertone/Loading Screen

Minuteman Flag - Re-Colors | By: McGee
Better Crates | By: Ubercharge | Overwrite - Yes too All

Better Coolers | By: Tymoteus | Darker Version
Metal Box 2K Retexture | By: Deanoman
Metal Barrel Rextexture | By: jorhadoq | 4K Version | Overwrite - Yes too All

Industrial Objects Retexture | By: Junnari | Overwrite - Yes too All

Red Rocket's Glare Redone - Lighting | By: Ceaseless

Starlight Drive-In and Diner - Lighting | By: Ceaseless | Original Version and Counter + Stool Add-On Version | Overwrite - Yes too All

Bus Stop Ads - Lighting | By: Ceaseless | Brighter Version

Illuminated Billboards - Lighting | By: Ceaseless/PDE

Fatman Crate Re-Texture | By: Radulykan

Radio Redone 4K | By: TheMatthewBe | Installer - Select Pine or Cherry - Select 4K Radio
Creepy Mannequins | By: Reelo2228
Muggles Joints | By: nerdofcolor | Cigarette Replacer | Overwrite - Yes too All

Subway and Library Tokens | By: Deanoman

Ammo Retexture | By: jorhadoq | Installer - Select Your Preferences
Better Ammo Can | By: DeviousMeth0ds | Vault-Tec Version

Black Vertibird | By: Akalor
Realistic Pre-War Money | By: ment2008 | 100 Version
High Poly Immersive Bottlecaps | By: TWFH1 | Installer - Select 420 Dirty - Select Normal Size
Realistic Pool Balls HD | By: mm137

Chrome Synth Armor | By: SecretAgent99
Tron Inspired Vault Suit | By: SethSaiph | Older Files - LED Version(Your Color Preference)
Black Synth Uniform Recolor | By: Akalor
Black or Dark Raider Armors | By: Khilia
Black Road Leathers Recolor | By: Akalor
Black Harness | By: Piratekami

Robot Armor Retextured | By: DeviousMeth0ds

Black Hunter Armor | By: cpdark

Multicam Black Army Fatigues | By: taereus

Metal Armor Black Re-Color | By: agentbrea
Mechanist Armor Retextured |By: DeviousMeth0ds

Better Coursers Pack | By: Hematic
Wasteland Reaper | By: taereus

Anodized Black Steel Combat Armor | By: keithvsmith1977 | Any Color - Replacer Version | Overwrite - Yes too All
Glowing Children of Atom Armor | By: mm137

Delmark's High-Res Sunglasses | By: Delmark | Installer - Select Your Preferences

4K HD Textures - Power Armor | By: Coldchaos
Better Dials for Power Armor | By: sanhedrinn | Blue Version

Scratchmade - Combat Shotgun and Rifle | By: Millenia
Polymer Stock Double-Barrel Shotgun | By: Junnari

Better Reflective Pipe Weapons | By: Billyro
10mm Pistol - Stahl Arms STA-20 | By: SenyaTirall | Version 2.0
NCR Ranger Sequoia | By: Rakul | Older Files - Replacer Version
Chrome Laser Weapons | By: mGlushed | Laser Version | Overwrite - Yes too All
Chrome Portedbarrel and Blackwood Huntingstock | By: furzkugel
Gorgeous Glowing Plasma Weapons | By: Diranar | 3.66 and 3.77 Versions (Install in that order) | Installer - Select Your Color Preference | Overwrite - Yes too All

Laserballs aka Plasma2Lasers | By: Diranar | Installer - Select Normal

Simple Knife Re-Texture | By: joshmans90

Nuka Cola Glow and Re-Texture | By: Tymoteus | Black Version
Nuka Cherry Glow and Re-Texture | By: Tymoteus
Bun's Radioactive Glowing Fusion Core Retextures | By: TheCinnamonBun | Military Version | Overwrite - Yes too All
ETSGS | By: herpderp2332 | Installer - Select Legacy Green/Glowing Holotapes/Hair Edition
Easy To See Glowing Lunchboxes | By: AsGAlligator

LED BLACK Pip-Boy Deluxe | By: MegaTimX

Improved Map with Visible Roads | By: mm137 | Installer - Select Your Preferences

Clean Black Pip-Boy Screen | By: GodMod99 | Overwrite - Yes too All
Overseer Font Replacer | By: lazyradly

Enhanced Blood Textures | By: dDefinder | Installer - Select Defaults/EBT-Default

Re-Textured Fire | By: DirtyBadger

Prydwen 2K Textures | By: tamu75

Delightful Dead Fish | By: 83Willow

Armorsmith Extended | By: Gambit77 | Main File + Automatron Patch | Overwrite - Yes too All

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource | By: valdacil

Step 4: Install Creature and NPC textures.

Creature/NPC Textures:
Wasteland Creatures Redone | By: DOOMBASED | Main File and Deathclaws Glow Versions | Installer - Select All except for Bloatfly/Ghoul/Deathclaw/Mutant Hound
Radiant Birds | By: indipindi
Cheshire Cats | By: kenward | Blue Version
Crows and Creatures | By: Xazomn | Crows Version

Ghost - White Dogmeat | By: kirkieball
Jesters Better Bloatflys | By: ThEjEsTeRoFeViL | 4K Version
Jesters Deathclaws | By: ThEjEsTeRoFeViL
Glowing Animals Emit Light | By: mm137

D.E.C.A.Y - Better Ghouls | By: Thumblesteen

VamS - Vibrant and more Sharp DLC Robots | By: Diranar

Better Settlers | By: Thom293 | Installer - Select Better Settlers/No Lollygagging/Clean Face/Default/Vanilla

Caliente's Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- | By: Caliente | Enhancer and Outfits Versions | Install Enhancer then Outfits | Main Installer - Select Curvy | Outfits Installer - Select Vanilla/Automatron
Silky Smooth Skin By: dcar227 | Sweat and Oil Version | Installer - Select Sweaty Heavy | Overwrite - Yes too All

Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures | By: Fuse00 | Face Version
Younger Male Face Texture | By: mrjack900

Immersive Mouth and Teeth | By: ClearanceClarence | Installer - Select Type 2/2K
True Eyes - Fallout 4 Edition | By: JimtownIrish | Overwrite - Yes too All

Alternative Synth Eyes | By: TwistedMethod | Violet Version | Overwrite - Yes too All
Wasteland Salon - Hair Texture Improvement Mod | By: Limo

Deeper Voice For Super Mutants | By: Asterra | Type A5 Version
Aggressive Synth Voice Overhaul | By: Ubercharge

Synth Overhaul - C.A.S.T | By: MaaroTakai | 4K Version | Installer - Select Normal Version | Overwrite - Yes too All

Tumbajamba's Power Armor for Strong | By: tumbajamba | Installer - Select AWKCR - Standard

Curie Replace | By: QuietTamriel

My Piper and Curie and Cait | By: kjj92 | Piper and Cait Versions

Valentine REBORN | By: 83Willow | Overwrite - Yes too All

Preston Garvey Overhaul | By: XGriffinH34rtx | Recommended Version

Visible Companion Affinity | By: cdante | Installer - Select Your Language/01 No Decimals

Raider Overhaul WIP v9.0 | By: MadMAX713 | Main File + Armor 4K Retexture Versions + Raider Overhaul Patch | Overwrite - Yes too All

We Are The Minutemen | By: TheFirstEnD | Basic Version

Super Mutant Redux | By: MadMAX713 | Main File + Quick Patch + Mutants and Raiders Patch

Leveled Spawns | By: maudkon


Step 5: Install Settlement and Miscellaneous mods:

Settlement/Miscellaneous Mods:

Craftable Solar Panels/Fusion Reactors | By: DDProductions83 | Panels Only Version

Craftable Ramps and Rails | By: DDProductions83

Tookie's Tents and Tarps | By: tookiejones | Roof/Wall/Tarps/Fence Versions | Overwrite - Yes too All

Crafting Fury 9000 GTX | By: Elianora

EoW - Pre-War Books Retexture | By: EmissaryOfWind | Overwrite - Yes too All

BlueBeers Buildables | By: skubblebubble

Sandbags Defence Wall | By: Eferas

Dog Bed for Dogmeat | By: seafaringgentleman

Just Rugs | By: friffy

Better Stores | By: blazeda59 | Installer - Select Standalone

Settlement Keywords Independent | By: DOOMBASED | Main File + Better Stores Patch | Overwrite - Yes too All

Renovated Furniture | By: aesfocus | Everything Version

Beantown Interiors Project | By: chucksteel

Grim Vaults - 111 | By: countercruel

Cannabis Commonwealth | By: MadNuttah/Virakotxa/DOOM/Gambit77 | SK Main File and Raider Overhaul Patch

Snappable Garden Plots | By: DOOMBASED

Second World War British Air Raid Siren | By: matboyler

DEF_UI | By: Neanka/valdacil | Main File+1.5 Patch+Automatron Patch | Installer - Select DEF_UI/DEF_INV/Your Language/16:9/Install Component Tags/Vanilla HUD/No Sorting Mod | Overwrite - Yes To All

Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks | By: Fr4nsson
Brighter Settlement Lights | By: Elvani | Installer - Select Brighter
Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights | By: mm137

Legendary Lamps | By: Spoonifico | Installer - Select Unidirectonal/Purple/200% No Shadows and Select - Brighter for Dim Lamps and Change Nothing Else
Quieter Settlements | By: Lemures | Installer - Just push Next and Finish
Cinematic Sounds - Complete Collection | By: Foster | Installer - Select Shortest/Explosions/V1
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul | By: mm137 | Main File and Automatron Versions

Better Nuke Explosions | By: nukeclears | No Shadows Version

Shaikujin's Better Alerts | By: Shaikujin | Installer - Select Radiant and Settlements+/DLC01+
A Simple Mod - No Intro | By: MeatBag101
Loot Detector - Corpse | By: xatmos | Main File + Your Color Preference Version | Install Main then Color Preference | Overwrite - Yes too All
Faster Terminal Displays | By: Old Nick

Infinite Settlement Budget | By: DDProductions83

Immersive Vendors | By: Xgf | English Version | Installer - Select Option 1

Rich Merchants | By: OverClocked56 | Less Caps Version

Automatron DLC Legendary Drops | By: Old Nick | Automatron DLC + Legendary Clothing Version

Center Snap-Point for Stairs | By: modlurker

Better Armor Mod Descriptions By: TakaruMinari | Installer - Select Automatron

Better Weapon Mod Descriptions | By: TakaruMinari | Installer - Select Main/Automatron


Step 6: Install Optional mods.

Notice: These mods are Completely Optional but I Personally use them and find them enjoyable. I expect this list will grow substantially over the next year. Feel free too try them out and Suggest other mods that might fit nicely with this list.

Optional Mods:
Animated Mouse Cursor - The Institute | By: xBloodTigerx

LunchBox Surprise | By: Gawl40 | Multi-Prize Version

Muggles Joints | By: nerdofcolor | Radio Version

Gunfetti Novelty Impact Decal Replacer | By: KazFoxsen

Boss Chests Contain Legendaries | By: StupidLemonEater

Minutemen Supply Caches | By: countercruel


Tips For This List:

<> Don't smash the Quickload button every time you die! Rushing mechanics in any game can lead to the game Freezing!

<> If you ever get Stuck in the Animation Sequence while entering a Computer, push the ESC button! It should be fixed when you Un-Pause!

<> If you have Loading Issues you can always Switch out High-Res Textures for Lower-Res Textures of the same mod. (4K down to 2K)

<> If you prefer Game Quality over Settlement Building, don't Install any Settlement Mods. Your game will run Amazing!

<> If you are finding it Hard to See in Dark Areas or at Night. Switch ENB Off, and switch to the Natural Shader Palette!

<> Every time you Alt+Tab your game, your ENB will switch itself back On when you return to game.

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Haoswidasee, I don't mean to rain on your parade as I like the compilation list, but I smell this topic being locked/deleted in the near future.. I've seen this happen to a couple of compilation topics already, the Nexus doesn't seem to allow compilations for some reason.


Speaking of which, would an admin or moderator be kind enough to redirect me to the part of the ToS that addresses this? Been wondering about this, thanks!

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I love this idea! Thank you so much for posting! I also love that you have it titled as 100+ "Working Mods." Please continue this idea as I will be checking back often to download and check out others creations! Nice work!

No problem, took forever lol. I will continue updating this for sure, I check for new mods everyday

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Haoswidasee, I don't mean to rain on your parade as I like the compilation list, but I smell this topic being locked/deleted in the near future.. I've seen this happen to a couple of compilation topics already, the Nexus doesn't seem to allow compilations for some reason.


Speaking of which, would an admin or moderator be kind enough to redirect me to the part of the ToS that addresses this? Been wondering about this, thanks!

Thats their own mistake if they want to take it down. A well put together compilation like this one will get players to put more mods in their game, without the fear of crashing. Anyone that doesn't know how to properly mod will put far less in their game, and will have problems

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