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Thoughts on BF2


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I know many of you are dropping the noob bomb (calling all of them noobs) on snipers and medics for freelancing. I personally am a sniper and think that being in a squad isnt the best in the world, because i usually get stuck with squads that arent stealthy (i player BF2 special forces most of the time) and just run around killing everything. And being a medic requies somesort of teamwork but when i play strike at Karkaland(forgot name sry) i am usually just running around reviving people like some crazy person. I agree that having a squad that works together would be a force to reckon with but seriously, snipers just sit on rooftops/ in building :ph34r: while support and assualt run around blazing and engineers go crazy with their boomsticks.


I would like to hear others thoughts on this, and try not to get some player hatings.

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Well, a good working squad (or a few for that matter) is thé way to win the game. Medics are required so that a dead squad member doesn't have to wait 15 seconds before respawn AND because it will save you one ticket for not dying.

A sniper can be very very very usefull is certain maps. The problem with snipers, is that in some maps like karkand or sharqi, everybody wants to be a sniper... in a 32 player team, you will lose with 20 snipers and 12 medics....

concerning the squad, you can be in a squad as a sniper so that you can spawn in usefull places on the map without having to walk around for 5 minutes. respawn and walk away from your squad... JUST DON'T BE THE BLOOMIN' SQUADLEADER ON A FREAKING ROOFTOP 10 MILES FROM THE BATTLE!!!!


just my 2 cents :)

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Yeah i was playing Warlord yesterday and everybody who woesnt on the british side was a sniper and you couldnt spawn or do anything on the british team because you would get sniped, and if you managed to take out somebody or right before you pulled the trigger somebody else would shoot you. But anywar they still won
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i will be getting this soon everthing for a fiver lol cant wait i love team based games, Rainbow Six was so good i hope they make a new one soon........
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BF2 is an awesome shooter and I loved this game.


But recently I installed it again after a long time and ... well, these guys that play the game oneline are pure *one shoot and everyone is dead in 0,1 seconds don't matter what distance* wonders. I saw no chance to make one hit while I died randomly, which felt alike 20 times a minute;). Think I'm too old for this kind of game there everyone is jumping and rushing around.

OK, I played some time and got better and better -> even reached a positive result ... sometimes ... but one thing really drives me nuts:

These guys permanently spam the radio.

I mean I really understand the reason: Reporting an enemy by the radio highlights em on the radar. But some dudes report permanently ca. 1-2 times a second ... this finally really kills the fun to play the game.

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My favourite tactic of old was to take out prone snipers with C4 explosives on top of buildings. Climb the ladder, apply C4 on sniper's buttocks, jump off building, blow C4, apply parachute, receive bacon. Made me feel like a 007 wannabe.


Fond memories :)

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