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Im a 3D modeler willing to lend a helping hand


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I am a 3d generalist willing to lend any modeling help or texturing to anyone who has a mod in mind. I am not too familiar with the actual process with creating mods.


However I am a trained 3d artist able to create custom models and textures using Maya, and exporting to an obj file for modders to use.


I am willing to lend a hand to anyone who is familiar with the modding process but needs help with creating their own objects and or characters for the game.


All I ask in exchange for my services is credit for my work and some guidance on adding my own work to the game.


You can email me at [email protected]


Attached is an example of my work


Thank you



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I sent you a private message.


I haven't made my project public yet, because I wanted to have my first trailer done and have at least 2 of the quests playable before I start publicly posting stuff. All talk and nothing to show is not how we do things at Team Bacon.

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I posted a topic in requests about re-doing the flamer, to resemble the flamer from previous games. I am not good at making assets from scratch, but I am capable of manipulating .nif's, weapon upgrades, and CK.


Let me know if this interests you!



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I've been using OBJ.


But, first, I must make sure I can convert an OBJ weapon to NIF safely with the tools I have been using. I've been using Outfit Studio for conversions, and that is only garaunteed to work with outfits.


If you have 3ds Max, you can convert directly to NIF, which is the best way. I don't have that and I use Blender, and the workaround is:


Import Nif into Outfit Studio. Export nif as Obj. Import Obj into Blender. Export from Blender as Obj. Import Obj into Outfit Studio. Export from Outfit Studio as Nif.


This works fine for clothing and armor. But before you do any work there must be a solid way to get your work into the game.

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I started responding to this post with a mod I think needs building and it turned into a full on thread.


It's going to take more than one modder no matter how it's done.


Check it out. Think about it.



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The game really REALLY needs some sleek er and sexier Energy Weapons!!!


Something like the Type 3B Phaser Rifle from Star Trek - First Contact.


Or something like the AE4 Laser Rifle from COD:Advanced Warfare ...


The trouble is the mods and add-ons. You basically have to make the mesh in pieces, so that you can specify different attachments. I think most modders load up a vanilla rifle that has the re-load animation they want to utilize, then build there weapon around it, so the hand placement and animations wok (not always successfully)


I did this quick and dirty image edit for a request a while back, but no-one seemed interested. The energy weapons seem to start with a base pistol mesh, or in some cases just the "reciever"then get converted to rilfes (or pistols) with the addition (or subtraction) of the "Stock" and/or "Barrel.




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I see I got a good amount of requests and ideas. So I'm going to run through this from least to greatest in difficulty. For single item request will be started first. IE... objects, weapons, armor/clothing, creatures, characters. (3d models & textures)


Once we have a good flow going on making the models, sending them over and actually getting them into the game, we will press on to more difficult tasks. IE... special effects, and animation.


Now everyone bare with me. It will take some time to get through some of this stuff but I will begin working on everything as soon as I can.


Thank You to everyone who responded.

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