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An update on Vortex development


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In response to post #59051371.

Tragthemercenary wrote: I've been a member of the Nexus for years, now, and this is the first time I've heard of Vortex. Is this being developed for Skyrim? It would be absolutely great, if it was. A group of mods to download to a vanilla game, all of which function well together, and make the game more stable. It's a dream come true (after many years of learning how and when to add certain mods). I've got the computer to handle just about anything. My favorite game is still Skyrim.

Please tell me whether I understand Vortex, or not, and let me know how it's progressing. Thanks ...

Vortex will be a replacement for the current Nexus Mod Manager and will most likely function the same: no mods pre-loaded onto Vortex.

For a "group of mods to download to a vanilla game, all of which function well together," modding guides are still your best bet.

edit: by the way, the modpack feature talked about below isn't from devs, nor is my comment, so uh, don't take everything as gospel and try to get revenge if i'm wrong, lol. Edited by agTRAESH
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speaking of modding guides, i set up a profile for each guide i follow and then another one for cherry picking from each guide or simply merging them. Being able to export list of active/enabled mods to a txt file that i could print out would be a big time saving help.

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