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Project Spotlight: Fallout Miami


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I'm a little concerned they're re-using Fallout 4s player character- partially because this means you're limited in the options you can give the player, in that they're always going to be a vacationing parent in this mod, and partially because it's not stated if they'll be re-using in game lines for voiceover or not.


That said, best of luck to them with finishing the mod.

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Excellent addition and definitely worth to play it.

Now we have two : New California and Miami. Fallout is not dead for off-line players; on the contrary, we have a long way to go and it seems to me that beyond what we see, there will be more like this ( or better .. like a game ) to come.


This is exactly what we needed, more DLC's, more mods and the freaking-unmatched-taste-to-play-offline at our own pace, to do what we want, when we want it and they way we want it to be. Very welcome !

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