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Awesome! You're a great modder Mihail, and i dare to say, one of the best the community has ever saw, your ideas are innovative and immersive, besides that i have a huge respect for you because of your humility and kindness, i do hope you can stay with us for as long as you want, thank you for your amazing work!
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From screwing around with unreleasable, stitched together crap, I can vouch that creature mods are very difficult to make. You need textures, sounds, scripts and magic effects, and creative use of existing animations and skeletons.


What I love most about some of Mihail's creatures is it can take a little while to realise what existing creature skeleton they were based on. You can reshape the skeleton to make the same animation perform differently on a new chassis, the centaurs and watchers being the best example I can think of.


The rate at which Mihail churns out amazing mods gives me such hope for creature modding. I remember 2013 searching the "creatures" category on the skyrim nexus, and there were so few mods, mostly retextures, which were mostly of horses, and those are great, but a fantasy world needs its twisted and fantastical inhabitants. May there be many more monsters.

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Ah Mihail! A great mod author who created so many things that I've lost the count, you too, I suppose.

I think it will be urgent to group your best creation in some pakage: wild creatures, exotic and many other for monster.

I admet, I've never used them but I will do it later, lack of time, nevertheless, I'm impressed by the quantity of work and the quality that you've done.

I'm bluffed! You're not alone for do all that?


Like you've developped polearms and halberds, I will add a compatibility for my mod, it will be an addition for both of us.

Good continuation to you and especially the best for your life.


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