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This guys creature mods could be so much better if he didn't go overboard with certain characteristics. It's kind of like people that go overboard with saturation and contrast in photoshop. It gets to a point where it's not realistic, and immersion breaking. Many of the mods have overtly loud sound effects. Birds, raccoons, etc that make obnoxious sounds that you can hear from a mile away in the game. A green deer that has it's own obnoxious background music when you encounter it. AI aggression that is way over the top. Many of the mods had creatures that just chased you and stood right in your face. You move away, and they just hug your character everywhere you try to move. The moose especially, comes to mind here. All of this was badly immersion breaking for me, and not consistent with the rest of the AI, sounds, and feel of the game/ other creature mods. I had to remove all of his mods because of these characteristics. Sad too, because the concepts and artwork is top notch. My only advice for Mihail would be to significantly tone back the sound effects and AI aggression attributes for most of these mods. Otherwise I can't imagine a 100 pack of overtly loud, annoying, and irrationally aggressive creatures being found around every corner you turn in the game. Edited by xpoverzion
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