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Not only a great modder but a good person too, had a few conversations with him but saw a lot of his posts on the facebook group i was admin. Not playing Skyrim right now but, as always, my thanks!


I didn't forget you, maybe we can talk about those pictures another time... If you still remember me... :')

Luis aqui <3

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In response to post #65022126.

ArshiaGaming wrote: Yaaaa can't wait for the mega pack ! An mcm would be nice too , tweaking spawn rates and such

Quote: Also, I’m against touching levelled lists and I hand-place everything, also when they are more than 100 individuals of a species, for example, a duck. I don’t think I need to overpopulate your game with my creatures, and also doing this hand-placing and selective spawn of creatures, I’m already running out of space.

I dont think there is much to change regarding spawn rates, if they are handplaced.
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