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Project Spotlight: Fallout 4: New Vegas


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In response to post #66953826. #66954246 is also a reply to the same post.

WillTDP wrote: What about the DLC's?
phantomgamerz wrote: According to their website, getting the vanilla game out is the priority, and after that they might work on the DLCs.

I spoke to the devs of the mod on their official discord, you can join it here: httpsiscordapp.com/invite/jaCkBFz
They say it's a maybe. However they are excited and want to get their hands on Dead Money especially but they also are interested in Old World Blues. IF this mod comes out they MIGHT make the DLC.
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The opening reminds me of Morrowwind start. Appears simple enough. I have never played FO4 or F4NV but I'm getting ready to. Soon as I figure out a starting point. Skyrim is getting pretty boring after all these years. Still love it though but it's time. Which is the best to start with? Can I just skip FO4? I'm not a modder. Don't have the patients nor the skills. I can place stuff with Jaxonx but even that rattles me at times. Grrr...My hat is definitely off to ALL of you! Kudos for all you do! Thankfully I have a decent rig because I love mods..:) Godspeed...R/
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