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Looking for a new game - features I am looking for


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I've been playing Fallout 4 since it launched and I've finally grown tire that in order to have a game that has the features i'm looking for I've had to mod the hell outta FO4, and this has caused my game to be horribly unstable. So here are the features Im looking for in a new game that I don't have to mod (at least this hard) to get the features I want and it have it stable.

single player campaign (preferably with a co-op option)

open world


post-apocalypse (?)

Modern weapons

modifiable weapons

weather patterns and daytime / nighttime cycles

good world modeling with dynamic physics such as things getting knocked over, or thrown around the room with an explosion


tactical use of sniping and explosives

climb / swim (?)

craftable consumables

customization in character creation

zombies / monsters?

Anyway there are the features which are at the top of my wish list. Any suggestions of a game that does most or all of this?

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Some of the games i'm looking at now include:

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Far Cry: New Dawn

Metro Exodus

Days Gone


I'm open to other ideas or suggestions.

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You've had some great suggestions so far. I'd like to add Scum as well, it seems to be the closest. It falls in line with games like DayZ and Rust. Another one with a huge amount of replayability, like Fallout, is the Arma series. Specifically A3. After a couple of mods, it can be exactly what you're looking for.

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I'd have to agree with ProjectArroyo,

ARMA is the game which closest matches the criteria in post 1.




I'd then recommend, based on the RTS elements of Post 1's Criteria,

that you consider games such as;

Dust 514 + EvE,

The Outer Worlds,

Star Citizen,

NoBeingsSky 2 sequel to NoMansSky

Universe Sim,

Megaton Rainfall


followed by

older titles such as;

Saints Row

Dead Island,

Dead Rising (with mods)

PsiOps: The Mindgate Conspiracy 2.* (Its a Fan Project)



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Wow! Great options here guys. Thank you!


So far i've opted to give Far Cry 5 a try and while I'm loving some aspects of the game, there are others which I'm finding REALLY tedious such as the forced cut scenes where you are taken prisoner and having hallucinations, etc. Otherwise the game is great.


I'll have to take a look at some of the other suggestions. Honestly FC5 I doubt seriously will hold my attention for long.

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