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Logic Lesson for the kiddos re:Bethesda and TES6


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Will Bethesda rebound with The Elder Scrolls VI, or will they continue the trend of alienating a substantial portion of their fans who strongly oppose the direction that most recent titles in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises have taken?

Christopher Abrahams, Life long Gamer

See here's the thing, the Bethesda has gone mad crew, who don't like their recent games are in a minority.


Fallout 4 (2015)14.91


Fallout 3 (2008)9.94


Fallout: New Vegas(2010)8.42


Fallout 76 (2018)2.46


Suprise! A multiplayer only entry in a single player series really did not do well BUT fallout 4 sold roughly 5 million more than 3.

Skyrim has sold around 30 million copies, it's hard to track down exact numbers due to the many rerleases but that proves my point. They released their best selling game and people like yourself called it a 'watered down offense' to RPGs, fair enough we all get 'tricked' into buying a game based on expectations, but then the rereleased it and people buy it again, then it came to switch and they bought it again, then it came to VR and they bought it again.

You like your RPGs a certain way, good for you. Might I suggest, if you haven't already, to play Wasteland 2 and Divinity series. Bethesda, being a for-profit company (please direct me to a Non-profit gaming company) is going to base their future choices based on past sales. So if you weren't a fan of Skyrim or Fallout 4 then odds are you won't be a fan of ES6, Fallout 5, and probably Starfield. Where as every one who enjoyed them will probably enjoy them

Jake Kopp, No need to brag. Don't believe me? Your loss.

I bet you're a real hoot at parties. I feel sorry for people like you, Christopher. You come from or identify with a generation that is so egotistical that they feel a constant compulsion to try to belittle anyone that they don't agree with. Keep your unsolicited suggestions, because I don't need a list of games that you think some dissatisfied-without-a-reason person would want to play, as if I've never heard of them - the implication being that if you're “that wrong” in your opinion of Bethesda's decision making, then you surely are unaware of what is out there.

You have no idea what “people like” myself are or what I've said. But I know what people like YOURSELF are, impolite rude and self congratulatory with nothing anyone can point to that can justify their self-appointed status. In case you didn't know, "life-long gamer" is not some cool guy medal that sets you apart as some wise elder that is admired and envied by "n00bz". Somehow it seems that a huge number of people got pranked by some memo that went out that got people to believe that such a person who presents "Life long gamer" as a credential wasn't considered a total dork anymore.

It just amazes me how you kids plummeted in critical thinking ability compared to your predecessors. I guess being brought up on Barney the ambiguous dinosaur doesn't exactly do wonders for the brain. Oh sure, I could be wrong about your age, but hey, why not take a stab at it since you're exhibiting the signs, and you already made a wildly inaccurate one on me.

See, here's the problem: your faulty reasoning says that if lots of people buy it, then it's good. But that is a sloppy assumption to make, because a little bit of thinking can debunk that lazy logic. Let's say for a moment that the U.S. and China have a longstanding conflict and it ends up with a nuclear exchange that destroys civilization as we know it, just as a random idea that I've never heard of before. Then suppose we look at sales figures for… oh lets just pick a number out of a hat, the year 2077 that'll work. Now, let's compare those figures to another arbitrary number, how about 2287. Since there is just a fraction of the population left alive, do the drastically reduced sales of some imaginary product that i'll call "Nuka-cola" mean that that product is no good? Of course not! Surprise! First indication... the inverse of my erroneous assumption is false.

Now let's do something the youngsters these days seem to enjoy, let's take an already well established concept and flip it inside out. What if in this imaginary scenario a gambling establishment called... hold on clicking random name generator button... ahhh .. yes ok, The Ultra Luxe Casino finds itself in the coveted position of the foremost buisness in the entire world in terms of annual receipts and total revenue. Should we assume that this business is providing a fantastically wonderful product dollar for dollar, based on those figures alone? No! we would be foolish to assume that solely based on sales numbers because we forgot to factor in well... ANYTHING else! whoopsie! Good thing we're not allergic to eggs because we'd have to call an ambulance with so much on our face! No, we couldn't assume that at all, because the casino had a captive audience. Those poor assholes had no choice, unless you want to throw your money away at some other roughly similar joint, but the point is, people buy what is available. Would they buy something better if it was available? Of course they would, but since it isn't, the Ultra-Luxe looks... well Ultra-Luxe!

The moral of the story here, since I get the feeling that I need to explain it to you in simpler terms, is you all can eat a poop sandwich and enjoy it if you want, but I'm old enough to remember Pre-war stuff.


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I'm not sure if I understand what I read - it is said from multiple perspectives, so I'm not sure what is OP opinion, but I saw similar numbers on bethesda forums used against RPG players or even on some youtube channels stating numbers about consoles and why consoles need exclusives - it feels so wrong.


The point always is:

1. the gaming industry is growing - you cannot compare numbers of games sold now and 10 years ago - you have to compare games from similar years

2. you cannot mix platforms or what is the name - question is if isometric games are generally less popular than 3rd person games

3. it is different if the game is possible to mod or if it does stand as it is

4. AAA games usually sells better - because players do like that polish, but also they are more expensive to make if you need more of people working on it.

5. just because players generally liked Skyrim, that doesn't mean they liked that particular feature someone in Bethesda is trying to push trough

6. console users are connected to PC users - you cannot have those numbers separated, it is not like you are talking about 2 species of aliens, but they usually have both in 1 family - that was said for another "number related arguments" from a different discussion.

Someone even said that consoles without exclusives would die, because something happened 35 years ago... oh man... IMO the core audience for both platforms are different - the rest shares them.

7. yes, Fallout 4 can be hated by RPG players and still it can be popular in a different group of players - I guess that was the point - destroying the fanbase of RPG Fallout, change it to shooter player group and then have player base for their online cash shop - that is what someone wrote and I agree with it.


If you take facts and separate them - sometimes it is only good for spreading lies. So if you like RPG - there is a good news - people simply do want good games, if the game is bad, nobody will like it, but if it is good, even players who don't play RPG usually will play it and the opposite.


What you described as arrogant young dork or what ever is my image of some devs who implement featuers players disliked - like pop ups - I cannot imagine any other face...



But if you are trying to simply say that we shouldn't expect good RPG from Bethesda in the future, then I agree - I already said my goodbye, I wouldn't use their launcher anyway. That is why I'm trying to learn modding, so I could create my worlds and forget about the horrible RL.

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Lesson 1: Write your essay/post in a way that is clearly structured and tells the reader what your message is, instead of this word vomit.

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Guest deleted34304850

@OP I have no idea what the message you're trying to convey is. Have you ever structured a paragraph before, or written something that gets to the point directly?

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