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It's my birthday today


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Thank you everybody! :-)


Happy 1 day after your birthday!


I'm already 53.


Any chance we can swap birth certificates?


Against million septims and a long healthy life like an elf I'm ready to negociate.

Hmmm... agreed!


This one feels that 1 million septims iss... very fair! Let us say 1,000,000 septims, 1 millenium of inflation* at... let me see, this one feels 1.5 percent is verrry fair, no? And a... how you say... exchange rate... ahhhh, yeeess, exchange rate of 1 septim to one half of a british pound.**


So, this one's price is... £0.13. Or if you prefer dollars, this one thinks $0.17 dollars is very fair, no?


Sadly, this one cannot promise longevity, but may you always walk on warm sands!


* Skyrim is based on the viking period, so about a thousand years ago. (source: some bloke down the road who knows these things)

** Absolutely no idea where this figure came from. The Pound was a currency back in 775 AD, though, so the Khajit may no better.

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It's my birthday again.


Funny how they seem to come around once a year eh? :laugh:


Happy birthday OA!!


- Edit - I just had a little read back to the start of the thread and see that you are now past the hump and into your second "third of a century". Beware that it will be no time and you'll be wondering where those 33.33 years went and begin pondering what's in store as you get closer and closer to the century mark.


Revel in it, and embrace each day as though it's your last. Tomorrow is not yet here and yesterday but a dream.

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Still having birthdays is a GOOD thing, for the most part...... The alternative really isn't all that much fun. :D


Happy Birthday! :D


You never know Hey ... counting the roots on flowers could be fun!!

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