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Do you like traveling?


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Many sleeps ago I cycled through all the European Countries. It is surprisingly small. Or I was just super fit. Na, I wasn't that fit. And

My girlfriend was quite tiny so we traveled at her pace. Seriously the best way to see any country. Ended up in Turkey then emigrated to Australia.

Couldn't cope with the thought of living in the very cold and wet Scotland again.

That was in my early 20's. Late 50's now. Rarely travel more than a day away from my bed now.

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Well, lets see...


Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Brazil, Virgin Islands, Greenland, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, ....

So, yeah I like travelling.


I'm retired now. Planted trees in the front yard and experiencing what it's like living in just one place.


I miss the adventure...


WOW. Can only imagine the state your socks would get into. :laugh:

Hope you planted trees you can eat from. There is no better food than the things you grow yourself.

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Been a bit everywhere in Europe. Holland, West- and East Germany (shows my age), England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Spain (Canarian islands: spent a year on Tenerife), France, Switzerland, Austria. Been to the Congo (formerly known as Zaire) and spent three months in New York City. I don't like to travel that much but I like going places.

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Do I like to travel? Not any further than I need to, to get what I need!


I was taken along with the families breadwinner on vacations all over the U. S. of A and Canada. It would take a month of Sundays to provide all the places I have been and the sights I have seen.


I travel to the grocery store to get the fresher produce. I travel to the bakery to get the freshest bread. I traveled to the well until a faucet was installed so I could travel to the kitchen to get the water from the tap. I'd bring back the water to boil it and blend a few herbs to make something I like to drink.


I traveled to Great Falls MT Museums; to Missoula MT Museums; Bozeman, MT Museums; Billings, MT Museums; Chouteau, MT Museum; Fort Peck, MT Museum; Shelby MT's museums; Kalispell, MT museums; Helena, MT museums. Then to Spokane, WA Museums, Seattle, WA Museums and was at Seattle for their Expo. I went to another Expo in Spokane, WA in 1974. I traveled a lot to look into the museum archives to find out where the others went, from the family I thought I knew, to find out where they had went, and been too, while they were gone. I traveled to the San Diego paid for by the military for allowing them to train me. I traveled to Memphis, Tenn to serve out my active duty. I traveled along to my next military duty station that was in Aurora, Colorado. Along the way I got side tracked and traveled to Sheridan, Wyoming instead, because another member of the military switched our travel orders while I was asleep on the plane.


I traveled to the four corners where four states of the U. S. of A. make it so we can stand in all 4 states at once. I traveled to Phoenix, Az to find work and saw Las Vegas during the day when I needed to find a station to fill the cars tank so I could continue on to Phoenix. Because I had an RX2 Mazda I got caught up in traffic and was not steered away when the cop saw the car. He looked at it for so long I got through the blockaide.


I continued along in the procession that day in Nevada on Las Vegas's main drag. I saw limousines stopping to let out famous people. I saw Ann Margaret when I was nearest to the limousine parked to let out their passengers. The cop waved to me to go by, as another limousine paused and let Elvis Presley emerge on the red carpet. I continued to drive by.


I found my way back to the Freeway and continued on.


I think if I were to choose to travel, just to travel without a need; for employment, fresh produce, or wares, I would travel to an exotic place. Only to find out if the author of the book I read was describing a place in their stories words; a place that is really there. I found Ent Air Force Base is real. I don't feel a need to see the entrance that was used in the Sy-Fy Television show Star Gate though.

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If with "traveling" you mean do very long journeys, the answer is generally no. I do prefer online cultural exchanges because they allow me to acquire informations very quickly. Of course, you can't even compare a web experience with a travel. If we do have a look to the heart of the experience, then it will be a 80-20 win for the travel.

My problem is that in order to travel you will waste a lot of time: hours of waiting at the local airports, an half day to prepare your heavy bags, etc...


I like traveling by car, by train and sometimes by bycicle. I hate airports and even taxi drivers (50% of the time, taxi drivers will try to take from you lots of money when there was a faster route to follow).

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I only like to travel when there is some level of culture shock involved or if I am going to a biome I have never experienced.


My favorite places I have gone in no particular order:






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Oh, I know this does not actually fit.


Do I like to travel?


Yes, but not on Earth. I am in the process of writing a story for the fun of it. It's a sci-fi space ' journal '.


Instead of creating an alter-ego of Kirk or Picard, I wind up by chance getting my own Star Ship: Genesis. I am going to real places in our solar system and beyond with a crew and everything. The ship was given to me ( their 3rd attempt ) and was almost rejected. ( But it's my story ... :D )


I am having a grand time w/this story ....

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