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Do you like traveling?


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Depends on where I am going, why I am going there, and how I am getting there.


I HATE flying, unless I am the one at the controls. I have a very hard time handing the responsibility for my health and well being to some guy I don't know, and likely won't even see........

The train isn't so bad. So long as I am not facing backward in relation to direction of travel.

Bus? Nope. Not gonna. Notta chance.

Hitchhiking? Did a bunch of that when I was younger. Too old for that kind of behavior now.

Driving? Sure. Why not. I have driven into Canada, and Mexico, (via Texas.....) Needs to be a comfy car though. (which is a rather broad term.... if the car is fun to drive, that makes up for a lot.)


These days though, I go to work, I go home. That's about it.

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I haven't traveled outside Europe that much, but I like traveling, so I definitely would. I've been to Denmark, Greece, Finland and Thailand. I'd love to go to New Zealand sometime and it would be cool to visit Switzerland for the alps. Also Mongolia and Greenland. I prefer cold over warmth generally. Must be my viking blood.

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Well, lets see...


Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Brazil, Virgin Islands, Greenland, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Guam, Okinawa, Wake Island, Diego Garcia, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, India, Iran, Gibraltar, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Finland, Norway, Sweden, England, France, Italy, Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pago Pago, Russia, Suez Canal, Jabuti, Tibet, Adak, McMurdo, Scott Base, Vostok, South Pole, Spain, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Germany, Thailand, Pakistan, Tanzania, Hawaii and Panama...and all but four States in the U.S.


I have Sun Tanned on beaches on the equator, walked in Scotts footsteps in Antarctica, stood on both the North and South Poles, sailed through the Suez and Panama canals, explored ice caves in both hemispheres, Ice and rock climbed in the Andes, Himilayas, Rockies and Cascades. I have eaten fried rice in Japan, Papaya in Pago Pago, Pancit in the Philippines, grilled Swordfish on the Barbi in Australia and Tacos in Mexico. I have drank with Aussies, Kiwis, Japanese, Russkies, Indians, Tibetians, Guamanians, Chinese, and Koreans. I have Scuba Dived in almost every Ocean and most of the worlds Seas. I have made love to a beautiful woman in practically every country I visited. I have Skied/Snowboarded mountains all over the globe, Snow Shoed on Everest and had sex on the peak of Kilimanjaro. I partied with naked women at Carnival in Rio de Janero and had sex with three gorgeous women during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I have sailed around the world three times and flown around the world more times than I can remember. I have smoked Thai Stick in Thailand, Acapulco Gold in Hawaii and Sticky Bud in the Pacific NW.


So, yeah I like travelling.


I'm retired now. Planted trees in the front yard and experiencing what it's like living in just one place.


I miss the adventure...

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I like travelling by train and feet. So I generally travel around my country - I miss nights under the sky in a bivaque prepared by someone before me and leaving that for others who will come after.

I did make a few trips outside - around western Europe just to see how it looks like there. Most of the time it just felt really unfamiliar.

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