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Design Update - Our New Navigation is here


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A few weeks ago, we launched the beta testing phase for our new site navigation. Our design team has been hard at work implementing it, as well as working in some of the changes suggested by all of you who partook in the accompanying survey. Thank you very much for all your responses and feedback!


With that being said, we are very pleased with how well the new nav has been received, so we are now happy to roll it out for all of you.



New Site Navigation - some key changes


The new navigation is meant to unclutter the old while retaining functionality and quick access to the places you want to browse, be it mods, media, the forums etc.


While we understand that getting used to something new might take a while, we are happy to say that the overwhelming consensus from the beta survey was that the new nav is easy to use with all relevant information being laid out clearly. 


That being said, there are a few new things that warrant pointing out. 



More Favourites

93729-1569317864-1079241910.jpegIn the overhauled favourites menu, you can now add 12 of your favourite games (up from 8 in the old nav) for quick access. The game tiles are now in portrait mode to differentiate them more from mods. 



Bringing back Mods of the Month


93729-1569317869-277050961.jpegA feature of the site that was a bit lost in the old navigation and, therefore, did not get much use was “Mods of the Month”. The new nav aims to highlight this section of the site a bit more in the revised mods tab.


What is “Mods of the Month”?



Unlike “most endorsed mods” the best “Mods of the Month” are mods that received the most user votes in a given month (every user only has one vote per game, per month). 


Another key difference is that any mod, regardless of release date, is eligible to become one of the “Mods of the Month” at a given point in time. However, once a mod has been voted one of the best “Mods of the Month”, it will not be eligible to be voted for again. For example your mod released in 2016 could become “Mod of the Month” in December 2019, but once it’s in the list for that month that’s it, it can’t be voted for again.





Shiny new Upload Button



The new “Upload” button in the top right stands out a bit more and can be used to directly upload either a mod, an image, or to add a video.



Community Tab


93729-1569318580-1245449878.jpegYou’ll find all the relevant links such as the forums, our Discord and social media, the news section (featuring two fancy previews of the most recent news articles), and a link to our mod author donation fund in this section.



Updates moved



One of the more notable changes is that your “updates” have been moved to the top right (into the bell icon) next to your avatar. Further, in order to be more consistent across the site “updates” are now called “notifications”. 


Clicking your avatar/user icon in the top right will allow you to access your profile, wallet, and user settings.



Small changes since the beta

Almost 2,500 of you have taken the time to provide valuable feedback. We listened to what you had to say about the new nav and our design team has taken some of your suggestions on board. 


  • We brought back a link to browse all mods (mod tab).
  • Mod categories have been added back to the mods tab.
  • The colour scheme for the games is back.

Lastly, we made a slight change to the nav when it comes to how you access the homepage (nexusmods.com) vs. the game homepage (in this example nexusmods.com/skyrim) and your favourites:




What’s next?

Going forward, our design team will be focussing on improvements to the overall layout of the site including a new homepage, game homepage(s), and mod pages. As with the navigation, once we are ready, we are going to release new features through the beta version of the site so we can test new ideas and get your feedback on them. 


We will also be testing the current colour scheme with the new navigation to ensure it passes accessibility. This may bring an opportunity to add more colours. 


With that being said, we sincerely hope you guys will enjoy the new site navigation and we are looking forward to adding more features and improvements. 


Please, feel free to leave a comment and tell us about your thoughts and experience once you have had some time to try it out. 

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In response to post #73617618. #73617658, #73617673 are all replies on the same post.

ScrollTron1c wrote: "Manage my mods" seems to be missing?
BigBizkit wrote: Go to the "Mods" tab and click "My Mods": https://imgur.com/a/GcDeCAB
LoneWanderer87 wrote: now my mods under mods section

Alright, somehow the layout implied that this "My mods >" button is a headline for the options below, because of the different font/color and the arrow Edited by ScrollTron1c
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In response to post #73617773.

Clanggedin wrote: Why having removed the thumbnail images for the notifications? Why having removed the numbers of notifications and replaced them by a simple +?

Why making an update at all? *sighs* The navigation is horrible (at least in my humble opinion) - you don‘t have to reinvent the wheel again and again.
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Hi, before you could stay in the same game while browsing the mods by clicking on Nexusmods icon which now leads to the main homepage. Is there a way to keep going to the game homepage you are browsing with just one click? because honestly I don't understand this change since I suppose anyone will spend more time by browsing from whatever game homepage's mods than by going to the main homepage to switch games. So while now it's great and faster to switch games, browsing mods from the same game (which I supposed was the main purpose of this site) has become quite... "annoying?"
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