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In response to post #73617618. #73617658, #73617673, #73617738 are all replies on the same post.

ScrollTron1c wrote: "Manage my mods" seems to be missing?
BigBizkit wrote: Go to the "Mods" tab and click "My Mods": https://imgur.com/a/GcDeCAB
LoneWanderer87 wrote: now my mods under mods section
ScrollTron1c wrote: Alright, somehow the layout implied that this "My mods >" button is a headline for the options below, because of the different font/color and the arrow

That did look like a column header. Even reading this, it took three tries before my eyes stopped skipping over that automatically and I realized it was clickable. Still, now I know. Not very intuitive though.
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In response to post #73617773. #73617973, #73618278 are all replies on the same post.

Clanggedin wrote: Why having removed the thumbnail images for the notifications? Why having removed the numbers of notifications and replaced them by a simple +?
LucyAuditore wrote: Why making an update at all? *sighs* The navigation is horrible (at least in my humble opinion) - you don‘t have to reinvent the wheel again and again.
Clanggedin wrote: And I also just saw that now, clicking on a notification was entirely removing it from the list, whereas with the old design, it was staying, allowing the user to return on that particular link later. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to do that, but it is certainly not an improvement.

It is removed from this list BUT if you click "see all" (just right of the title" Notificatications"), it is still in that list...

Still better than nothing, I guess...
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Beurk beurk beurk ! I really don't like the new design at all; it's not practical at all; It's empty; it's ugly .... and no proposals in the search engine when I type the first letters of what I'm looking for.


I didn't ask anything; I want to recover the old version . You put us before the fact accomplished with no choice but to accept like as Panurge sheeps.


Signed, a longtime user very dissatisfied

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