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Sacred 3?


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I am feeling nostalgic and decided to order Sacred 2 (preparing to set aside many many hours of my life) which got me thinking about the third game, so I thought I would check up on any news but I come up with nothing. I see TBA 2013 and we are already into may which has me a little bit concerned as there has no real news updates from what I can see, only forum speculation.


...has anybody heard anything?

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Was Sacred 2 any good? I enjoyed 1, for the most part, but I remember playing 2 and being massively underwhelmed by it.


I quite enjoyed it... I enjoyed it enough on the PS3 to buy the PC version a bit later.

I grouped with friends, however, which helps immeasurably.

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I've not played the first one myself, I actually got 2 on a whim on the 360 and ended up logging 100+ hours (easily). At first I didn't think would be up to much but after exploring a little it got much better after doing a little looting and exploration. The things that got me hooked was:

  • the large variety in looting items (I still never found a complete matching armour set to get the bonuses),
  • boosting spells and abilities then luring loads of mobs to kill in one blow (play the Inquisitor and use a powerful lightning spell to feel like a badass Palpatine :D ),
  • the unique (and mostly hidden) giant bosses are always fun to fight
  • You can play again in harder modes and keep boosting your level to 200+
  • The MASSIVE worldspace and loads of places to explore...seriously the level of detail put into the level design is pretty damn impressive once you get out there.
  • Ride horses, then later find a way to get unique mounts for different classes, you can ride things like sabre cats, giant spiders, star wars type vehicles, demons...that never gets old! I hear sacred 3 will have flying dragon, but don't quote me on that.
  • The classes really change the game so say for example if you pick a high elf you MUST get to grips with magic or you won't last, and you can achieve lots of new skills which can be endlessly upgraded.

That's just the stuff I can remember right now, i'm sure there's more to this game but it's been a couple of years since I played.

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wait, there's a sacred 2?


Yes, and it's quite fun. It's been out since... Like 2008? I'm guessing about the release date.





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I loved the amount of easter eggs they popped in there too, another aspect that speaks for the attention to detail they put into it. A few I remember...


Finding a Yoda style character in a swamp who gave some quests, the dusk till dawn temple in the desert, and i'm pretty sure there one obscure quest that led into a office building or something (I think).


Plus you could walk across nearly every tomb stone and find easter eggs or something to have a giggle at...it's like a game for people with too much time on their hands made by people with too much time on their hands :P


Soooo...no news then on 3?

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I totally forgot about Sacred 2, last time I checked I couldn't buy it anywhere.


It's on Steam now so I may get it, I heard lots of positive feedback about it.


Get the Gold Edition if you can. It has fewer problems with modern drivers, from what I hear.

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