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[13.1] New Into the Chosenzone [0020]


The rest, of the following, entered the Chosenzone being the Ninjamans15+, the Andromans15+ and the Technomages15+; with them came such as their followers, minions and animals. Then came the Coreservers15+ who would never leave the Chosenzone, centering their activities in the Chosenhome; in theory they were there to serve the ChosenOnes but soon they would also be serving the needs of the Rainboachild.


Then came the Coresupporters15+ who were as the Chosenservers15+ except that they came to support the Chosens15+, and Rainboachild, in different ways to what the earlier arrived faction would; the 'serving' would be more direct than that 'supporting' would prove to be.


Priders, and Reregulators, had also come to be focused in the Chosenzone as would be expected by their, and its, nature but now they were also focused on assisting the Rainboachild as all the Chosens15+ were. That is those seven Chosens15+ that had so far materialised on that world.


Despite that, the Chosens15+ were also very active outside of the Chosenzone as they had to be to fulfill their purpose in being there, a purpose that involved the Rainboa and the LittleFateFamily!

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[14.1] Ninjamans Strike It Hard and Fast [0021]


Five Ninjamans darted through the huge Centropolis Bargain Mart complex of budget based shops and service centres. With them moved fighting Ninjanoids of shorter, squatter, more agile humanoids. Shriken flew through the air to kill reavers as cold blooded, ice minded, killer clones. Reavers struck again and again but failed to hit their targets with their own hurled projectiles of flickerblades and explosive tipped handdarts while the Ninjamans did not intend to do anything but capture the foe, failing to do so. The Ninjamans had not expected to run into the reavers but had picked up, from fearful locals, reports of vanishing traders and other travelling groups.


Shirrana, female Ninjaman, darted past a trio of clumsy moving mannequindroids as very basic androids that reavers had activated to distract their enemies. In her shimmering stealthsuit she flipped herself from a secondary hallway and into a hobby collectors shop that reavers had been grouped in but for what reason?


Realising that they had been looting bobblehead figurines, she paused in motion and to consider the true nature of the reavers. Shirrana then loaded a shop-bag with more of the same and raced, with Ninjanoids following her, to meet the other four Ninjamans. They dumped a whole lot of same type collectors' items into a loose pile. They paced away some distance and, with the mildly confused Ninjanoids, pretended not to notice anything.


There were some flickers of motion and the pile of figurines, along with shop-bags, vanished away. Soon after that they 'sensed' that the reavers had left the complex after picking up the sort of rich food they needed to sustain them along with a loose list of other items.


The Ninjamans found those that had vanished being alive but rather groggy from being drugged. The reavers had captured them and had taken small samples of blood, from the adults, along with odd other substances. According to their captives the reavers had been oddly childlike despite their 'cold killer' nature. The few captured children had not found them to be threatening and a mother, of two of them, read stories to rapt reavers as well as the youngest captives.


Shirrana began working on a special plan to deal with the reavers while, hopefully, not doing any harm to any of them.

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[14.2] Ninjamans Strike It Hard and Fast [0022]


As for the newly rediscovered shopping complex, it would prove to be problematic in its own right as it was a great trove of useful, to vitally useful, resources. The other five Ninjamans, and the rest of their group, joined the smaller group at the Centropolis Bargain Mart.


From the supercomputer network-system, of the big complex, they gained maps, inventories and other valuable data. Realising that they had found a 'gold mine' of resources, they set out to call for varied kinds of reinforcements. That is for those who were better suited to securing, managing and using such a find to serve many people with out exploiting them.

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[15.1] The Chosens15+ Being Busy [0023]


The Coreservers15+, and Coresupporters15+, were joined in the Chosenhome/Chosenzone by the Corecarers15+ who focused their efforts on caring directly for the the Rainboa and its special companions, of which there were plenty enough. So there were now nine Chosens15+ active on that world and-or in the dimensionally removed Chosenzone.


The Prider field base came under sudden attack by an army of battlerobots of robots and combatdroids of androids with robotic drones providing air support. Arty rocket-shells were soon raining down on the base as large robotic battletanks struck at the base in waves. Reluctantly, the Priders were forced to withdraw into the Chosenzone but from there would soon be focusing on a new, more secure, field base. They had been outnumbered, and outgunned, by the android-robotic force that had seemed to strike out of nowhere as a more conventional type military force striking at special forces.


The obvious androids, of combatdroids, were not like those that had looked like National Guardsmen and neither were the robots like those that the fake National Guardsmen had played out some kind of 'capture the enemy' game with. No, these were quite new to that world or so it seemed to be at the time.


The Reregulators continued to work with their new mansion estate base but detected troubling activity of units spying on them. A very large, neighboring, mansion-estate was soon proving to be the basis of some kind of threat yet to be properly defined.


The Ninjamans remained at the Centropolis Bargain Mart complex with the reavers showing up, just now and then, so that they could be again bribed to go away yet again.


The Andromans, out in the city, infiltrated a great underground research development prototype production centre focused on a wide range of androids from the most basic to the highly sophisticated. The centre had long ago been abandoned, with many of its resources being taken away by those departing, but most of it was nicely intact and it had plenty of remaining resources. The amazing androids, of Andromans, took over the Centropolis Android Research Development Prototype Production Centre, the CARDPPC. It had, officially been run by the FFRC, Family Friendly Research Corporation, that had had a bad reputation with many before Doomsday as did all of the FFCs, the Family Friendly Corporations.


The Technomages, away from the Chosenzone, began to do important repair work on facets of the Centropolis Autorobotic Service Support Network, the CASSN or CASSuN as pronounced as a word. In turn the CASSuN would better serve support the peoples of the cityscape including the Chosens15+ and their allies.

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DocHoliday, JungleJane, RedWidow, BlackWidower, TechiDJ, KimPoss, ProffClever, SharpshotJoe, CaptainHeroic, TinkerJess, AbleAdam, CasperGhoul and MachoManly.


[16.1] CW13 Goes Trouble Shooting In An Amusement Park [0024]


CasperGhoul fired off a multiple lensbarrelled gattlinglaser and wraiths, of dangerously angry phantoms, were burned out of existence but mercy was given to them so that, as soul based entities, they were free to move on. The big old Family Funtime Amusement Park shook just a little from the great ferris wheel at its center to the rides corner, the fast food corner, the exhibits corner and the other 'corners'.


Why had so many visitors, staff, and others in the amusement park became harmless ghosts, annoying phantoms or dangerous wraiths was a mystery except that the Family Friendly Amusement Corporation had brought a cheap version of a protective dome which was a big clue.


DocHoliday did some medical work on a wounded ghoulman being one of those who had been ghoulified instead of being ghostified. From his amazing, traditional, black doctor's bag came healing wonders but he himself was a gifted healer who preferred to heal life than to damage, or even kill, it. This was despite him being a most deadly fighter.


JungleJane, a rather scantily clad junglegirl, threw a softly glowing thornknife that wiped out two wraiths, one having been just behind the other. Then she began to staff fight with her quarterstaff.


BlackWidower struck down some foes with a blast of sticky black webbing that destroyed them even as it brought them down. As was typical, the RedWidow was close to him as she fired off venomdarts from her spiderdartgun.


ProffClever spoke out as he scanned a visitors' information booth with a strange looking instrument box. "An extremely angry, wraith like entity, is at least close to the ferris wheel's base. Perhaps it is below ground."


Somehow it was no surprise when the first of the shambling zombies showed up as wraith possessed, reanimated, corpses. The wraiths were enslaved by the terrible entity itself. A trickle, of long dead humans and pet dogs, soon became a thicker flood but were all clumsy, slow moving, targets. They fell quickly to well aimed firepower with SharpshotJoe using his supersnipergun with deadly intent. As a zombie was killed, so was the wraith inside it.


CaptainHeroic frowned softly. "The Family Friendly Corporations carried out hard crimes based on greed and negligence or was that the real truth? Some stories hinted at this being an experiment."


Whether the results had been intentional, or accidental, they had been terrible!


The fighting carried on and then there were no more zombies or any other kind of attack but the CW13 were not foolish enough to relax; it came to them that the hidden one had so far been testing them and nastier surprises were coming their way far too soon.

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[17.1] Yet More Additions to the Chosenzone [0025]


As it happened it appeared to be common sense, as it should do, that the Chosenleaders15+ came into the Chosenhome, of the Chosenzone, to take up high central command of the Chosens15+ but also to advise the Rainboa. There were now six Chosens15+ active on that world and in the Chosenzone as anchored to it while four were only active in the Chosenzone.


The Chosencity, of Chosenburg, began to rise quite close to the Chosenhome and then there was the Chosencitadel as well along with other new, large scale, features of the Chosenzone.


The Rainboachild created a great big statue of Rainboamum that she loved along with the Rainboababy.


The first Rainboalords came out of the Rainboacastle and with them many more, lesser ranking, Rainboamans along with other Rainboa Entities. It was revealed that at the transdimensional heart, of the Rainboacastle, existed the Rainboahome. It was an amazing domain that got more exotic the deeper one got into it until, at the Rainboacore, no mortals could go there at all.

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[18.1] First Battle of the PrideCitadelDC [0026]


Enemy artillery shells, and rocket-shells, struck the heavily armoured shell of the PrideCitadelDC and made little impact especially with the shielding fields active just over it. Except that now the Priders were forced to protect their own homebase, withdrawing their forces from other areas so as to do so. Not that it went all one way as counter artillery fire hit tagged enemy positions and wiped out their cannons. So the enemy got quickly into the habit of firing a few shots than moving their big guns before firing again.


The Techtronic Orderhood had greatly improved the citadel's capacities as had the Steeyzyn Orderhood that focused on researching, developing further and using the remarkable steeyzyn smart alloys. The shell was reinforced with thick steeyzyn plating, buffering and other means. Techtronic netsystems had counter-fire quickly picking off enemy squads attempting to take explosives to the homebase outer defences.


Enemy Fangalong Mercenaries came in patchwork power armour 'decorated' with spikes, miniature skulls and other garish additions that were not as impressive, to others, as they were supposed to be. A mixture of humans, ghoulmans, mutantmans and manmutants, they were prone to falling into kill zone like traps only to fall to hard hitting, non lethal, weapons that sent them running though a few happily surrendered when given the chance to.


The lowly thug-mercenaries had been treated like expendable filth from the start and now were treated with far greater respect as they joined the Auxiliary Mercenary Order, the AMO. Their old gear was fixed up, even upgraded, or simply replaced with better items. They were trained, paid, equipped and treated better. Unofficially they became the Longafangs.


As steeyzn power armoured Pridetroopers fought over Five Lanes Plaza, driving back Fangalongs towards the Mickey Moose Amusement Park, warmachines became burning wrecks as did large battle robots. Robotic computer cores were rescued, by either side, and taken off for further use. Flakguns brought down basic enemy helicopters of the old fashioned kind that had exposed rotors.


The majority, of enemy forces, were put together as cheaply as possible as in resources cost. Why this was so was far from clear because it could have been either a matter of attitude, of the 13Warlords13, or they were having problems putting together a well working military force; a few, in the Orderhood, figured on other answers such as the open development of one set of forces and the secret one of other units except that such answers just begged more questions.


Then came, onto that region of that world, the Watchers15+ and the Spiers15+, who came to observe what just was going on and to infiltrate to discover the same at closer hand. Now there were 12

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[18.2] First Battle of the PrideCitadelDC [0027]


Chosens15+ being active there and-or in the Chosenzone. It took time before the two, newcomer, groups began to pick up very valuable information even as the battle kept on being waged at a fairly low level of intensity.


The battle ended as the enemy forces abruptly withdrew, doing so without any warning or any clear reason why they had done so.


Except that the LittleFateGeneral had worked out the truth as he stood on top of a cracked guardtower, of advanced hitech design but of great damage, and looked out over the Ponatomic River along with much of that area of the supercity. In a celestial stealthsuit he was not really visible at all or detectable by other means or at least by noncelestial ones.


The 13Warlords13 had discovered, the hard way, that they would have to spend a good deal more resources to gain truly effective fighting forces even if they were to more secretly build more elite alternatives. Nor did the 13Warlords13 want any more of their Fangalongs stolen away to become Longafangs.

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[19.1] Andromans Make a Disturbing Discovery [0028]


AndroAlphana spoke as an android woman. "One major result, of the intensive research in developing new types of androids, came up with the deadly killdroids. Their only real function seems to carry out death, and destruction, as tightly organised, fast moving, Killforces of different sizes. They adapt, they self-repair, they manufacture their own kind, they learn, they have their own form of cunning and their are other reasons that they are so very dangerous. There are variations of them but most are of the standard, multipurpose, kind. Despite their name, they can do far more than just kill. They have a strange fear, and loathing, of other kinds of advanced androids which would include us."


"Yet none are here, in this complex, having departed some decades ago doing so in a surprisingly speed and quiet fashion. They took only some resources with them. I calculate that they, despite all of their deadly nature, were fleeing from a threat greater than themselves. What ever departed, after they did, left less evidence behind about themselves and took more resources with them. The only reason we gained data, on the killdroids, was the note taking of a chief scientist."


The other nine Andromans, there, had been carefully listening in their light power armour. With them were other androids, some robots and even robotic animals.


AndroBetas spoke. "I suggest that this centre be stripped of its remaining secrets, and resources, except that left to help turn it into our homebase away from the Chosenzone. The rest should be sent to the Chosenhome of the Chosenzone. Perhaps we could invite trusted others to join us here."


Even before the alarms began to shriek, they all deepsensed approaching, increasing, danger. They set out at once to both create preparations to slow down that threat and to begin the exodus to the Chosenzone. Now they planned to take as many resources with them as they could in such a short time which meant leaving much behind. They focused on sending away smart androids and robots for their sake.


Killdroids, backed up by brutal killbot robots, struck the first layer of delaying defences. Weapon turrets, basic robots, rigged explosives, EMP mines, false paths, drop elevators, and more did slow down the attack. Massive heavy killdroids came to bolster standard ones and the killbots blasted away with heavy hitting weaponry.

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[19.2] Andromans Make a Disturbing Discovery [0029]


By the time the attackers got past the outer defensive layer, many of them had been destroyed and the inner layer proved to be even trickier, slowing down the deadly invaders by a great deal. Finally they reached their target zone to find that at least half, of the resources that they had sought being often the most valuable stuff, were gone along with the Adroman Forces.


Which was when a well placed series of clean nukes went off and destroyed the centre and the all of the remaining killdroid-killbot fighting forces there. For the Andromans had learned that there was far more to those particular androids than was normal to the androids normally created on such worlds as that; no, it was if they were possessed by something both very strange and unnaturally disturbing. This information had not been in the notes of the chief scientist though reviewing them showed that he had been nervous, about the killdroids, for reasons that he could not explain.


With the destruction, of the killdroids, the possessing entities had suffered the same fate which is why the centre had been sacrificed.

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