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[27.1] Some Changes in Centropolis and Beyond [0039]


Gliderpacks came gracefully down from the sky and landed in formations of 13 being made up of one large, three medium and nine small; even the 'small' ones were very big. They landed carefully in well chosen locations and soon adapted the gliderpacks, themselves, into smallish settlements. Often other gliderpack formations would join previously landed ones so that Gliderfolk settlements grew in size and strength.


Gliderfolk emerged from the gliderpacks as colour coded humanoids of slim power armoured suits. At least half were of a central hierarchy of golden, more silvers and even more coppers. Specialist castes were green, black, yellow, blue, purple and red. While golds, silvers, coppers were focused on command and generalist work with secondary specialisations, green were environmental restorers, black were security focused, yellow were civil servants, blue were labour workers, purple was miscellaneous and red were special responders. The Gliderfolk were very open about that and other facts about themselves; were they telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


At first the Gliderfolk kept largely to themselves though they did trade with those who visited their settlements and even gave aid to those who clearly needed it; they could not be deceived by those trying to trick them or so it proved to be as warnings spread across the Wastelands.


They had no apparent link to the paracrates!

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[28.1] Some More Changes in Centropolis and Beyond [0040]


All of the Watchiers15+ withdrew into the Chosenzone to observe better, and more safely, from there or at least for the foreseeable future.


The Spiers15+ began to follow a major Gliderfolk movement that paused every so often only to have more gliderpacks join them from the sky. The great convoy grew in size now using vehicles as taken from gliderpacks and even glidercraft made from parts of them. The Watchiers15+ also observed them as they apparently went on a rather erratic course and yet neither the Spiers15+ or the Watchiers15+ were quite convinced that this was the case.


Drug boosted raiders fought Reavers in the High Philosphics Skyblocks of mixed cost apartments. Observers saw raider bodies falling through the air, as they were hurled screaming from balconies or bridges. Yet the Reavers did not kill all but stole away children, animals, even some plants, along with other items to take with them when they left. It was obvious that the Reavers were out to both warn and intimidate raiders along with others; it worked!


Oddly enough Reavers did not bother to attack easier targets as they left that for less dangerous ones that also came from apparently nowhere. Along with Crazers, Borgers, Icers and other elite attackers they took on raiders, gangers, survivalists and other factions deemed dangerous enough for them to target.


Marauders took on 'easier' targets that were not truly easy; Marauders were soon being joined by similar factions. Local factional alliances began to form, sometimes being made up of traditional enemies, out of fear and need of survival.


Still the 13Warlords13 did not return though many wondered about the relationship between them, and the Savage Aggressors as they began to be called, if there was one.

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[29.1] In and Out of the Chosenzone [0041]


There arose the Guardiers15+ who would rapidly expand so that, in practice, they were in much larger numbers. They became the basic paramilitary force of the Chosen15s. Then, quickly, followed the Workiers15+ (blue collar workers), Serviers15+ (white collar workers), Specialliers15+ (miscellaneous specialists) and Troopiers15+ (military). Four, of the new five Chosen15s, became large, general, forces backing up other Chosen15s while also doing their general duties; the Specialliers15+ serve-supported other Chosens15+.


As increasingly more refugees went into the Chosenzone, after being carefully 'filtered' for safety-security reasons, others were departing from it as those serving Chosen15s or as volunteers seeking to join other factions. Of the latter, most flowed into the MultiOrderhood that greatly needed them but other factions were far from forgotten.


Dark whispers, began to emerge, of the first appearances of the new 13Warforces13 as led by the 13Warlords13 as it became apparent that the Killforce was one of the 13Warforces13 as led by a monstrous cyborg warlord.


Intense fighting broke out in the Grand Crater left behind by an extremely destructive superweapon. It had exposed artificial networks, cavesystems, bunkers and much else. At its bottom was a large, bowl shaped, lake infested with strange mutations. As locals fought to keep control, of their home territories, enemies kept coming up from below and helpful reinforcements also began to arrive.

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[30.1] Too Close to the Crazed Dizzyfun Amusement Estate [0042]


The BlackWidower came now with 13 female BlackWidows and the RedWidow came with 13 male RedWidowers. Together, along with cloned followers of Widowettes, robots, androids and animals, they moved slowly towards what looked like an insanely twisted theme park. Clown androids grinned to show rows of sharp fangs, ballerinas wore blood stained outfits while big animal humanoid figures were anything but adorable.


Locals had been abducted by roving bands of autorobotic mascots and plastic skinned humans with eyes full of pain, fear and despair. The last came in not so amusing funny costumes including hats and guns except the hats remained fixed to their heads no matter how much they tilted them and the guns were soon proven to be deadly.


In his black mourner's outfit, or that is what it looked like, the BlackWidower spoke. "Mind enslaved humans to which merciful death must be given unless a better solution is found."


The RedWidow, in her red mourner's outfit, shook her head. "They have spotted us and gunturrets are popping up out of the ground; though they look quite comical, I doubt that they are so."


Pie projectiles were hurled at the newcomers only to explode savagely in mid air. All hunkered down including body-armoured animals. Spurts came of terrible burning acid that thankfully fell way short. The Widow/ers returned fire and blasted down the human slaves, twisted androids and distorted robots while blowing up turrets. They withdrew, in a careful disciplined fashion, until the strange entities abruptly ceased to attack.


The CW13+ would need to deal, in future, with that Fantasney Estate of that famously infamous family.

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Note: In #43 changed writing to the following.

Four, of the new five Chosen15s, became large, general, forces backing up other Chosen15s while also doing their general duties; the Specialliers15+ serve-supported other Chosens15+.

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Note: name of an estate changed from 'Fantasney' to 'Dizzyfun'.


[31.1] Focus on the Crazed Dizzyfun Amusement Estate [0043]


The CW13+ had greatly expanded with each of the original thirteen now having 13 special named followers along with lesser, focused followers, minions and others.


ProffClever began researching more deeply the crazy Dizzyfun Entertainment Family and its Dizzyfun Urban Estate; he had the assistance of female, neuter and male ScholarClevers13+. Even so it was soon apparent that while there was a mass of public relations type information on the family, and its endeavors, there was not much else to find; yet the latter was full of dark secrets more than just hinted at, broken taboos, crazy experiments and barely concealed crimes. The XDISA, Xenodata Investigation Security Agency, first came to light for the CW13+; they had been investigating the strange family and its no less crazy followers,


JungleJane, and her 13 JungleJills, carefully scouted the areas closer to the estate using all sorts of clever tricks of technologies, and powers, to do so; stealth robes were but one of them.


KimPoss, and her KimProbs, reconnoitered out further from them only to find typical type activity taking place in that area of the estates.


Paracrates had been landing in the estates but to no great extent. So far no Gliderfolk had done so!


TinkerJess and her 13 TinkerJills worked to refine techtricks to infiltrate-attack the target estate. They worked with TechiDJ and the 13 Techicadets.


Others, of the CW13+, helped with preparations for the coming assault and-or carried on with other work. It was to turn out that further strengthening of their estate security-defense capacities was to prove most fortunate.

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