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Hey everyone, Preacher's the name and storytellin's the game.


If you ever need any ideas to get an RP thread off the ground, or a story's getting a bit tired and needs a pick-me-up, I'm your man.


This forum is basically a waypoint for adventurers between quests. Just relax, put your feet up and relax with a tankard. Tell stories, meet people, share ideas, any problems, give us a shout, I'm just behind the bar...

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Introducing Raven:


Pronounced: How else would you pronounce it!

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Race: Human


Weapon of Preference: Double Short Sword

Fighting Tactics: Agile and athletic human, will launch into battle blades drawn using the little know art of double dhort sword fighting he was taught by his ancestors. Nothing will get even a scratch on him once those blades are drawn ;)


Attitude: Dark, mysterious, keeps friends close but enemies close, (you never know when you feel like sliting a throat) risk taker and up for any adventure (if the price is right).


"Ok preacher! how you doin? I see you have set up yet another tavern. you are doin well for yourself, aren't you?" raven moves over and shakes Preachers hand, " How bout one of your fine ales" :)

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Introducing Preacher

Name: Preacher

Pronounced: Take a guess...

Age: 45

Race: Human


Weapon of Choice: Fists


Fighting Tactics: Having raised himself dodging town guards as a street rat since he was 12, Preacher has worked hard to ensure that getting into fights is not a regular occurence. However, once riled, he will defend his friends and his tavern with his life. His sheer size is generally enough to put any normal human being off the very idea of causing trouble.


Attitude: Friendly and charming, but at the same time he is very stern and disciplined, almost fatherlike. Exceedingly loyal and trustworthy.

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Turns to Raven


"Ah Raven me old chum! Good to see you lad, here you go, have this one on the house!"


Swings a giant tankard of frothing ale in Raven's direction


"Long journey? Last time I saw you you were off on some kind of treasure hunt. I'd like to hear that story, if you have the time...

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"Got that one in one" Raven lifts the tankard up and takes a swig, "Best ever Precher! how mature is it? Well bout the adventure, treasure! Well it was a few full moons ago. Two to be precise and i was aproached by a stranger in your tavern in the Realms district. He had a missing finger, i could tell when he put his hand on my shoulder, and whispered 'you look like an adventurer, ready to make money' and that is how it began"
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"Excellent, go on..."


A small crowd begins to gather around Raven as the story continues...


"We could continue here, or if you'd like to go to some place more suited for storytelling (ie a new topic)...take your drink if you like, this place won't fall apart the second I step out the door!

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Introducing Atrox








Weapon of Choice:Deadric warhammer



Fighting Tactics:A master of the deadric fighting style Atrox uses powerfull and fast hammer attacks. he also uses the master deadric attack called "The Soul Bringer" but after the user of the attack is set immoble for some time.


Attitude:Upfront and fast tempord. Make me mad and ill hurt you. I dont like takeing orders from other people so i dont.



A tall man walks into the bar wearing a set of deadric armor and a glowing royal grauds helm with his warhammer slunked over his shoulder. He walks to the end of the bar and sits down. "Hey! bartender gimmie 4 ales" he drops 100 gold onto the bar.

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Uhh I guess introducing Erionia


Name: Erionia

Pronounced: Air-eye-o-niah :P

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Race: Wolf-person

Weapon: Keening

Fighting Tactics: Just kinda stabs everyone into a bloody pulp.

Attitude: Calm, enjoys killing Orcs, holds grudges against people for a VERY long time until she decides to just kill them. :lol:



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