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Since the fight was not continuing, Augusta walked over to the bar counter. She wanted to greet Thomas, but she saw he was occupied with a lady dunmer and argonian. She slipped the barkeep fifteen gold peices, and he handed her a key. Recieving the key she proceded past the crowd and tables, towards the rooms.
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Name: Arathos

Race: Argonian

Gender: Male

Class: Ranger

Likes: Jumping rooftop to rooftop

Dislikes: Rooftops that break when he lands on them

Weapon of Choice: Longbow/Iron Arrow

Bio:Born into slavery, as a young hatchling, Arathos was very defient, and was taken to an arena to battle other slaves. He did not kill anyone during that time, as he knew of his culture, and how if he spilled argonian blood, he would be forsaken by the Hist. He did so well in the arena, he won his freedom, and a small sum of gold. He bought himself some armor, a longbow, and a quiver of arrows. He then wandered about, until he came to a tavern...


*splinter crack* GAHH! *crash* uffffff... that hurt.

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The Dumner throws her cloak over herself and stands up.


"I'll meet you here in three days with the rest of your troupe, at which point I will know if you will undertake this task. If you are not here then I will assume you do not wish to take part. In either case I bid you farewell."


She walks out of the tavern, not addressing the others. Leaving her brandy and glass on the table you notice that on the goblet there are rune engravings, much like those seen around Daedric temples. Dissappearing out of the tavern you're left there with a most intruguing proposition in front of you.


Upon further inspection you notice a small satchel lying in the chair where she was sitting.

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