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There have been reported instances of some NPCs not being where they should be and being unaccessible. It that happens, using the moveto player command should place them at your player character. See the following for a list of NPC FormIDs to be used if necessary.

Added to General Troubleshooting

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There has been some talk stating that the number of saves present in the save folder affects the stability of the game. THIS IS ABSOLUTLEY INCORRECT.


The number of saves is totally irrelevant. People saying that too many saves affect game stability is one of the more common bits of misinformation that has been floating around the net for years. The number of saves a person may have, has zero effect on a game's stability.


Though, purely for ease of organizing things, and so that the saves don't take up too much of your computer's space, it is a good idea to delete some of your older ones, and move any that you wish to save to either a memory stick or to another location on your PC.


However, it should be pointed out, that while the number of saves may not be an issue, that having autosaves enabled often does have an adverse effect, as it can affect load times. So, the best option is to use manual saves, and save often - as autosaves are limited in number and individuals may find that if they are relying solely on autosaves, in case of an error where they may need to roll back, the autosaves often do not go back far enough. Which is why, in almost all Bethesda games, it is recommended to turn off autosaves and just save manually, one, because if you are relying on just autosaves, they easily get overwritten and you may not be able to have an early enough save to roll back to if needed, and two, because of the aforementioned effect they may have on load time.


And, in talking about saves, it should be stated that another major cause of issues is the use of Cloud Saves - they are a constant source of issues, as they are limited in number and will be replaced by newer saves - regardless of the game. Using them is just asking for trouble - and it's been seen extremely often that people have lost their saves due to the way cloud saves work.


There is also this, from Arthmoor:
"There is no credible evidence from any source that having more than 512 saves in your Documents folder for the game causes a problem outside of a brief pause as it loads the list of all your saves to pick from. Even in games going all the way back to Oblivion this has never been an issue."

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In addition, there is this, from Arthmoor:

"I just want to point out that the presence of autosaves also has no effect on the stability of the game or on any sort of performance issue related to load times. An autosave is literally the same thing as a manual save, just with a different name on it.

And before someone tries to say it, the same is true of quicksaves as well. There is no credible evidence of those having any effect on load times or game performance.

That being said, yes, it's kind of risky to rely solely on using these two methods to preserve your progress. Quests can bug out. NPCs might not be where they should be. Even stuff as stupid as a ghost ship intersecting your own in space. You may need to walk back a lot further than an autosave or quicksave will allow for in order to make another attempt at doing what broke in the game.

I agree on the use of cloud saves. My stance: Just don't. They're a time bomb. Plus if you happen to be on a slow internet connection, saving to the cloud WILL cause noticeable delays as the network syncs your data."

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Latest information on the development of xEdit for Starfield:

from the xEdit discord

ElminsterAU — Yesterday at 11:14 PM

"I'm pretty much at the point where I think the record definitions are as good as I can make them right now when only concentrating on the things that are needed to provide a relatively safe editing experience. So now is the point here I'm creating a big .esm that contains override for most of the records in Starfield.esm, and this needs to be tested in-game (by loading the file, nothing should change in behaviour)

[11:15 PM]

I'm going to do some initial tests myself, and then I'll open testing of this file up to anyone that wants to risk it


Most understand that it's a tremendous undertaking.

ElminsterAU — Yesterday at 11:16 PM

Indeed. I alone have put over 300h into this already since the 1st of Sept. That's not counting the countless hours by other contributors that have also helped."

(originally posted by by Avrie, here.

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More information on the current state of progress being made with mod managers to make then so they will be compatible with Starfield.

First, Wrye Bash:

"Infernio — 09/26/2023 1:18 PM

Wrye Bash 312.202309262014

Recent Major Changes

Part 10 of refactoring towards FO4 BP support - 14 new records have been implemented and added to already-ported patchers where applicable

Very early Starfield support has been added

Note that plugins are not supported yet and WB will not enable you to load any of them yet. This is by design and not a bug. Do not use any .esp/.esm/.esl files besides the four official files!

WB will issue warnings for v1 BA2s. This is also by design and not a bug

Completely rewrote Steam game detection to avoid the registry

Ported the first batch of patchers to Fallout 4

Part 9 of refactoring towards Fallout 4 BP support"

Next, Mod Organizor 2:

"Beta 11:

MO2 plugin settings for Starfield has a new option to enable the plugin management tab

This is for use with Plugins.txt Enabler

This will not work without the above SFSE plugin

Starfield plugin management being disabled now fully disables plugins.txt

No writes

No virtualization

Reworked save parsing for Starfield to reduce the time spent decompressing the data

Potential fix for the "failed to communicate with running process" error after downloading from Nexus

Added Starfield theme by Trosski

Potential EGS support for New Vegas

Tutorial updates

General refresh of tutorials to make them more up-to-date and clear

It is now possible to exit tutorials early"

Thanks goes to Avrie for making the information available - it is much appreciated!

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Mod Organizer 2 Build update

"2.5.0 - Beta 12 @MO2 Feedback

Please don't link this externally or upload somewhere else.


2.5 builds include a number of dependency updates which ultimately means that these builds currently only support Windows 10 and above.

We currently can't support Windows / Xbox Store (gamepass) installs as these do not work with the VFS.

Beta 12:


Changing plugin management should now automatically update the plugin display

(lib)LOOT 0.22.0 with Starfield support

Adds 'sort' button functionality

Requires plugin management to be enabled (and no sTestFile entries)

Fix for empty plugins.txt warning message

Fix plugin index handling with 'overwrite'-flagged plugins

Added support for force-enabled (but not loaded) plugins (BlueprintShips-Starfield.esm)

EGS (and GOG) support for New Vegas should now be complete

Refresh updates (Holt59)

Better performance / function

Launch arguments are now included and can be picked up by plugins

Updated discord links

Updated translations

Please Note: For the 2.5.0 installer, plugins will be wiped to account for 2.4 plugins being incompatible with 2.5."

Thanks goes to Avrie for the information.

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There recently came up a question as to the different weapon/spacesuit tiers in the game, and what they were and in what order. So I am posting this:

From the starfieldwiki.

"When the game spawns a weapon it can upgrade it with a quality tier based on player level. All tiers of the weapon look identical, but higher tiers have increased damage and monetary value.






"Like weapons, spacesuits in Starfield are subject to a tier system that depends on player level. Each tier will see an increase in spacesuit base stats and come with their respective suffixes. These suffixes are not to be confused with the suffixes that come about from spacesuit modification. Suffixes that indicate spacesuit level are as follows:

None (Spacesuit will not come with any suffixes unless modified)

Calibrated (2nd Tier)

Refined (3rd Tier)

Advanced (4th Tier)

Superior (5th Tier)"

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