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This bears repeating:

If issues are encountered in the game, make a bug report to Bethesda:


On that page you will see a selection of 9 categories to choose from; one of them is marked suggestions, so even if you just want to tell Bethesda what you think should be included, but which they did not, there's a place for that, as well.

(link is also listed in the Miscellaneous section)

This is important because, as of now, there is nothing that any independent patching team can do except accept reports, as nothing can be patched by an independent team until the necessary tools (the Creation Kit and xEdit) have been released, and especially concerning things which Bethesda may be actively patching and fixing already (and thus would need to be removed from the independent team's list of bugs - thus making more work for the independent team.)

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A new Mod Organizer 2 beta.

"Silarn — Today at 1:21 AM

2.5.0 - Lucky Beta 13 @MO2 Feedback

Please don't link this externally or upload somewhere else.


2.5 builds include a number of dependency updates which ultimately means that these builds currently only support Windows 10 and above.

We currently can't support Windows / Xbox Store (gamepass) installs as these do not work with the VFS.

Beta 13:


Fix issue with 'enabled' core plugins when management is disabled

Add 'geometries' content type

Add LOOT to default executables (0.22.0)

Overlay plugin type flag has improved display

BSA (BA2) improvements

Fixed BSA preview

Fixed BSA packer

Initial Starfield support for both

Added potential translation support for tutorial names (and some other fixes)

Probably final GOG/EGS support for FNV / TTW

BasicLocalSavegames added to basic_games for improved save display (ZashIn)

Please Note: For the 2.5.0 installer, plugins will be wiped to account for 2.4 plugins being incompatible with 2.5."

Only available on the discord until the full release

Thanks to Avrie for the update.

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First, my apologies for not updating in a timely manner, but my internet was down and there was a delay as regards the provider getting a tech out to repair it, so I was severely limited due to the fact that I couldn only post using my phone, which has only a limited amount of internet time. But all is good now (keeping fingers crossed that it stays that way - for a while, at least.)

Now, onto business.

On October 9, Bethesda released another patch:

"A new update has been released for Starfield on all platforms. This update includes changes to Settings that allow for players to adjust their FOV as well as some other performance and stability improvements.

Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support of Starfield and we look forward to a future with you on this journey.



FOV: Sliders are now available in Settings that allow players using first person or third person to adjust their FOV.


[PC ONLY] Improved stability for Intel Arc GPUs.

Various additional stability and performance improvements.


Echoes of the Past: Addressed an issue where tunneling creatures could pick a location that would prevent progression."

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Most Often Used "Safe" Console Commands

Just a short (very short) list of console commands that are relatively safe to use. If it is not listed here, then the best thing is to avoid using that command or first verifying that it is safe to do so by asking. It should be noted that some commands which were used in prior games do not work or may not work as intended due to changes which were made by Bethesda.

Three notes first:

Note 1 - As always, even when using "safe" commands, make a save before using it, so you can roll back if necessary - just in case.

Note 2 - In the case of game bugs, the first thing to be done is to load an earlier save (hence the importance of using manual saves and saving often - auto saves should not be relied on as they overwrite each other and are limited in number). Only if loading an earlier save does not work, should attempting to advance the quest via the console be used - use of console commands in this manner is an absolute last resort and may have unintended consequence, such as other quest triggers being bypassed, which may lead to a cascade effect of subsequent quests failing to occur/proceed properly.

Note 3 - Unlike in previous Bethesda games, use of some console commands will disable achievements. Players should use a mod to re-enable them. It is recommended that Achievement Enabler by Priqrade be used, as it is not affected by game updates, since it does not require SFSE (which is designed to break with each update for reasons of the data needing to be reset).

(Final note: console commands are not case sensitive, so it is irrelevant whether or not you capitalize anything or not.)

player.additem - unless you are adding a quest specific item, this is completely and totally safe. And, even if you are adding a quest specific item, what will happen is the console added item will not count as fulfilling the quest - so you would still need to obtain the item through gameplay in order to fulfill the quest requirements. Additem will not break the game - unless you choose to add some outrageous number of something, like thousands of sandwiches, coffee mugs, or star plushies. However, the game itself will not be bugged out, but it may be that the engine will not be able to handle and render all the objects. Almost Totally Safe, with limited caveats

moveto player - Will move an NPC or object to the player character's position. Useful when a follower/NPC goes missing, or if an NPC is bugged and is not appearing where they are supposed to be. Safe.

qqq - immediately closes the game to desktop. Occasional issues may occur, which are resolved by reopening and then closing Starfield normally. Totally safe.

SaveGame - Does what it says - it saves the game - a name for the save needs to be entered, as in: SaveGame Whatever - and then hit enter (the save will appear as Whatever in your ingame saves list).

TCL - turn off collision. Mostly used when stuck behind an object. so as to pass through the object. Mostly safe, with caveats.

WARNING - if used to bypass quest locked areas, or to access a quest area that should be accessible, but which, due to a bug, is not, there is a real risk of bypassing game triggers, leading to the future issues - See Note 2, above.

TFC - freezes the game. Mostly useful to take screenshots when not using the in game photo app. Totally safe.

TGM - turns god mode on. The player character takes no damage and incurs no adverse effects (the exceptions being anything scripted by the game to occur). Totally safe.

TM - Turns off all on screen menus. Mostly used for screen shots in conjunction with TFC. Totally Safe.

The above are just the most frequently used, mostly safe commands. Commands which advance levels, skills, actor values, may have unintended consequences and are not recommended unless the player has some knowledge of what they do and their effects.

A full list of commands may be found in the starfieldwiki - https://starfieldwiki.net/wiki/Starfield:Console

It is important to realize that the console is a developer's tool, and not a gameplay aid; and although many players make use of it for gameplay, that was and is not its purpose. Use of the console can have unintended effects - up to and including CTDs and breaking of a playthrough. So use with caution, and ALWAYS save beforehand - just in case.

Good luck!


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Looks like Bethesda may have another update in the offing.

As per kdodds on the Steam Starfield forum in The Coffee Pod thread:

"Looks like another update might be incoming this week. Updated today, same way they did the last one, uploaded on the w/e and made live the following week.

original quoted post can be found here

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Latest info on Mod Organizer 2 (thanks to Avrie for the information):

"2.5.0 - Beta 14 @MO2 Feedback

Please don't link this externally or upload somewhere else.


2.5 builds include a number of dependency updates which ultimately means that these builds currently only support Windows 10 and above.

We currently can't support Windows / Xbox Store (gamepass) installs as these do not work with the VFS.

Beta 14:

Added diagnoses to Starfield

Detections for improper plugin management setup

Warnings for various plugin types

Togglable in the settings

Updated libloot to 0.22.1

Revamped download code (SaltyTrout)

Removed reliance on dynamic IDs

Additional changes to mitigate errors

Cyberpunk 2077 support (ZashIn)

Updated display for dummy (recordless) plugin files

Overlay plugin type revisions

BSA Packer will now use ESL files for Starfield dummy plugins

Translation updates

Please Note: For the 2.5.0 installer, plugins will be wiped to account for 2.4 plugins being incompatible with 2.5."

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XEdit for Starfield is due for preliminary release soon. For information on this, see:

For more info on the above, and on xEdit progress, see:

There is important information there as regards the type of files which will be supported. Bethesda, with Starfield, is moving away from supporting .esp plugins, and will apparently only be supporting .esm and .esl (lite) plugins. This makes sense from the view of cross platform compatibility as regards modding, and should also make it easier as there will no longer be the worry of what type of plugin is being used, compatibility between plugins, or a practical limit to the number of plugins (obviously there is still a limit, but it will be much, much harder to reach).

This just really emphasizes what many have stated in regards to modding the game at the current time and how any mod which uses plugins should not be used.

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