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Fallout 4 Script Extender and the Next-Gen update


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Hi all,


Just a quick note about the recent Next-Gen update for Fallout 4 (version 1.10.980.0) and its compatibility with F4SE. 

As you might know, I posted recently on the site news that the update will break F4SE and any associated plugins. 

I've spoken with Ianpatt of F4SE about this and he had this to say:


It's going to be a while.

The change is of the scope of Skyrim Anniversary Edition/1.6+.

The compiler was changed, inlining drastically changed existing functions, etc.

Currently I don't have a public estimate for completion.

With this in mind, please be patient while they work on updating it and do not badger them in the comments. You can track the F4SE mod page to be notified when it updates. 

If you've not updated yet and want to prevent it please see this post:


If you've updated and you'd like to roll back, I recommend getting the game from GOG.com as you'll be able to easily roll back to the previous version! 

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Thanks for the details, Pickysaurus. This news actually makes me very happy. To find out that Bethesda actually ported Fallout 4 to a new compiler is wonderful news. It means it's no longer going to be a 2015 game engine. It also means I don't care at all how long it takes for the Fallout 4 mods to work with the new game because it means the new game will be worth playing.

After playing well over 10 thousand in-game hours with the 2015 engine, I'm so delighted for the change.

I guess I have time to watch the Fallout TV series now. I've been playing the game instead until now *laughs*

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Came here specifically looking for this info. Thanks for the heads up Pickysaurus. I'm with Karna5 in how I feel about the update news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the engine update will bring a few nice improvements not mentioned in the patch log so far. 


P.S. The Amazon series is well worth a watch, so I can definitely recommend watching it to sit out the "modpocalypse v2" 

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FO4Edit seems to be broken now as well. Getting a fatal error when trying to start it:

[00.00] Background Loader: starting...
[00.00] Background Loader: [Fallout4 - Textures1.ba2] Loading Resources.
[00.00] Background Loader: Fatal: <Exception: Unknown archive version 0x00000007>
[00.09] Background Loader: finished

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Oh the horror, CKPE didn't stop Steam from updating the Creation Kit when i started it with the loader. Now I'm afraid it will do the same thing to the game when I start it with the F4SE loader.


Edit: Not EXACTLY the same but with basically the same result. They reset my video preferences so i am forced to open the game with the vanilla loader to get it out of windowed mode. Mother ****** of god. I guess I'm going back to Tamriel until things get sorted.

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So I'm one of the few that didn't realize a next gen update was coming, and went to reinstall the game for the first time in X years TODAY.

How can I roll things back via steam? Is it possible? 
I have a copy already on steam and want to avoid buying on on GOG JUST so I can get a fully  modded version up and running by this weekend... 

Thanks in advance for any help!

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They also changed the BA2 Archives somehow... Impossible to open with B.A.E.

EDIT:  FO4Edit broken aswell, not sure why but it seems to be because of the new BA2 format... Oh boy...


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Someone made a patcher for Fallout 3 when that was updated last time so perhaps someone will do the same for Fallout 4. 🤔

Modders. 🫡

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