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Fallout Stories Epic



Megaton has become Cratertown and Megaton, Cratertown being based in a very large crater created by a D-bomb (disintegration bomb) in an attempt to destroy Megaton WMD Base that was underground. The attempt failed and Megaton survives as a large underground base adapted as a life bunker complex. Cratertown is above and Megaton is underground, is below and to one side of Cratertown proper.


After some careful consideration I am changing the name of Cratertown to Megaton and Megaton is becoming DeepMegaton.


Notes to be added edited! Note: I am doing this more to protect my own right to use these terms than to stop others using them but please communicate with me first and acknowledge me.


Copyrighted Graham Geoffrey Penny

Dan Sanders as a character

Elaine Thompson as a character

Graharg as a character

Gratarg as a character


graynoid as another name for the Grays


Jane Calamity as a character

(Deputy) Jenny Simms, despite her being the wife of Sheriff Lucas Simms

TekCorp despite the similarity with the names used in Fallout Games

VaultTek despite the similarity with the name Vault-Tech used in Fallout Games

Zetaman despite they being based on the zetans as hybrids



Terms I have made no claim on including the many created (not just used) by the Bethesda Corporation




(Sheriff) Lucas Simms



To be added to and edited!

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Fallout Stories Epic

One 1.1[1]


District Central of the NewEarth Capital Zone was mostly taken up by Wastelands but Megaton was situated in greener, friendlier, area of Hopelands. Such places were small splashes of pale green in the far greater area of more troubling colors.


Professor James Graphin was with a baby named Jasmine Graphin, a tall black woman in power armor known as Star Paladin Cross, two mutant horses and two carrybots.


James did not know why the Brotherhood of Steel was assisting him to get of TekVaultDC101 and did not really care. He supposed that the Exiles of Steel Faction, who were still settling fully into the DC, had their reasons but he had no real interest in them.


He was focusing his binoculars on the outer walls of Megaton that were carbon fiber aircraft parts, and other scavenged materials, pressed into and against the earthen banks of the crater outer wall. On top of the crater wall were battlements, remote turrets and some Cratertown Security Guards.


“DeepMegaton is beneath Megaton.” James muttered the words to himself though he was fully aware that DeepMegaton was there as a former WMD Base (Weapons of Mass Destruction). The crater itself had resulted from a failed attempt to destroy DeepMegaton. Nobody seemed to know what faction had made the try be it the Soviet Pact, Skynet, rogue elements of the United States of NewEarth (USNE) or any other that had been involved in the madness of the Doomsdays.


“I did not think that you wanted to go to DeepMegaton but to TekVaultDC101 where somehow you managed to make some kind of deal to be allowed in.” Star Paladin Cross was quite open in her attempts to gain more information from him, for the Brotherhood. “Unless you want to carry on with Project Purity in the future at some time.”


Project Purity had been a brave attempt to create water cleansing nanobots to be released into the great DC River and large Capital Lakes. A series of failures had led to the Brotherhood of Steel withdrawing its protection. The Brotherhood also had to deal with increasing threats of PakRaiders, supermutants and even EagleEnclave forces starting to enter DC from the north.


James sighed. “I was born in TekVaultDC101 but escaped from there when I was 21 years old. There is not much of to tell, of interest, after that. Trader convoy is coming into Megaton.”


Big atomic motorized vehicles were thundering towards Megaton in a well organized and secured convoy. There were trucks, buses, battlebuggies and more. Such convoys were run out of the distant settlement of Canterbury Commons. Like Megaton, Canterbury Commons belong to the DC Settlements Alliance (DCSA). The two settlements had strong trading, security and diplomatic, links but were quite independent of each other.

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Fallout Stories Epic

One 1.2[2]


Star Paladin Cross gave the professor a doubtful look. “Not much to tell? I doubt that very much. Where, how, did you gain your advanced scientific education and training.” Then she gave a soft curse as she turned to look down, across, blasted landscape of gulleys, rocky outcrops, mutated trees and other such features. A tilted metallic pole had only survived because it was made of self repairing smart-materials.


The reason for her cursing was soon evident as a huge radscorpion came darting towards them. It actually had an internal skeleton and other systems that allowed it to survive as a larger creature. How such creatures had arisen was still much of a scientific mystery but the Sister of Steel did not really give a damn about such matters at that moment.


Radcritters were hard to kill thanks to amazingly efficient self healing and other reasons including tough armor. They also tended to have terrible weapons.


She aimed her heavy duty 12.7mm battlerifle, designed to be used with power armor, and blew a hole in the radscorpion's head. Amazingly enough it kept coming so she had to use another cartridge to drop it dead where it twitched horribly.


Star Paladin Cross spoke. “The battlerifle shots will attract unwelcome attention. I suggest that we get moving.”


It was a good idea and soon the small group was heading towards Megaton.


They two humans failed totally to notice the stranger watching them from the shelter of a small cave. He wore a general Wastelander 'cowboy' style outfit except for the boots that were definitely for hiking. He also wore twin holsters with massive revolver pistols that seemed to be too big to be true.

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Fallout Stories Epic

One 2.1[3]


“DeepMegaton, an amazing treasure house of technologies that is under the control of insane fanatics of the Followers of the Atom.” James admitted his interest to his Sister of Steel Companion as they came up to the huge outer gate of Megaton. Not that they would be going through that. Even the trade convoy went through another gateway to go into an outer part of Megaton set up for such. They would use a smaller side gate. “If only I could have one strong look at what is in there but those fools have DeepMegaton well locked down.”


“Historical word is that DeepMegaton was abandoned by its military people during the Doomsdays, that they went to that unknown place where millions vanished to who served the USNE Central Government.” Star Paladin Cross looked at the three protectron robots standing guard at the big gate, along with five human Security Guards in fatigues and body-armor. “They could have taken everything of any real use.”


Way above them, in the sky, the Skydome was causing what seemed like small sparkles; they were in fact vast energy bursts. Nobody seemed to know the cause though popular theories were that Skynet was trying to break through or that the Skydome was breaking down. Some even spoke of an expedition of spaceships having come from OldEarth.


James shook his head. “They would not have had enough time to do so if the stories are true and they certainly did not trigger any self-destruct sequences to destroy DeepMegaton.”


Sheriff Lucas Simms came striding up to them, a typical cowboy type law enforcer and most likely the first of many that had popped up in the DC Settlements since. Sheriffs came with Deputies and Constables. Lucas had the longevity typical of Wastelander humans and he clearly remembered James.


“You come back to cause more stir with those vaultfolk in TekVaultDC101?” The Sheriff frowned. “I heard whispers of you being some kind of fancy pants professor now and being involved with some crazy scheme to do with robots and water or something.”


The Sister of Steel shook her head. “So much for security! It was a failed attempt to cleanse the DC River and Capital Lakes using nanobots.”


The sheriff frowned. “Too bad it failed. No vaultfolk have come this way for some time though one group came here about five years ago. Two staid here, two vanished into the Wastelands and the other three returned to TekVaultDC101. Or so the story goes but the accuracy of such whispers is not greatly reliable.”


James frowned. “What did they want here?”


Lucas shrugged. “They were hardly talkative on such matters but they did seem to be fairly agitated. You can go talk to the two former vault dwellers, if you wish. Just don't cause any trouble, James. I don't need to ask the same of Star Paladin Cross for she, and her kind, are always welcome here.”

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Fallout Stories Epic

One 2.2[4]


James shrugged off the sheriff's tone of distrust. “Colin Moriarty still around?”


Lucas frowned. “Not only is he 'still around' but that criminal now runs the Moriarty GirlsNGames Saloon. Roulette, strippers, cards, dice, drinks, overpriced snacks, prostitutes and whispers of worse taking place down in the basement. That scum deals in anything that can make him a profit though he is careful with the DC Syndicates; I wish he was as frightened of me as he is of them. The Moriarty Family Elders do not trust him and there has been some friction between them.”


James nodded. “Nova still there?”


The Sheriff nodded. “The infamous Nova still resides there doing her famous strip dances and being willing to spend the night with any man she likes, who proves himself healthy enough and can pay the expensive fee. I heard she was linked to you somehow. Men still line up to try to be with her and with a few it is not even about sex."


James shrugged again. “Nova was my first wife. She also came from TekVaultDC101 about 20 years ago and is about the same age as I am, that is 40 years old.”


Lucas Simms looked mildly startled, which was a big thing with him. “She does not speak of you. Has never done so.”


James frowned. “I was a different person back then and she has good reason not to remember me. One reason that I am here is to try to make amends, at least as much as I can.”


There was a muffled explosion in the distance as an unstable atomic motor blew. There were specialists who got paid to destroy such vehicles, along with other atomic motorized devices, but there were not enough of them even in the more secured, settled, areas.

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Fallout Stories Epic

One 3.1[5]


They paid for stable care for the radhorses and rooms for themselves with some work to be done on the robots. There were a few robots in Megaton but most were very basic jury-rigged jobs, dumb robots remotely controlled by people. There were some trons such as the protectrons, even more workertrons and even one farmertron working on walled off crops.


One major exception was a big constructor robot that had been used to first build Megaton's basic structures, including the defenses. It had not moved in a very long time but was kept under as much maintenance as was possible. It was whispered that the Brotherhood of Steel wanted to buy it but so far had failed to convince the Megaton Leadership Council to let them do so.


After gaining a place at the Craterside Inn, for more emergency issue dollars than they wanted to pay, they took a well earned shower and then a rest. Star Paladin Cross then went off to visit the small Brotherhood of Steel Outpost in Megaton while James headed off to the Brass Lantern with the baby.


The arrival of the trade convoy meant increased activity, more people, the movement of small carts of goods. The Megaton crater was covered on one half by buildings, platforms, walkways and other structures. Buildings often were at least part underground. Water pipes, cable pipes, braces, buttresses and other such features held everything together. There were statues and other items brought in from the Wastelands.


The other half of the crater were terraces where crops were grown, along with orchards, special herbal gardens, livestock and other cultivation took place. Food was a fairly small, but important, export income for the Megaton economy, but most of it fed Megatonfolk.


At the bottom of the crater was a fair sized lake where fish farming was done along with the cultivation of some kinds of water plants.


Certain notable features were the GirlsNGames Saloon, the Brass Lantern Diner, the big water pump station, the main power station, the community hostels, the Sheriff's Office, the Town Jail, the armory, the Children of Atom Cathedral, the Moira Brown Emporium and a few others. Odd features were the fuselages of two big subsonic jet-airliners, including cockpits, converted into other uses.


James had a quiet meal at the Brass Lantern, being patty-meat along with vegetables and some pristine marinated muttfruit. Coffee was relatively expensive but he allowed himself a large mug of the bitter mutated Wastelander stuff. He managed to get some good baby food for cute, adorable, Jasmine.


He smiled at the baby as he spoon fed her with the proper special effects and wished that there were not so many secrets, deceptions and plots involved with her existence. If Jasmine learned the truth would she ever forgive him? Would he ever forgive himself?

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Fallout Stories Epic

One 4.1[6]


Reports came to Megaton of a large group of supermutants having been spotted moving in the general area of the ruined dometown of Springvale. They were not heading towards Megaton and so most folks were not concerned. The Brotherhood of Steel were concerned and sent out three scouts to gain more information.


James met Nova and Nova punched him in the nose. James nursed his bleeding nose while managing to give Nova a small fortune in EIDs (Emergency Issue Dollars), prize-caps and vender-vouchers. Nova was surprised at the generosity but remained suspicious.


They had met away from the saloon so that other people could not so easily spy on them. They were on a small platform, half in the growing darkness of coming night, and Nova was frowning softly.


“You abandoned me here in Megaton, running away in the middle of the night like some coward.” Nova frowned at him. “I was able to annul the marriage after three years. I must admit you left me a fair deal of wealth but you left me broken hearted.”


James shook his head. “I did not abandon you, I was abducted by zetans. I went out that night to follow up a report of a sighting of a zetan saucerboat. I found the saucerboat but, unfortunately, some zetan soldiers found me. I have no memories of what the zetans did to me but some blurred nightmares. One night I woke up a few kilometres from RivetCity but my memories were muzzy and I was no longer the same old James. Perhaps that was for the best; I was not a very good human being before I was abducted.”


The beautiful Nova nodded. “I would agree with you there. Why did you not return to Megaton?”


“Because I did not remember that I had come from here!” James shook his head at her frankness but that was Nova. “The Brotherhood of Steel found me in an exotic jelly capsule unlike any kind of technology they knew of. The capsule melted away and there I was all naked and largely unmarked from my ordeal with the zetans but my mind was a mess.”


He showed her the exotic scars on his back and chest. Nova had seen the kind before on people who had been abducted by the zetans and then freed for no apparently logical reason. There were DC Factions that sought to keep an eye on zetan activity and some darker ones would think nothing of kidnapping former zetan abductees to experiment upon.


It was clear that Nova had now relented with some of her rage against him but that she still did not quite trust him.

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After some careful consideration I am changing the name of Cratertown to Megaton and Megaton is becoming DeepMegaton.

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Cratertown is now Megaton while Megaton is DeepMegaton.


Fallout Stories Epic

One 5.1[7]


Distant gunfire drifted from Springvale, with its fracture lined dome and slowly crumbling structures infested with radcritters and zhouls (savage feral ghouls).


The three Brotherhood of Steel scouts had returned quickly after setting out to recon the area. Ironically they had failed to find any supermutants; they reported a large scale conflict taking place between heavily armed gangers and radants (giant ants). The radants were of a common kind spitting burning highly toxic acids. With exoskeleton armor, along with skeletons and fast self-healing, they were quite hard to kill.


Star Paladin Cross shared the information with Professor James Graphin, noting that the battle in Springvale meant they could not dare go there to find a secret tunnel to TekVaultDC101 that was said to be hidden there. Perhaps the gangers, based in the Springvale Collage of Selective Learning, had been trying to get into the tunnel when they ran into the radants.


Star Paladin Cross was skeptical of the story. “The original gangers of Springvale are a lowly group of radhumans, ghoulmans and others who are poorly armed, poorly disciplined and not likely to risk getting into a heavily guarded TekVault. The scouts reports what seemed to be gangers with basic military grade body-armor, weapons and other gear. We suspect them to be poorly disguised Talon Mercenaries of the thug-mercenary kind. Which indicates that the DC Syndicates are behind the operation.”


James burped Jasmine. “Talon thug-mercenaries would not stand a chance against the defense security network-systems of a TekVault.”


Star Paladin Cross frowned hard. “Unless they are being used as cannon fodder against the acid radants. The Talon Syndicate could have elite Talon Mercenaries waiting to take over once the radants are swept away. What ever happens there we now have to seek another way to TekVaultDC101 but you only remember the Springvale Tunnel. What of Nova?”


The professor frowned in turn. “Nova came through the Springvale Tunnel with me and four others who escaped from TekVaultDC101 with us. I can not remember what happened to the other four except that they got as far as here (Megaton) with us. We need to speak to the other two, here in Megaton, who came from TekVaultDC101 about five years ago.”


The DC Factions were ever hungry for PreDoomsday hitech resources and quite prepared for all sorts of trickery to get hold of it. The DC Syndicates did not bother to pretend otherwise while some Factions tended to try to put a more noble facade on their actions, such as the Brotherhood of Steel. In many ways people had not changed since before the Doomsdays.

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