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Fallout Stories Epic
Zero 2.2[25]

It was odd to know that he was more than one Uncle Leo, that thanks to the powers given to him by the semiconscious Ancients, he could be in three places at once. Only one of him was in AphaSanctum. One other roamed the Wastelands while the third was in a special place that even he did not wish to focus on; it was too dangerous to do so even by such a powerful, experienced, spiritual-psyker as he was. All the Uncle Leos were semiautonomous to the one Uncle Leo.

The Sanctums were not totally safe and exotic threats were to be found out there in the TransMatrix. The Ancient semiconscious Sanctiarans protected the Sanctums, as best they could, but such as Uncle Leo were often contracted to assist; in turn they were given special abilities. The exotic threats smartly feared Uncle Leo.

Sometimes he thought of Mr Fawkes, the supermutant prisoner of the aggressive supermutants in TekVaultDC087 SubvaultDC87B. That is the very intelligent, defensive aggressive, one who had been TekVault Security Officer Shelton Delacroix. Mr Fawkes (out in the Wastelands) had once tried to free Mr Fawkes but had failed; the irony was that the powerful behemoth had not even managed to reach SubvaultDC87B. There was far more to TekVaultDC087 than SubvaultDC87B and its inhabitants. Fawkes had companions, trapped with him in three linked cell chambers, just as exotic as himself.

Sometimes he thought of the defensive aggressive supermutants of Supertown, a hidden underground settlement not too far from TekVaultDC087 itself. Indeed it was in one of TekVaultDC087's outpost demivaults being DemivaultDC087E.

Sometimes he thought about others such as Mr House in NewVegas, the Exiles of Steel who had gone to DC under the rule of the Lyons Dynasty, the Outcasts of Steel who had broken away from them, the DC Republic, the Subwayers, along with many others. There were also the hundreds of millions of ghouls in DC who mostly inhabited the shallower underground subways and other underground places more open and closer to the surface and the many others. Most were aggressive zhouls but there was a large minority of defensive aggressive rhouls, glowing glouls, more human like ghoulmen, psyker empowered ghoulers, thankfully rare superghouls and other varieties of ghoul.

Sometimes he thought of Graharg, the Mysterious Stranger, who was an old friend who had first assisted Uncle Leo to survive after Uncle Leo escaped from TekVaultDC087. Graharg had also been with Uncle Leo when they had tried to free Mr Fawkes and his people.

Mostly, though, he focused on AphaSanctum and its people or he peacefully meditated, slept or did what ever else was needed.

A large ginger tabby cat sat up, gave Uncle Leo a thoughtful look, before she curled back up and went to sleep. Her name was PuddyTat and she was curled up against a baby supermutant that would never get bigger than he was.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 13.1[26]

Brothers of Steel moved, with surprising quietness despite their power armor, through the subway tunnel leading towards DeepMegaton. With them went Star Paladin Cross, as one of them, but also Dan Sanders and Jane Calamity as the Regulators. A second wave was following of Megatonfolk who were less able equipped, experienced and trained but who could have their turn at fighting. The elite fighters hoped it would not come to that.

A beam of sizzling energy shot out from an ambush point, from a long abandoned monorail sled, basically being a flatback monorail tram. It came from under the tram and was a zetan disintegrater weapon. A Brother of Steel died at once, was vaporized by a weapon that cared nothing for Brother of Steel power armor.

Angry, but professional, the other Brothers of Steel soon blasted the hidden energy weapon into so much junk.

Captain Johnso Raggent ordered a halt as they had not expected to run in such threats as zetan energy weapons. He turned to Star Paladin Cross. “Seems you were right to concern yourself about the limitations of our intelligence data on DeepMegaton and its fanatics. We just lost a good soldier and we are only about half way to getting to DeepMegaton proper.”

The Brotherhood of Steel was always suffering from having too few experienced, skilled, people of many kinds. The loss of any of them was hard to replace. More importantly, though, was that the dead man had been a highly respected, and loved, comrade of steel.

Jane Calamity frowned softly. “Having special gifts, both Dan and I will go ahead from now on. I 'sensed' the threat of the zetan weapon but too late to save your comrade. I would like Star Cross Paladin to come with us.”

She did not bother to say the obvious, that she had wanted this to happen before but that the Captain had opposed her. He frowned at her but then nodded with obvious reluctance; the Brotherhood had its pride and sometimes it had too much pride. Yet Johnso did not want to needlessly loose any more soldiers, including himself.

They started out again and Jane Calamity detected two other zetan energy weapon traps before they could be triggered. Star Paladin Cross destroyed both with carefully aimed shots of her battlerifle.

When the cyborg-ghouls came rushing at them, somehow it was no surprise at all. With them came fewer Followers of the Atom Staff but this time they were armed with some zetan disintegrater rifles though mostly with AKM16A1 autorifles or autoshotguns. The Followers did sparkle with energy shielding that seemed to be a poor cousin of the zetan body shields.

The three, in the vanguard, fell back firing as the Brothers of Steel moved up, shooting as they came. The poorly trained Followers fell in quickly but, in a drugged craze, neither tried to surrender or retreat.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 13.2[27]

The cyborg-ghouls were destroyed quickly and Jane Calamity felt good that they were for the poor creatures were in great pain. At that moment she decided that hard justice would come to those behind what was happening.

They paused to pick up the dropped disintegrater rifles, wondering just how the Followership of Atom had managed to obtain such lethal zetan weaponry. Now some Brothers of Steel, with their own weapons clipped tightly to their backs, were using the zetan guns. They left the wounded behind for the second wave to attend to, which was soon coming into sight behind them.

Once more the two Regulators, and Star Paladin Cross, moved ahead of the others.

The next threat was a combination of portable turrets and protectron robots that popped out of hiding places, blazing away with 5.5mm autoguns, pulselasers, pulseblaster or other weapons. The fighting was soon intense as the Brothers of Steel moved smartly along the tunnel, each group moving always gaining the fire covering fire of a second group and so on. More cyborg-ghouls came and a handful of Followers of the Atom Staff armed with zetan atomic handguns or disintegrater rifles.

The battle increased in intensity as Megatonfolk caught up and joined in the fighting. Soon the two forces were bogged down at what was a platform and fork in the tunnels with one going towards DeepMegaton and the other leading sharply away from the same.

With the turrets all destroyed, the enemy departed to leave many dead cyborg-ghouls, and some Followers, behind. They took the wounded humans but left the dying cyborg-ghouls behind as if they had no real value at all.


Jane Calamity made sure dying cyborg-ghouls were put out of their misery both quickly and as painlessly as possible.


The Megatonfolk had looted dead cyborg-ghouls, taking up their weapons in some cases to use but mostly they had bags of loot to take back to Megaton with them. Regulator Jane Calamity was angry because the Regulators wanted to examine the cyborg-ghouls as evidence to criminal activities. Yet she could see also the Megatonfolk's point of view as they needed what ever such extra defense resources that they could gain.

Soon they would be reaching the outer boundaries of DeepMegaton as they took the more direct tunnel towards the place.

Something nagged at Jane Calamity until she had the whole expedition returning to the platform to take the other tunnel instead that appeared to be heading away from DeepMegaton. Something had told her the obvious way was a trap and soon the other tunnel was curving around to then head towards DeepMegaton.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 14.1[28]

Professor James Graphin came to full consciousness, waking tied to a chair, to look straight at what seemed to be himself. The other James sat in an exotic metallic chair that was semi-enclosing, and wore a bizarre metallic helmet that seemed fused to his head. The other James stared tiredly at James through a visor of some kind.

The chamber was a great big smart-concrete one with zetans heaped in one corner, stripped of everything useful and placed in strange jelly capsules. James could not tell if the aliens were dead or not.

The helmeted figure spoke. “I am the better James, better than you, but my name is John, John the Perfection.”

John then laughed in a very disturbing manner. Lights sparkled around him in the air. Followers were busy preparing a meal across the chamber. The metallic chair, and the wooden one that James was bound to, were in the centre of the huge chamber. Piles of leather bound books, closed lidboxes and other items were on both sides of John's throne.

James frowned. “You were cloned from me?”

John grinned. “Cloned but improved; I am better than you.”

James looked towards the jelly capsule enclosed zetans. “Are they dead?”

John shook his head. “Subconscious only as you were when we finished with you. That is the zetans and we of the Followership of Atom. We grew tired of the mad ways of the zetans and betrayed them as Atom would want us to do.”

James arched his eyebrows. “The Children of Atom would not agree to that idea.”

“They are blasphemous fools!” John sighed. “We held talks with them some years back. They spoke of compromise and we spoke of them totally changing their ways from blasphemy to the perfect of our ways. They did not heed our wisdom, especially that one called Confessor Cromwell. The helmet is my head and my head is the helmet. I walk, sleep, sit in tightening circles. Every second I grow closer to Atom, and to Atomicus, as they embrace me. My cyborg-ghouls are being killed off by outsider scum such as those Brothers of Steel and some in dusters. The miracle helmet tells me that they seek you.”

James was confused. “I was abducted by zetans, over twenty years ago, just outside of Megaton.”

John giggled and then smirked. “No, the original James was taken by zetans and they gave you, a clone, to us. The original, the real, James Graphin is in the zetan mothership that is trapped in low orbit beneath the Skydome. Zetan Mothership Zivavatz551 of the Shazta Fleet. They are zetans of the TozaToskinia Faction of the Toza Spectrum. Stupid!!

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 14.2[29]

James was understandably confused, upset, at the idea that he was a clone of the 'real James Graphin'. “Why stupid?”

“To trust me to use the magical miracle helmet after they had tormented me so.” John suddenly looked very sad and wiped some tears away from his cheek. But then he grinned. “Never mind though I have fun taking them out of the jelly every so often and torturing them. The stupid Followers of the Atom are terrified of me. They regret choosing to go along with the stupid zetan scheme now but what can they do? I gave them powers but control them through those powers, drugs and fear. I monitor them where, where, ever they are and 'play with them' at times. I love playing with the women but had to be less rough since I started to kill them.”

James shook his head. “You are a sad little monster!”

John scowled and James felt the agony ripple through him. He screamed but then, suddenly, he just switched it off. He grinned at John. “I am your clone-father as linked deeply with you and I have special abilities of my own. Now it comes to me that I am far more powerful than I ever imagined I was. So is my daughter, Jasmine.”

John gave an expression of amazed shock. Then he shrugged, grinned. “Its maybe good to have somebody that I can not hurt directly but do not forget that I can have a followers deal with you.”

John flicked a finger and suddenly James was free to move. He stood up and looked around the big chamber with many wall areas heaped high with amazing jumbles of stuff. This included strange constructions that John must have made using the helmet of the Ancients. For it was clearly such a device, especially to James who had once examined an unworking device of the Ancients that could not even be identified as to its purpose. It had gone missing, been stolen, soon after that and whispers spoke of somebody being involved called the Mysterious Stranger. That had been back in the Project Purity Complex.

John sighed. “Your friends are getting closer to DeepMegaton, are causing damage to myself and to the Followership of the Atom. They are not the real threat. The real threat is inside DeepMegaton itself, deeper to its core even than my throne room here. Graharg is here, the so called Mysterious Chamber, but in a sneaky way that speaks of his kind of tricky tricks.”

James made a mental note that the 'Mysterious Stranger' was named Graharg.

John grinned. “Graharg, and his people, have been investigating you and Star Paladin Cross is in on it. There are Regulators in on the act, including those nasty PsyRegulators. There are Brotherhood of Steel people, including those stupidly named Reconners of Steel. You know some of this.”

“And suspected much of the other.” James shrugged. “You can not easily read my mind.”

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 14.3[30]

John shrugged, trying to hide his obvious annoyance at that truth. “Makes a break from...” He shrugged. “I can not read all minds. Graharg is beyond me, even with the magical miracle helmet, and so are the threats. The helmet is an Antaran Psionics Helmet of the Grand Ancients of the Arisan Thirteen Peoples. The Antarans were of the Three, of the Secondary Peoples. Stupid! They were supposed to be so clever and where are they now?”

James frowned. “What are the threats? Are they more artifacts of the Ancients, of the Antarans that you speak of?”

John snorted. “Do not pretend that you do not know of the Ancients!”

James shook his head. “While I may have heard the name, have gained some knowledge of the Ancients, there is much more I do not know.”

John grinned. “Good, that shows that I am better than you!”

James nodded solemnly. “Of course that shows you are better than me, as you are!”

John gave his clone-father a suspicious look and then responded. “The Grand Ancients were all of the Arisan Thirteen Peoples and this world, that we call NewEarth, was their home world a very long time ago. Supposedly the world was different back then but I do not know how. The Grand Ancients built the Waygates that allowed humanity to go from the OldEarth, to the NewEarth, with the Great Exodus.”

John went on speaking. “Antarans were a subspecies to the original Arisans, the primary species from which all of the subspecies sprang from as followers to the Arisans. It was no accident; the Arisans were as living gods who created their followers. This, what is now called NewEarth, is the home world of the Arisans and was where all of the Three and the Nine were created to complete the Thirteen. The scattered ancient ruins, that are not really ruins at all, are left overs of the Arisan Empire here on their former home world. Question is, are they really gone? It was assumed so, by most, but may not be true. Graharg, the Mysterious Stranger, may be of the Evtarans, of the Secondary Three of the Arisan Thirteen Peoples.”

Professor James Graphin frowned. “So what are the threats?”

John grimaced. “It's my story and I will tell it in my own way. Graharg came here once and found the helmet that I am now wearing but he was tricked by a far older, more cunning, mind than his. Yet I guess he was not tricked in the long term and returned in a tricky manner by going back through time. He was careful not to meet himself, thus causing deep trouble, but he found the truth. There is a heavily protected inner vault here that he found was a trove of artifacts being OldEarth stuff from the Age of Scientific Miracles, stuff of the Ancients of NewEarth, alien stuff such as that of the zetans, stuff from the PreDoomsday times and much else. It is still there. Problem is that the threats were there in there in special, highly secured status-cells that should never been opened.”

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 14.4[31]

John shuddered. “They were once Ancients, of some kind, but they are powerful undead creatures that call themselves lichs. Yes, the translation is known of in OldEarth mythologies and fantasy stories; the lichs here do not appear corpse like but incredibly beautiful and yet incredibly awful at the same time. There is something 'wrong' with them that goes against the powerful illusions of perfection. Perhaps beneath the illusions they do look like horrible animated corpse creatures. I fought them and pushed them back but they took many of my people to enslave and then to 'feed upon'. The zetan energy weapons burn them away and one lich was lost along with many of the zombies they created.”

John scowled. “We formed plans, the Followership and I. In an outpost bunker complex to this one we began to create cyborg-ghouls but they turned out not to be so dangerous. We used zetan-human hybrid tech to create the basic force-shields and energy weapons that have turned out to be far from perfect. Drugging the fanatics only made them into worse fighters despite that the drugs enhanced their speed, power and endurance in the short term.”

John shuddered. “We had to resort to typical human weapons, which turned out to be surprisingly effective against the zombies but rocket-grenades destroyed one other lich. Of sixteen, fourteen of the lichs survive, as far as we know. I suppose you want to know just what 'big brain' was behind the capture of your clone-father, your cloning, my cloning, the tricking of Graharg and much else. He freed the lichs and has strong influence over them but does not control them as he wanted to do.”

John caused something hidden to happen. A big 3DTV activated and then on the square shaped screen appeared the 3D image of a man who was fairly well known of in Megaton. Yet he was surprisingly not apart of common life there despite his having the use of one of the two big aircraft fuselages in the settlement. Professor Troria Brown stood there in neat, useful, scientist gear as he held a small exotic device in each hand. Yet he was not shown to be in Megaton but in a great big laboratory-workshop that looked to be part of DeepMegaton.

John scowled. “Seems like a nice old man but he is everything but so. Because he has helped Megaton, and Megatonfolk in some ways they gave him the use of the aircraft fuselage. What they have not found out is that he has also caused harm to Megaton and Megatonfolk.”

John had never really met Professor Brown or at least he did not remember doing so. Yet as he examined the picture he found himself feeling very uneasy, even fearful.

John grinned. “I broke away from the fake Professor, who is really named AlphaOmega, and stung him hard using the magical miracle helmet but I fear he will strike back.”

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 15.1[32]

The fake Professor Troria Brown stood in the aircraft fuselage that was officially called the Megaton Research Development Centre; it was more often called Professor Brown's Research Development Centre despite the annoyance this caused to a few others who worked there. The Megaton Leadership Council was wary of Professor Brown and that was especially true of Chairperson Elaine Thompson; she had been pushing for the official name to gain greater acceptance in Megaton.

Professor Brown had achieved less with his secret projects since the Regulators, and the Brotherhood of Steel, had placed outposts in Megaton. Then there had been the way that John, the clone-son of James, had betrayed him. This angered him though he thought nothing of betraying others. AlphaOmega was nothing if not a hypocrite!

He looked out over the thriving settlement of Megaton. It was night but many lights shone throwing a few areas into brightness while others were dark, some being quite dark.

He looked upon the new SisterBrotherhood of Compassion Outpost and frowned with anger though it was just being constructed. The Sisterhood of Compassion were one of the Orders of GodGoddess of the Great Restoration. With them were fewer followers of the SisterBrotherhood of Protection, SisterBrotherhood and the SisterBrotherhood of Service.

Like other official outsider outposts, the outpost was on the same level and was underground except for a relatively small metal building. The buildings were leased from the Megatonfolk Service-Support Council and were provided with solar power panels, 3Dradio aerials and other such extras.

He looked upon the Brotherhood of Steel Outpost and scowled even more. A Brother of Steel was officially on sentry duty but she was looking rather relaxed as she sat on a heavy duty chair designed for those wearing power armor. Some local children were listening as she told some largely made up stories of her adventures that totally lacked any real gore, fear and other such details.

Yet worst was the Regulator Outpost with its hidden PsyRegulators amongst the less dangerous ones. Except that one null-psychic man named Dan Sanders. That one who was so easily able to block AlphaOmega's psychic abilities and to mess with his psionic ones. A local artisan was showing off some of his wares, survival knives, to a duster wearing Regular who was checking the products out carefully. Clearly haggling was going on!

The big viewing window was both armored and one-way. This was good because standing, at a safe distance behind the professor, was one of those horrible lichs that had once been a true Ancient. Even the lichs confessed that they were not true Ancients any more.

The horribly beautiful lich, a woman who called herself Lovelina Trentda, wore an exotic silken leathery robe-tunic shaped much like those that the Followers of Atom wore. This was far from coincidental.

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Fallout Stories Epic
One 15.2[33]

She spoke in a silken voice that somehow grated against him. “We, the Beautiful Ones, seek further life energies and access to the truly powerful artifacts of the Grand Ancients. You have been of much assistance and can trust in our gratitude.”

AlphaOmega turned and scowled at the lich. “I will never be stupid enough to trust you. The only reason we work together is that I have some control over your actions.”

Lovelina hissed horribly, opening her mouth to expose rows of exotic translucent fangs. Her illusionary pearly white teeth vanished as she did this. Then she closed her mouth and the illusion returned.

Then she tried speaking sweetly again. “Please trust us and release the foolish controls on us. Then we can work together with more reward.”

The false professor scowled. “Get to the point and tell me why you have come here though you are only supposed to do so in an emergency.”

She hissed again at him but then visibly calmed. “It is an emergency: Graharg is inside DeepMegaton though we are not totally positive how he got there. We fear he did time travel tricks of some kind. His people are most excellent at such things. We fear he may have rescued his five trapped followers a few years back, thanks to the time trickery.”

AlphaOmega growled. “Next time tell of such matters first instead of trying to trick me into freeing you.” He looked thoughtful for a long pause before he spoke again. “Return to your place in DeepMegaton and prepare to move everything, including those followers of yours. Graharg could easily have located you by now and as those intruders get closer to entering DeepMegaton, there is a chance he will inform them of your location.”

The lich nodded. “As you will but where would you suggest we go?”

He grinned and then told her. She grinned with pleasure and then she turned and left using a secret exit.

AlphaOmega shook his head in disgust. The lichs seemed far too easily manipulated but he was always carefully supervising them through various ways, most of them unknown to the lichs. Except he did not even assume that. The place he had sent them to would seem, to the lichs, to be perfect but there were aspects to it that they would not like so much. He grinned with the thought of their discovering of his trickery.

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