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First game you remember playing.


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Either Spacewar or Colossal Cave on a Data General Eclipse mainframe in late 1978 :cool:

My first mod was to change the gravity constant in spacewar using a single IBM punch card inserted into the FORTRAN card deck we used to run the game.

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Pong, on a dedicated console. My father brought it home one day, no idea where he got it but it wasn't BNIB so probably a demo unit or something. First videogame any of us had seen, period.


I become somewhat unbeatable on it much to the annoyance of the family. It was easy once you figured all the "ball" had only 2 bounce angles, 20 or 40 degrees. Once you realised that it was so easy to predict where it was going it was untrue. To this day I'm only person amongst my folks who took up videogaming long term. :cool:

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