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First game you remember playing.


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Duck Hunt!


I also remember watching my parents and grandma play a Mario game on the SNES before that, and they would let me "play"... if that counts.

It counts since you did play :)

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The first "proper" game I played was Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. I remember the mine-track levels were particularly difficult...


There were other educational games that I played as a really little kid, but I don't think they count. In fact, I saw some of them in a Humble Bundle a few weeks ago - a little green guy with a vacuum cleaner (not Luigi in this case) and a car with a face... man, I can't remember the names of those games but they were probably the first games I ever played. I would have been younger than 3, I think...

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The two older boys started me with Keep-Away! I guess my attention for Curious George (a little stuffed cuddly cloth monkey) was greater then it was for the Teddy Bear (a little stuffed cuddly hairy bear) at the time. It was truly fun chasing the flying monkey back and forth between the older boys; for about a minute. I think that's when I gave up the little soft Monkey CGeorge for something neither of them could not pick up. The family car.

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