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First game you remember playing.


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For me it was Pong on a Binatone console that we got one Christmas in the late 70s.

Then in the early 80s I remember my dad taking me to a computer convention. Loads of people were huddled around one particular stand and when we went to look, it was a computer text adventure. That was totally the start of my addiction.

The first properly graphical game that I really remember being taken with was Substation on the Atari ST. That totally blew me away. It looks awfully dated now but the gameplay was great and the atmosphere was excellent. Genuinely scary when playing alone at 3am : )

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The first game I remember is The Warlock of Firetop Mountain running on the ZX Spectrum but as I had a ZX81 before that, I must have played other games... alas, I've forgotten... too long ago...

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I remember pong. I remember me trying to get them to buy me a used control deck for it.

First game I REMEMBER playing? Oh god, you want me to go THAT far in the way-way-back memory machine???

Probly either donkey kong, or Pacman, on one of the table style arcade machines. That was all that I was tall enough to play on, back in those days.

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