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Because you didn't just provide a link to information. Your post:


Bloody ell man! read this hear thingy




i just did meself a simple search for that...i believe that thread answers all distribution and size questions


You criticized him for not reading a thread. That is the job of us moderators (if it needs to be done at all). Don't do it again.

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I'd like to point people to the "Report Post To A Moderator" feature. I check my email daily so reported posts will be checked up on. The only member known to actually use this feature effectively is Peregrine *claps*

Strange, I've used it once or twice (re: backinblack), so it obviously hasn't worked properly for me. :huh:

yes i have used the feature many times to report stuffm Peregrine could tell you that .... he knows..... he always knows.


just given credit where credit is due, that's all.

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I have a question: Now I tend to do this, say if i create a post, that askes a question... and then the question is answered i normally say "Ok thanks for the help everyone, this can be locked up now" is that ok? asking for it to be locked... i only do it on my topics
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As a reminder to those of you who still insist on trying to be moderators, this rule is still in effect. If you do not have a "moderator" title under your name, do not post like one. Do not tell people their thread is in the wrong place, too pointless, spam, they need to use the search function, etc. We have a report function, so USE IT.


I (and the other moderators) am completely out of patience for this. You have been warned. Do not test your luck with this.

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Is directing the user to an older thread which he has overlooked, and which has the answers to his questions, considered acceptable behavior, or is that too a moderator's job?


e.g. : A has just joined the forums and asks a question that has already been asked countless times before. What should we do?


A) Just ignore him and wait for a moderator to answer him.

B ) Answer his question by providing a link to one of the older threads.

C) Answer his question by providing a link to one of the older threads, and at

the same time remind him - gently, without flaming him - of the existance of

the SEARCH function.

D) Do not answer him but rather report the thread to a moderator.


Which one of these is the correct behavior?

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D) Report the thread to the moderators, providing a link to the old thread as well.




E) Answer the question by typing a new response, containing the information in the other thread if needed. But NOT instructing the poster to search for their answers in the other thread.



In any case, a helpful (but misworded) response is not the problem I was refering to. It's the "use teh saerch n00b" type of reply that I am seeing far too often from people who do NOT have the authority to make it. An honestly helpful reply will not get you a strike. Criticism for not searching WILL.

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