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vigilantees huh? well, i've seen someone acting like he was a moderator in a mod. though the mod has illegal content some people comment badly and moderate the mod themselves. maybe you moderators and staff have placed the mod on a wastebin but i reccomend you should check the comment section....... and proof that some peple that commented on the mod are acting moderators......


Then report them. We can not possibly see every, single post that is made and we rely on the Community to report things to us. So report the post you think has broken this rule. Then it will be properly moderated.~Lisnpuppy

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I hope this is not necromancy, but it is pinned, but if the post is written like a suggestion its ok?


E.g. "I think you would get more help if you moved it to x thread"


Or "Swearing is frowned upon here"?


Is that vigilantism or just imparting wisdom of experience?



Little off topic but thank you moderators for keeping order in my favourite place on the internet.

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Typically it is best just to report the post if you feel it violates a rule. Now suggesting a better place for a post or offering help by saying something like, "Perhaps if you post your load order you will get more help" is wisdom of experience.


When you respond something like, "swearing is frowned upon here" several things happen. You open the situation up for more comments and a flame war (which you may be dragged into also) to possibly begin. Also by just responding and not reporting, that person may be posting troll comments all over the site. They slip through the cracks for a while if they are not reported.


When in doubt, report it or report it and offer your suggestion on the situation. We will look carefully at the matter and handle it as is best for the site and in relation to the Terms of Service and Forum Rules.


Thanks for asking for clarification.

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