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What is your favourite quest in oblivion?


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Whodunnit? killing guests and then watching them turn against each other as a result.

Unearthing Mehrunes Razor, because the size of the quest, a great quest to sneak around killing, and watching the army fighting vampires.

Where spirits have lease, the idea of a haunted house is always appealing.

Shivering isles main quests, because talking to Sheogorath is entertaining.

Clavicus Vile quest, because I love umbra and remember it from Morrowind.

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Ok so I did the Dark Brotherhood quests, man they're fun it makes you feel so good inside when get a bonus




-Best quest ever


Permanent Retirement

-I always wanted to kill Adamus


Also the Goldbrand deadric shrine quest

Who doesn't want to fight in a tournament in hell/oblivion!


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