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Private forum for recognised mod authors


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@GingerTom. The ONLY criteria listed was having posted a mod or mods with more than 1000 unique downloads. The content, originality, quality of the mod or number of mods is not a criteria. As for the comment 'That anyone could make that' - Well, 'anyone' didn't make that mod. YOU did. So every one of those unique downloads counts and is yours and not 'anyone elses'. :thumbsup:
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i did not want this going in the wrong direction :)

all what i wanted to say is :


that it could be a wonderful place to get info on problems that modders (the new ones who are still learning) have and get solutions for it.

i mod for myself to (little scale) and its sometimes very hard to find the information you need. this is due am a very shy girl ( yes even on forums look my join date and post i make, but i can say i now most of the mods and discussion here are on official forum )that finds it hard to ask questions :(


on the other hand i can really understand that you great modders need a place to talk without the users interfering with the conversation.

that why i said you can make it read only so there is no interfering from the rest :)


just my 2 cents


sorry for my bad Engels


ps: its nice to hear again from ye Dtom :)

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No need for pile-ons people :mellow:

I *think* he's trying to point out the absurdity of the 1000 dl benchmark aswell as just the pointlessness of the idea itself. For instance, an old game I used to mod, I've got near 6k downloads from 1 retexture. I only released it because I really thought I'd done the absolute best I could with it ( the same reason I've *not* released anything for OB, FO3 or NV yet)


This idea is just going to encourage floods of substandard and duplicate mod releases and leave a lot of knowledgable people out of the loop.


Also, as LH will know, I've downloaded plenty of files that I had zero interest whatsoever in personally. And aside from those I'll often download and then bin something after taking a look and then deciding it wasn't to my taste (or was just plain bad) (d/l's alone really don't always mean much - refer to my previous post for further clarification)

People may well have their hidden safety zone but it's not going to stop people having their release threads trolled or flamed either.

Now if I'm missing the point of the forum, perhaps a less "PR" explanation might help?



@Selerna : Hehe yeah, I can relate to the join date/post count :wink: :ninja:

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There had to be some way to weed people out. Discussion on letting other people participate has already been done....so the people that really need to be there I think will get there.


You have to know that there is always a lot of stress in the modding community. I don't claim to understand some of it and I am a bit thicker skinned that many folk...so someone dissing my mod may not phase me as much. On the other hand...people can be true butt wipes about how they give "constructive criticism." In many cases mods are viewed by those that create them very personally...like a work of art.


A place for modders to talk and discuss and let loose away from the 5 million folk who come here and post 3 times, 2 of which are "you suck" post is a nice gesture if nothing else.


As far as its usefulness, time will tell. You think it will remain useless...then move on. If you have desire for input you think will go better in that forum...talk to a admin about it.

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hawkfist, I don't think you will "miss out" on fascinating conversations from me about my modding ideas because of this semi-private forum. All of my main ideas are tucked away on my private forum where nobody but myself or team members can see.


I truly don't think Work-In-Progress and Idea threads will dry up overnight because of this new forum. That isn't the reason.

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Aren't you just a little ray of sunshine.


My thoughts exactly. Made me laugh out loud :teehee:


It's just one step from 'white people can read this part of the site' and 'gay people and blacks can go elsewhere.'


Your analogy is uncanny..that is, if by "one step" you mean "absolutely nothing like" ;)


Jeez I'm used to being trolled but that's just laughable. Still got a grin on my face.

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I see the benefit of it as being good for WiP threads when you want to keep the main details of the mod away from the public (So as not to ruin the surprise), but you still need feedback from people. It works well for it. I doubt you'll be unable to find tutorials due to the new section.
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I'm sorry to keep chiming in on this one, but I feel I represent on some levels the largest faction in this community: non-modders/non-programmers who love the games and live for the mods the modders make. It seems to me that there might be two reasons to create this special forum area. The first is to protect the modders from annoying or hurtful comments. The second is to facilitate the modders' cooperation - cleaner threads that are easier for them to follow. Perhaps both are factors. Regarding the hurtful comments, I think that the most important thing for an artist is to grow a thick skin. Facilitating smooth communication however is a great idea. The problem is how to adjudicate membership in that community, and 1,000 unique DLs may not be the best way. LH says I won't miss anything, but my Spider-Sense is telling me that if there's a private forum for the best-of-the-best than the best-of-the-best conversations will take place there, and nowhere else. Ah, an idea: IF the idea is to prevent feedback from non-modders, perhaps the admins could arrange for the rest of us to subscribe to digests from this forum. Then I can read the coolness, and post in the public forum areas if I have an idea or suggestion I want to share. Thanks again for the great forums, the fun conversations, and everyone's hard work! And please save your strength ... Skyrim is coming and we need you!!!!
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I think that the most important thing for an artist is to grow a thick skin.

I hear this way too often by those not required to have a "thick skin"


Having been in the fray myself, I do think it is important for anyone wanting to stick their neck into the public light to be able to handle all the kinds of people which are in the public...which is not just the pleasant folk. However, you won't catch me telling somebody having a hard time dealing with trolls to suck it up.


This kind of help will likely be filtered to some extent with the private forum requirements and as such, modders wanting to vent or seek advice may not have to hear that rather than something more helpful at the time.


And just so you understand the distinction, the thick skin advice is handy when people are wanting to start modding and want to know what it is all about. It is not the kind of advice you give when the modder is being trolled.



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