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Creation Kit for Skyrim Special Edition


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Aragingmonk wrote: Tried to install the launcher and my antivirus went nuts three times. I cancelled it and will not install.
Arthmoor wrote: Your antivirus is garbage then, there's nothing wrong with the launcher.
Aragingmonk wrote: LOL, People reported drivers crashing and even pc's crashing. Then there is the "data we collect" clause in the agreement. You people trust too easily. I got kicked from a BF4 server omly because when the admin checked they could not trace me. Tried hard and it gave them 3 different locations, one of which was Czechoslovakia.

You people assume because it is Bethesda they will not pull dirty tricks to gain money. Remember subscription for ESO? How about the paid mod program? Then there was this game. There was no backwards compatibility and charge for the 2k dlc. 60 bucks to play on console. For what? s#*! we have played for years.

Your antivirus is junk because it did not pick up that Bethesda was digging to deep into your system. Places they need not be. I contacted my my provider and a few hrs later tried again. It installed without admin rights, I did not have to give it special permission. It did not screw up anything like drivers on my system and I have no issues. Ran a scan and there are no viruses or malware. Can you say the same? Oh, that is right, yours did not pick it up the first time. lol
Aragingmonk wrote: Why did it leave your comment but delete my reply? That is a little bias I think.
HadToRegister wrote:

Tried to install the launcher and my antivirus went nuts three times. I cancelled it and will not install.

You must be using an AV with a LOT of False Positives then.

I use Kaspersky and it didn't complain at all

What anti-virus program are you using, Avast or AVG?

Because 99.9% of people who claim that EVERYTHING is a virus, use one of the two Anti-Virus programs I mentioned.
Aragingmonk wrote: I use avast and it did pick up the win 32 files in this launcher. I reported it to avast, because the launcher would not let run it in a sandbox. A few hrs later I came back and tried the install a second time. It went in with no issues.

I do not claim everything is a virus and Avast did not make that claim either it flagged it as potential. With the number of companies harvesting and selling data I would rather have a false positive to deal with then find out to late.
(edit) Installed Steam, Uplay, and Origin on this machine and Avast was silent. Not one alert. Thx
andyrancid wrote: Did you try right clicking and running as administrator? I had to. or go into your antivirus and turn it off temporarily. Simple.
krepperk wrote: Sooo...THE OFFICIAL BETHESDA LAUNCHER contains a virus. Yeah. Right.
Aragingmonk wrote: Perhaps what set off the alarms was part of this.
"In addition to personal information, we may collect information from you and YOUR COMPUTER or mobile device through use of our services, embedded within messages to you, within social media, IN SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS, and otherwise. ZeniMax collects non-personal information along with personal information in the context of online and mobile activities, such as online and mobile purchases, registration, or use of a product, service, or our games."
"Spyware is software that aims to gather information about a person or organization without their knowledge and that may send such information to another entity without the consumer's consent, or that asserts control over a computer without the consumer's knowledge." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spyware

That may trigger an antivirus when they start digging through your system.
HomicidalGrouse wrote: The best anti-virus is common sense.
Aragingmonk wrote: "The best anti-virus is common sense."
"one in every 14 downloads from the Internet may now contain malware"

I will stick with my premium plan. Thx LOL
Th3UniQu3 wrote: Considering the size and scope of the internet, you are taking that statement faaaaaar too literally.
holytimes wrote: As someone who is studying and working in the field of cyber security, i can safely say that the statement of "1 in 14 downloads contain malware" Is so insanely misleading that it hurts. If we include the scope of every file on the entirety of the internet, including torrents and other such shadier things then i MIGHT be able to agree with the idea that 1 in 14 downloads contain malware.

Also if you do plan to use a AV then use one that is well maintained. Avast is a good example of one that is not. If you honestly want to keep your self safe then you would be much better served with common sense, a script blocker and a well maintained and updated web browser.

Also Fear mongering, and that is in fact what you are doing here. By stating your antivirus "went nuts three times" is a awful practice and you should feel ashamed. If you honestly feel that malware of some form was detected then please for the love of god state what AV you are using and what kind of flag was thrown when you make these claims. That way others know what to look out for and you wont just make the more jumpy people too scared to touch anything.

Half my of life i have had to deal with the side effects of people like you who make sweeping claims like this and terrify people into having bad practices. So please stop, you are not helping anyone. If you want to help then make a proper report to your AV maintainer.
pewpewcachu4 wrote: no antivirus has ever worked as well as my paying attention to what i download they only cause problems installing useuless software and some cause rootkits to install that cause more harm than good you are better off without it
MyridonT wrote: I installed with out any issues and I use Norton 360 Suite and believe me if there was a virus Norton would have found it.
Aragingmonk wrote: Well I uninstalled the game, Beth launcher and Creation kit from Beth launcher. It screwed up my uplay had to reinstall, trashed 95% of my saved games from steam library. So ya might wanna have a talk with Norton. lol

Beth net infiltrates your files and collects data. I reported it to steam and they are looking into it.
Aragingmonk wrote: Steam investigated the issue and forwarded the findings to the department that handles the security issues. That was the response I got and says something to me. If the investigation did not find anything they would not forward it!
Ethreon wrote: Sure they are. Keep telling yourself that.
Aragingmonk wrote: So you are suggesting that Valve does not care? They will ignore the issue knowing it causes conflict with the service they provide? Then lie about the investigation and forwarding the report? Either you have a very low opinion of Steam and just being a hater or you are right. If it is the latter then they will go out of business once people discover it.
Aragingmonk wrote: Odd Steam now has ESO that cannot be linked the original website account. Bethesda making pinball games and probably still need an official patch.
Emihirst wrote: I installed the launcher successfully on my laptop. I have Windows Defender and MalwareBytes active.
JT1Zer0 wrote: your data is already everywhere, doesn't matter, you have online presence means there is data to sell, so eh.
DagothBob wrote: I wouldn't be betting my computer on that statement. Norton is a mere shadow of what he used to be. now it's just bloatware. Defender and Common Sense work well together for W8 and W10, a little Malwarebytes doesn't hurt either.

As for the false positives, yep AVG, Avast, Kapersky if you have Heuristics turned on find pieces of code that match pieces of a virus but are not in fact a virus, just a line of code is similar.

This was one of the best, by far, comment threads I've ever read. Hahahahaha.
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I got a bunch of warnings trying to convert something and it scared me because I've never modded anything for Skyrim before.


In my limited experience with the Creation Kit - you just need to click "Yes to All" when that comes up. It shouldn't mean anything bad.

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CK crashes every time I try to add the keyword "ArmorShield" to a form list. Second time I'd barely had the thing open for 2 minutes. Gave up. 10/10, CK best editor. Quad core i7 here with 16 gigs of ram, I guess I need a super computer to add a keyword to a form list. Edited by x3n0ph0b3
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I installed Skyrim Creation kit thought it was for Skyrim SE or is it ? Because when i try to make a follower or Npc it doesn't show up anything when i click on Actors.

The new Creation Kit is installed through the Bethesda Launcher. Any other is most likely the old CK.

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