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Hey guys really cool thread here, Im wondering if nayone knows of a tutorial or a way to add my own building ( or longhouse, ship etc..) in skyrim. i've been racking my brain trying to find one but no luck. If there isnt one is there one that i can use that would be almost the same steps?




THere is an image of an old longhouse from my weapon mod for what im trying to do. Any help will be awesome!

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Got a ? that I'm sure is covered somewhere here, just can't find it. The ?: Over the course of time I have created alot of custom loose files (meshes, textures, scripts, etc.) that I would like to put into a BSA file. Here's the steps I used.

1 All my resources in meshes and textures are in a single folder, which is the same as my ESP.

2 Created a folder with same name as ESP

3 Created folders within that folder equal to root data folder names (meshes, textures, scripts, ects).

4 Copied folders and files from each of the root folder all my files and folders to my new ESP folder.

5 Using BSAOpt I then made a BSA file.

6 Put BSA into data folder and removed all my folders and files from data folder

7 Listed my BSA in all appropriate ini files (SResourceArchiveList2).

But when I try and load the ESP my resoures are listed there but says NIF files cannot be found. It should be loading the BSA, which has those NIFs. But it's not.

Any ideas why? I also compared my BSA folder tree structure against other working BSA files from others. Mine is just as theirs. And, yes these resources were already imported and working in CK as loose files. Any constructive info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi everyone,


i'm currently working on a weapon set with own design to add to skyrim. I have the 2H and 1H swords, and the dagger done thanks to ghosu's tutorials. At this point i like to say that i'm not an expert on modding. So i wanted to ask if someone knows a good tutorial on making your own bow/crossbow animation for a custom bow/crossbow mesh and add it to the game. I've searched youtube and google but they only show the results and no tuts.

So if some genius who donethis befor or knows how its done i ask for to share his/her knowledge with us others (i assume there are some others too who like to know :D).



Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know how to edit an item that is in your inventory? I have a mod that changes the color of glass weapons and i tried to copy, edit and place it in the world, but when i picked it up it was the vanilla color.



do you mean a random weapon like glass sword or a special weapon? Mods that change colors basicly replaces or adds textures. I could help u but i need more info.

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I think a tutorial on how to make a mod compatible with RND would be useful. I am currently working on a mod that adds jerky from beef, venison, mammoth, horse, and boar and I would like it to be compatible with RND.

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Hi !

I would like create some models/textures mods and i'm experienced 3d/2d programs user (3d max, cinema 4d, modo, substance designer/painter, photoshop, and so on, BUT NOT BLENDER ).

Where do I start?

I mean, there are so many tutorials....

What tutorials are the most updated, most deep?

I want to know as many nuances as possible about texture maps and shaders i could use in skyrim.

How can i say *.nif-file to use certain sequence of texture-sets and certain shaders?

For example, glossiness/opacity/emmisive(fake SSS)/may be SSS maps and shaders for correct visualization this maps?

How does normals work (invert x? invert y?)?

Can I use skyrim-like shaders in 3d max viewport?

And so on....

From what tutorials i should start?

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