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[LE] Skyrim Tutorials

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A Skyrim Category now exists on the Nexus wiki. Let's start adding some tutorials to it.


New to creating wiki pages? We've got you covered.


- How to create a wiki page

- Posting guidelines and template


If you get stumped on how to format something on the wiki page, simply take a look at other pages that accomplish what you want to do and take a look at the "source" code to see how they did it.


Here are some example pages with specific formatting:

- Headers, bullet lists, numbered lists, tables, full-sized images, external links

- Thumbnail images to larger images

- Non-breaking numbered lists with thumbnails, internal links to other wiki articles

- Embedded YouTube video (YouTube links broken but will be fixed)

- Thumbnail images aligned to the right, sub-headers



List of existing Skyrim tutorials not on the wiki


I will add various existing tutorials I find here:


Getting 3ds Max skinned meshes in-game by Vannus

Modding Skyrim with TESsnip and Nifskope by jaysus

Armor and weapon replacing by xirishx

Nifskope and Texture Transparency by doomfunk

HD Normal Textures in Photoshop by nitocris

Blender NIF Import - Export Tutorial by Jen and 2pac4eva7

Importing Armour models into Skyrim by Maniczombie

How to Make a Successful Mod by Headbomb

How to Import Custom Armor in the CK by cecil101


by officerbeardontcare


by officerbeardontcare


by officerbeardontcare


by officerbeardontcare

YouTube: Custom Textures by AzilornGaming

YouTube: 3ds Max - Importing Animations by TowerJimmy

YouTube: 3ds Max - Animating a Dragon by TowerJimmy

YouTube: 3ds Max - Animate Scene and Export to Havok by NexusTheru

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Well, if you add german tutorials as well (i guess there should be a few Germans around here):



This is the first part, i guess i will make 4 (if there is a demand):

1. Modelling

2. Texturing

3. Importing

4. Misc (Blood effects and such stuff)


English subtitles included.



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I think it should be noted that many (not all) of these tutorials will be rendered obsolete once the CK is out.

For now, they should work fine for our needs, but the CK is intended to give us a smoother workflow to get mods going.


Then we'll likely need new tuts. :tongue:

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Is there a tutorial on how to mod the audio anywhere?

XWM Audio format information can be found here.


As for the release of the CK and the relevence of these tutorials, it may not impact any of the modeling, animation, NIF manipulation and texturing tutorials if they do not DIRECTLY support conversion to and from NIF/DDS format.


I seriously doubt they would include NIF/KF/XWM/DDS plugins...however, I do have a super tiny shred of hope they will include the plugins used to convert content into game format since they said we will get the same tools they used. So when they say "Creation Kit," I am assuming they just mean a plugin creator / editor and nothing else.



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