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What was the game that caused your gaming addiction to begin?


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Super Mario 64.


Then probably Morrowind.


Then Runescape (crazy, I know).

After I got sick of that game, I started up good ol' Morrowind again.

Then I got addicted to Oblivion when it came out.

Then Skyrim.

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No single game got me into gaming, but some that I've played in the beginning were: Lemmings, The 11th Hour, Unreal Tournament '99, Half-Life, Empire Earth, and Morrowind. Also, mods for Deus Ex and Oblivion got me into modded games.
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Defender. There was something wrong with the machine in the local cafe, you put 10p in and it fell straight though to the rejected coin thing and the game started, played for many hours on that for free.
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Mine was Delta Force, a FPS game made by NovaLogic, it was one of the first multiplayer games and came out in 1998.

I loved that game! Me and my brother played it together back in the day. But which one was the start? I don't know, I played the Doom games, both Freespaces, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, all the Duke Nukems, the Dark Forces series (or Jedi Knight as most people know it), and Redneck Rampage. At least those are the ones I remember.

On our Nintendo 64 I think Donkey Kong 64 was probably the one I played the most, and never beat. The Playstation 2 I played Final Fantasy 7 and 8 the most. And then I left consoles pretty much and started on computers again with things like Morrowind or Neverwinter Nights 2 (both of which I miss, Morrowind broke and NWN 2 mysteriously vanished one day).

But Oblivion has to be the game I spent the most time in.

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But which one was the start?

I believe it was DF > DF2 > DF: Land Warrior > DF: Task Force Dagger > DF: Black Hawk Down... and then Delta Force Xtreme or something came out.

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