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What was the game that caused your gaming addiction to begin?


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Star Wars: Battlefront, for the PS2. I gamed a little before that, but that was the first game that I actually seriously played. Before that I'm not sure I'd actually even tried a main campaign for long. I know now that the main campaign in SWBF was really terrible and bland, but the open-ended battles (against bots) were played countless times and got me hooked on a more open style of gameplay.


Also, don't judge. :thumbsup:

I was much easier to entertain back then. I have since bought SWBF 1 and 2 for the PC, and I've jacked the graphics and maps to 11. I don't play them much anymore, but I'll probably always have them, and once in a while I still go online to get pwned by grenade spam and lag-jedi.


I actually really did want Morrowind back when it released, but I was too young to actually buy it without permission which my parents never gave me. They thought PC gaming had died in the 90's. Since then, I've gotten the GOTY of Morrowind and I've downloaded and installed the Overhaul 2.0. I still play it, and I'm glad that I was never able to get it as a kid. If I'd played it then it would have gone way over my head and I'd probably never have picked it up again.

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For me it was the Magnavox Odyssey and the Fairchild Channel F consoles back in the day.


Then I got the best of all consoles, the Mattel Intellivision with the Voice Synthesis Module and B17 Bomber :D


In high school I was playing around with TRS-80 machines running CP/M which was fun too.


Then I got a C64 with a datasette, could not afford a disk drive at the time.


Basically it has been all down hill since then.

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There wasn't a single game that got me into gaming, but the NES made me a gamer. Got into the NES back in the 80s, and then got a SNES and loved it even more and that just solidified me being a gamer.


Same here. Been playing games since the age of 2 and it hasn't stopped yet :P I don't play as much as I used to though. Back in the day, I'd play anywhere from 4-8 hours a day...now I'm lucky if I play for an hour or two.

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Bubble Bobble on Commadore64, we played it everyday with my friend. One day we got to last level too after playing whole day. Game has 100 levels.

Another game was Commader keen 4 on pc. I played it trough many times.

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